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Happy Halloween : )

It's been a week full of so many fun activities. One of them included eating so many yummy Halloween treats and we haven't even gone trick or treating yet : ) It's been a blast because it's just the beginning, Halloween is the holiday that kicks everything off from now until December : )

Wishing everybody a great,fun and very safe Halloween.
Happy Halloween sweet friends : )

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Flashback Tuesdays : )

My lil Lilo and Me : )

No words - Really miss this show!!!!

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We need your Help - Please Vote!!!!!!!!!!

We've entered my Miguelito in the Gap Casting Call contest. And now I ask you all to please go and vote for him - he could win a gap gift card or be one of Gap's new face  : )
I'd love if you could all support us by voting for him. You can log in everyday and vote from now until November 14,2010. Please tell all your friends and help my baby : )

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Karina & Miguelito xoxoxo

30 Seconds Of Fame : )

They say everybody has at least 30 seconds of fame during their lifetime. These are my papis 30 seconds of 
 fame : )

: )  I love my papi with all my heart. This interview was done right after Lady Gaga wore her meat dress at the MTV music awards. We like to bother my papi and tell him that Lady Gaga knows where he works at and that she will come looking for him any moment now - lol- His answer $45.00!!!!
Te Amo -Papi

This Arm of Mine


My right wrist has been hurting really bad these past 2 days, it has been really hard to move it around and do anything at all - especially since I'm a righty : (  Today I woke up to a really swollen and throbbing hand which ended with me at the doctors office - and eventually me walking out with a wrist brace. I'm not sure how I hurt my wrist - that goes to show how weak I am. It is really hard and uncomfortable to type. So instead of my Traveling Wednesday I am just posting one of my favorite songs from one of my all time favorite movies!!! Hopefully my wrist will be better tomorrow, I "tried" my best to let it rest today, which was really hard!!! 

I LOVE this Song!!!

Flashback Tuesdays : )

Pre-K Graduation - Can you guess which one I am?  I'm the shortest one : )

I loved watching this show : )

Karina In Simple Terms : )

Miguelito & Me - Just got a haircut : ) (Miguelito for picture day on Wednesday and me just because I had really bad split ends)

It's been a few days since I posted about feeling like I was losing my mind. And it has been crazy! In a good way : ) We were so preoccupied with Soccer, school activities, spending time with my two boys, and church : ) Spending these days with family and friends was great therapy to helping me feel better and more relaxed. I have now put that anxiety away in a safe little box and it now lays tucked in a faraway corner of my brain, it will not opened until it is time for me to cross that bridge : )
For now I will keep busy with all the exciting things headed our way - Picture Day, Soccer team pictures, Halloween, ING Marathon (Humbe's third time running a marathon), and my Lil Lilo's 25th B-day : ) Plus next week I start working 3 days in Miguelitos school as a librarian : )
Thank you so much to my sweet friends for the heartfelt comments and for having us in your prayers it really meant a lot especially in my moment of freaking out, once again feeling so blessed and grateful for everything. Thank you so much Amores : )

Now to my regular post : )

1- I can be corny : ) When it comes to telling a joke - I suck! I rarely get one right : )

2- I'm a night owl - hands down.

3- My nails chip really easily, I hate it and it gets on my nerves - I wished I had long beautiful nails.

4- I love me some homemade chicken soup - or some Pozole - Yummy!!!!

5- My favorite Gatorade flavor Strawberry-Orange.

6- I once had the biggest crush on Christian Slater! I fell in love with him in Heathers - the bad boy - Oh! How I freaking loved him : ) And than I fell in love with him all over again in Bed of Roses.

Losing my mind

I'm freaking out.I can't stop crying and I'm really scared. At the beginning of August Miguelito got a tooth pulled out. It was a very scary and traumatizing experience for us both. He was screaming/crying and I was crying and holding him down.It was not a great dentist experience. He still has 4 cavities left to cover and he won't let that happen. When we went back in September Miguelito threw himself on the floor and screamed and cried, the dentist suggested an "operation", I said no, we will cone back in one month. Well today marked one month. We got up this morning with Miguelito screaming and crying, I literally dragged him out of the house. At the dentist office things only got worse, he threw himself on the floor and screamed and begged to not get anything done. That's where the dentist decided that an "operation" is best for Miguelito. Meaning he would be put under general anesthesia for one hour to one hour and a half, they will be able to fill all 4 cavities at once. Now here's where my pessimism,cry baby self comes in. First I am just freaked by the idea of my baby being under general anesthesia(meaning he would be unaware of what's going on)second so many things can happen. I have been crying non-stop and I am so scared. I got home and my mami cooked me some chicken soup, but I'm literally having a nervous breakdown. This is where I ask you all for the biggest favor ever!!! Please pray for us - May I have the strength to be strong, relaxed, positive, to not be scared and to stop crying. For my Miguelito to be alright, that he will be safe and that God is always by his side. The date will be sometime in January, it's a while from now, but I'm a thinker and this will not let me be relaxed. I am so worried and scared....

Flashback Tuesdays : )

 Flash back Tuesday : This will include memories in no specific order.

Me at 4yrs old - Always with a Cheezy smile : D

One of my all time favorite tv shows!! I loved watching it as I grew up
: )
What was one of your favorite tv shows as you grew up?

Karina In Simple Terms

1 - I think to much and sometimes I feel lost. My therapy - walk every morning through Central Park.

2- When I sleep you will always find my feet sticking out from under the blanket no matter how cold it is : D

3 - When I was in my early teens my favorite books were the R.L. Stine books, I would lock myself in the room and lower the lights and read with a booklight.

