Seize the day because life is what you make it...


Tomorrow I start my birthday celebration. Our friend Beth got me and my sister tickets to go to the twilight experience. Can't wait to see Twilight, New Moon, and finally Eclipse at 12:01am. Than the clock starts tick-toking the hours down to my birthday on Thursday : )



Wow!! How time goes by. It has been a very crazy month. Packed with so many school events including Miguelito's 1st grade sing, Art Night, Publishing Party, and a very early birthday celebration with his lil buddies.Today was the last day of school, it is officially summer vacation.
My baby is done with first grade and ready for second grade in September.
This school year went by really fast, it feels like only yesterday was the first day of school instead of the last day of school. I guess that means I'm just getting older. It was wonderful to see Miguelito progress during the year. He has become an excellent reader and mathematician. All thanks to his wonderful teacher. It is so important to have a special teacher who will always help you reach your full potential. It has been the best school year so far looking forward to September : )


Oh dear - I have neglected my blog for quite a few days. My days have been so busy that they have been going by in blur. Busy with school things, Miguelito's taekwondo, and the days winding down to the last day of school. I finally got a few minutes right now to post a quick note.

CONGRATULATIONS MIGUELITO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My baby is officially a Blue Belt................ Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy......................... All his hard work has payed off. His belt ceremony was today and we were so excited. When it was his turn we kept screaming wooooooo-hooooooo.... : )
That's how our day ended today on a very happy note : )

Hope everyone had a wonderful day : )

Good Luck My Lil Munchkin : )

Tomorrow is the big day!!!

Miguelito's Taekwondo testing : ) He will be testing for the blue belt. My lil munchkin is really nervous but I've seen him training, and I know he's ready. Everyone at the Dojo loves his determination and will power, he is a perfectionist ( Virgo trait : D ). Mommy & Daddy believe in you. So to you baby - Dueno de mi corazon ( owner of my heart )

GOOD LUCK : ) - You Can Do It : )

And remember love of my life - "That there are no harder obstacles than the ones we put up ourselves "

Wish List - Shoes Oh-La-La

Ah a wish list. I love shoes..... and would love to have a closet all to myself filled with all my goodies which would include the tons of shoes I own. The following list is inspired by some Dirty Laundry boots I found at a Rummage Sale (will post a separate post later with all the goodies I got at the rummage sale)

Top to Bottom:

Abu Dhabi inspired, love flats : ) , black ones for summer night dates , the stone colored ones for dancing with the love of your life : ), and the last ones for a special girls night out. I actually got a pair as a gift, I'm supposed to wear them on my birthday celebration with my girlfriends when we go see Eclipse : )

Aren't shoes beautiful, can't live without them.......


Tales From The Bed

My new book to read at the moment is Tales From The Bed - A Memoir.

I have my cup of coffee, tissue box (right by my side) and my sturdy book lamp. Ready as can be. I won't lie, I'm kind of nervous to read this book. It seems so unfair that when everything seems to be going perfect, your life can make a complete u-turn for the worst.

I hope not to cry that much - Wish me Luck....