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Thank You 2010 ;)

Is it just me or does time seem to be going by so very fast? There is a certain point in your life when time just seems to start going by in a blur!

I was thinking of how to write this post would I write down a recap of things that happened during 2010? Would I write down my new year resolutions? Would I do a recap with pictures? I chose neither.
But what can I say 2010 was full of ups and downs but that's life.Sometimes your up and sometimes your down, the most important thing is that through out all of this I have always been surrounded by loved ones and those dearest to my heart. During the year 2010 I am happy to say that I was alive, not many people get to live long and prosper lives and I've been blessed with life! Thanks to that I have been able to enjoy my Miguelito,my Humbe,my parents and my brother and sister. I also had the opportunity to start blogging and met some of the most incredible and sweetest girls ever whom I can happily call my friends,and I look forward to our friendship this coming year.So thank you very much 2010 for being one of many lovely years that will go down in my heart forever.

Am I ready for 2011? I'm really not sure - I'm the kind of person who's afraid of change. One thing that I am sure of is that I have an incredible support system that consists of family and friends that love me and with them around I feel like I can take anything on. So bring it on 2011! But please be nice :)

To you my dear friends I wish you a very Happy New Year - Feliz Ano Nuevo. May this new year be full of happiness,love and health.May you all continue to make your dreams come true.May you always be surrounded by those dearest to your heart and May God Bless you all :). See you all in 2011 ;)

Let it Snow!Let it Snow!Let it snow!

I hope you all had an incredible Christmas surrounded by your loved ones :) Our Christmas was spectacular and I can't wait to post some pictures but first,were we hit with a snowstorm.To think that us New Yorkers were complaining about not having enough snow in a very long time, mother nature did a very good job in showing us ;)

We woke up Monday morning to 20 inches of snow! 20 inches! My two boys were around and it's crazy to believe that this was the first time that Humbe was around to go sledding in Central Park - Yes my Humbe is a very hard worker ;) it's no wonder I love him so much! We all got ready and bundled up to go and play in the snow. Once we stepped outside I was speechless, I had never seen so much snow! It was winter wonderland! We stayed in the park for about 3 hours just sledding and playing non-stop. We literally ran home to get warmed up - and ugh what happened next! In a period of 3 hours Miguelito got a fever of 103 - Humbe and me started coughing and feeling chills,we all drank medicine and fell asleep. Once morning came I felt horrible and with my asthma it didn't get any better, Miguelito was 100% which was great but Humbe and me oh my God - fever and a horrible cough. Despite that my very sweet husband got up to cook us a chicken soup. Needless to say yesterday we spent the whole day laying down in bed and Miguelito playing his DSI XL - I'm sure it didn't bother him. Today is a different day and I feel somewhat better - aside from the throbbing headache and my ribs feeling like they are going to explode from so much coughing,seriously I have to hold my sides each time I cough which is a lot, but my poor Humbe had to go to work - oh the responsibilities!
I really hope we feel better soon, that's what we get for sledding in Central Park but it was worth every little bit ;)

Miguelito ready to go outside :)

So much snow!

Poor firemen trying to dig his car out from the snow.

There was a lot of wind and when it would pick up it would throw the snow all over you :) Miguelito got stuck in a whirlwind of snow!

Snow never fails to amaze me.



Only the strong will survive!


Worth every moment :)
Special message for mi querida amiga Marz - Love you :)

Central Park covered in snow

86th street - coming out of Central Park :)

Miguelito and a funny snowmen

My street full of cars and garbage trucks - all which were stuck in the snow!