4 - I love to read while listening to music (my mami can't believe I can concentrate), each book I read has it's own soundtrack : D

5 - I always take a shower or a bath with warm/hot water, never with cold :  D No matter how hot it is outside. Yet I love to go to the beach.

6 - I love my chocolate to have something, the only plain one I can eat is Dove smooth chocolate. Gotta love chocolate with almonds.

7 - I am lactose intolerant.

8 - I love - love - love scented lotion, especially when it says seductive scent : D Grrrrrrrrr.......

9 - I am very sensitive and tend to cry when I am arguing - no matter the person. I just get so frustrated and next thing you know I'm crying.

10 - I was considered the black sheep of the family by certain people  O;^)

SnapShot Sunday

No place is boring, if you've had a good night's sleep and have a pocket full of unexposed film.
- Robert Adams

Kids spell love T-I-M-E

It's funny how nowadays people just have kids to have them.One thing that they don't realize is that kids are not an accessory, and that they need time and affection.I remember when moms actually took care of their kids, when they actually took the time to go see them at the school play or tuck them in at bed and fall asleep side by side. Now all I see are nannies.One thing is for sure money can't buy love nor your child's affection. Certain people might think I'm somewhat boring or simply sad because I don't get to go out as much as I could or I'd like, but I really don't care because I am a mother,lover,and very family oriented before everything else. Yes I do prefer to stay at home and watch a movie with my Miguelito and Humbe instead of going out sometimes just the two of us. The way I see it - our Miguelito is growing up fast, he is at that age where he needs us and still asks for us to be their by his side. There will come a day when Miguelito won't need us as much or want us always hanging out with him, he will be out with friends and trying to figure out his own future. When that time comes it will be hard but I will be happy and content because I know that I enjoyed every single moment that I could with my baby. So yes I am very, very Happy indeed and love every single moment of my life : D

P.S. One last message - You must be aware that when you have a child your life will change in every way possible. But rest assured that you will not regret any single moment, and that you will know the true meaning of love, and what it is to wear your heart on your sleeve.


Have you ever had one of those days where you feel like crying non-stop for no reason at all.
Well today I woke up with that feeling of sadness. Why? I don't know. I just feel like crying and crying until no more tears come out. I hope this feeling goes away fast....

Traveling Wednesdays : D

Last time I left off, we were bidding Xochimilco goodbye and on we went to our second destination (2 out of 3 in one day : D )
All the traveling that was done was all thanks to my papis elementary school buddy - Martin : D
He would come knocking at our door early in the morning with the car all ready to go.
The rides were a blast listening to all the stories about our papi : D

(Lol- I can just see how mischievous these two were)

Claudia you guessed it right : D El Estadio Azteca!!!! Goal!!!!!!

It was fun! Even if we didn't get to go inside : ( We had just missed the stadium visiting hours by a few minutes. It was great to finally see the stadium where so many of Mexico's games are played.
Miguelito loved it and had a blast just running outside and buying some souvenirs for his papi Humbe : D

The Americanistas - lol - It's what we call the people that go for the Mexican soccer team called Club America. On my behalf - Boooooooo El America!!!

Viva Mexico!!!!

Our third and final destination for that day was El Angel, located in the middle of Mexico City.

Miguelito with a firetruck : D

It was a great day and we were so happy that the rain waited until we got home. In Mexico it's always cold in the morning, than the sun comes up and it gets warm, but by the afternoon it always rains. It always stops raining by night time and gets cold again. It was great that I got to see Mexico City more in depth and that Miguelito loved it.

Next weeks post will be my biggest adventure ever!!!!! Talk about Mount Everest : D

Karina In Simple Terms

This was supposed to be Mondays post - but better late than never : D

1 - I am a very silly person , and have been called retarded by certain family members : D
I'm a giggler what can I say - I love my Life!!!!

2- I'm a very picky eater! I hate condiments - ketchup - cream cheese - mayonnaise - mustard - are just an example. I judge food by appearance and smell. Therefore I miss out on a lot of great food that is out there.

3- I am a very sappy and romantic person - who's been told that she's into the whole love cliche.

4- I LOVE - LOVE - LOVE to take pictures! You will always see me taking pictures with my cellphone or camera : D, my sisters in law like to tease me because it's pictures non-stop...
I've sent Santa Claus my wish list and can hopefully get a Lomographic Fish Eye2 Camera or a Fijifilm Instax Mini 7 Camera : D ( it doesn't look good so far )

5- I love Eeyore : D And thanks to my daddy and lil sis I have quite a few eeyore items - even though my lil sister bothers me for loving my depressed little donkey - he just needs a lil loving..... I even made sure that Miguelito liked eeyore : D When I was 3 months pregnant - Humbe and me went to the Disney store and bought our baby an Eeyore stuffed animal - half blue/half pink - because we didn't know the gender...Poor eeyore can still be found bouncing around the house - no wonder he's depressed : D

6 - I can be very pessimistic sometimes (not good)

7 - I hate to admit to this next one - Gulp! I have never been to a spa - never gotten a special stone massage or massage of any kind. Gulp! I hope to go to one someday : D

8 - I love my family more than my own life and would do anything for them!

9 - I am not happy with my body image and therefore lack confidence in myself. I always feel bad after looking at a magazine and looking at so many pretty skinny models.

10 - I get hot flashes and can almost swear that I am going through early menopause - lol-

SnapShot Sunday

This Sunday segment will include a series of photos, sometimes things that were done on that particular day and other times just a variety of photos. Some will include captions others will speak for themselves : D
Today's photos include our day in Central Park : D

Wild Strawberry

Swedish Cottage - Marionette Theater

Autumn is starting to show

Elementary school (where Miguelito attends)

My Neighborhood

Post Office where I send all the Happy Mail