Noche Buena ;)

Nino Dios

Eeeeeeeee... It's Christmas Eve - and it's 4:46pm!It' so exciting and it makes me sad to think that this will be all over in one day.In the meantime I am making sure to listen to as much Christmas music as possible while surrounded by my beautiful and wonderful family. It will be a very long wonderful day full of non-stop cooking,dancing,eating,and lots of Amor! My mamma and me have been cooking since this morning ;)

On the Menu:
  • A variety of Tamales
  • Pozole (Mexican soup)
  • Lots of yummy desserts including cupcakes and pies(only thing missing Mexican bread)
  • Lots of Mexican Chocolate
Our Christmas is celebrated Mexican style - meaning we celebrate on Noche Buena - Christmas Eve!
We started cooking very early this morning to get the meat ready for the tamales and the pozole. Right now we took a little break before we start preparing the tamales so I took a moment to say Hola! We usually finish with the cooking part at around 9:30pm, we then run to get dressed properly (right now I'm in spandex,Eeyore t-shirt and my hair in a bun -hehe!) and then dinner is served ;) Eating and chatting to get our energy ready for the Posada :) 

The Posada: We have in our Christmas Tree a nativity scene with a baby Jesus doll and at 12:00am we start singing and sort of reenacting the birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ. We all take turns rocking the baby Jesus back and forth and sing and pray. It's all very beautiful and I remember always having this as part of my Christmas tradition as a little girl. It makes me so happy for Miguelito to have this beautiful tradition to look forward to every year. Someday the baby Jesus will be passed on to my household and it will feel great to pass along our tradition to my Grandchildren ;)
We usually take an hour and after wards its dessert time and then some dancing to burn the calories
off :) We end up falling asleep until 5:00am! Ha! Talk about a long night - but worth every single moment.

Just in case I don't get a chance to check in tomorrow I would like to Wish you all a Very Merry Christmas ;) May it be full of lots of happiness, love, and joy ;) Enjoy every second and every moment even if your loved ones live far away rest-assured that they are just a phone call away.I take this moment to remember those who have left us in body but who continue to live on in our hearts and memories.This will be our first Christmas without my Father-In-Law and I pray for my Humbe to find comfort in the Beautiful memories of his pappa.

Feliz Navidad from our family to yours!

Love The Pacheco Family

Now to continue cooking ;) A cocinar unos ricos tamales se ha dicho : )

P.S.Yesterday I did a last minute stop at one of my favorite thrift shops and you will never believe what I found for Humbe ;) I was jumping for joy and literally ripped it off a lady's hand-Hehe!!! Can't wait to show you a picture ;)

Christmas Wish List ;)

Today was a dream come true! Loved our family day and every moment I spent with my boys, oh and I have to say I loved watching Tron ;) Plus I ate the most delicious Napoleon slice ever!!!!!

Christmas Wish List ;)

Smiley Face Cookie Jar! This is so me and it would look great on my Kitchen table ;)
Oh - I'm smiling ear to ear imagining being the owner of this cookie jar.

Butterfly Blue Heart - *Sigh* Isn't this butterfly ring just gorgeous!
You Make Me Smile Ornament ;) Love this cutie!
Frida Kahlo Eco Friendly Canvas Tote - This would be perfect to carry some of my knick knacks.
Silver Morocco Toms - I want these baby's so bad!!!

The Legend Of Zelda! Yes-Yes I like to play videos once in a blue moon when I get a chance, and Zelda is my favorite ;)

Smiley Face Ring - Eeeeeee!!! This one I love and really would like ;)
Dolce Vita Smiley Face coffee mug! I'm excited because this mug I need, it makes the perfect pair to the one that Micaela sent me :) That way we don't have to fight to use the one I already have - Hehe ;)
Fujifilm Instax Mini - I Love to take pictures : )
Phew.....So these are some of the things on my wish list ;) But I'll be honest and say my family doesn't see my blog and Humbe won't see it because he's working so much, therefore I won't be getting any one of these for Christmas ;( I'm not materialistic and as long as I'm surrounded by love and my beautiful Familia I am happy ;) But I am happy to say that Zelda is in the bag! My mama got it for me as one of my Christmas presents. Love my sweet mama!Can't wait until it arrives so I can start Links adventure - Hehe. I'm a dork but we already knew this ;)

Only 3 days left till Christmas!!!!!!!

'Tis The Season

Tis the season to be jolly,
Fa la la la la, la la la la!

Reindeer Cupcakes - I baked for Mason and Miguelito :)

Friendship - One of life's best gifts ;)

Miguelito excited to open his Christmas present ;)

Yay!!! Miguelito loves Christmas ;)

Just 4 days left till Christmas ;) It's incredible how time went by so fast, a little to fast if you ask me.
It has been so much fun enjoying this beautiful holiday season ;) We have been having a blast with our friends enjoying birthdays and just hanging around and being silly. Miguelito has had a blast receiving so much happy mail and opening his Christmas presents ;) Who doesn't love happy mail?

With all the running around I forgot to do my Wish List! When you become a mom your family and everything else comes before you, and now that Christmas is just 4 days away my family has no idea of what I want - Hehe! Sorry mi familia ;) I hope I can post my Wish List tomorrow just for fun if I get a chance to get to the computer. Tomorrow Humbe is off from work - finally after working for 5 weeks straight!

Our plan to play hooky with Miguelito - with school being slow and everything and lots of families already gone for the holidays we figured it won't hurt to have a family day ;)
First we will eat breakfast at our favorite place ;) than we're off to watch Tron (Miguelito's choice of movie), maybe pay Santa Clause a visit, take Miguelito shopping so he can pick something special for his abuelitos,and who knows what else we might do.The day is young and the city will be ours - Plus as long as I'm with my boys everything is perfect ;)

Unexpected Day Off ;)

Miguelito just woke up ;) - Notice Edward cooling down his Hot Chocolate ;)

Miguelito Loves his Chocolate ;)

You can only go right with Mexican Chocolate!!!!!

Only thing missing was some Mexican Bread!!! - Picture I took during our summer in Mexico ;)
Funny how we ended up having a three day weekend :) We didn't hear the alarm go off this morning and by the time we woke up it was to late to take Miguelito to school - Thank God it was one of my days off from work. That's what happens when Night Owls unite - HaHa! Plus we're recharging for one more week of school before Christmas vacation.Can you believe that the last day of school is the 24th! What were they thinking???

So now we're lounging around the house in our fuzzy socks ;) Sipping our delicious Mexican Chocolate!!! Delicioso!! The only thing missing to make it feel like a true Mexican breakfast is our Mexican bread - perhaps a conchita or a cuernito! Yummy!!

Couldn't have asked for a better way to start my Friday than to have my Miguelito cuddling up beside me hugging me and saying Mami I love you while we watch Nanny McPhee - one of Miguelito's favorite movies. I love my baby and I never get tired of being a mom it is the best!!!!
Maybe just maybe if we stop being lazy we might go out and do some Christmas Shopping.That is when we get tired (which won't happen) of drinking our Mexican chocolate ;)

Happy Friday and a Very Happy Weekend : )   Just 7 days left till Christmas ;)

I Swear...

"I swear that my heart is yours forever even till after death my heart will always belong to you and only you"
                                                                                   -Luis Humberto Pacheco

It was 7yrs ago that I married my soul-mate the love of my life - My Humberto. It has been a wonderful journey with ups and downs but always full of love. You have always been my rock through thick and thin. My light at the end of the tunnel and my best friend. I have never looked back and nor shall I ever. It's a wonderful feeling to wake up next to the man I know I will spend the rest of my life with, the person that loves me for who I am with defects and all whichever they may be.
Thank you for taking care of me, my heart and for your love : ) I will never ever get tired of saying how much I LOVE YOU!TE AMO!I LOVE YOU!TE AMO!

Thank you God for my wonderful life and beautiful family : )

Oh How I Love Thy Glitter!

Sweet Gracie inspired me to post a pic of my glittery silvery sneakers : )

Wearing my glittery sneakers with my funky pj's
Aren't they pretty : )

 The following Toms are on my wish-list! and I'm rooting for Gracie to get them : )

I've been good Santa! Won't you please bring me a pair of these size 8 1/2 Pretty Please with sugar on top ;)

We all need glitter in our life as a reminder to always add sparkle to our lives : )


Miguelito after his belt Test on Saturday
I am so happy and crying tears of joy: ) My baby did it - all his sweat and sacrifice. He is a Red Belt! Yeah *pumping fist in the air*.The belt ceremony won't be until Thursday and we are so excited!
Thank you for all the good luck wishes and happy thoughts - you are all so sweet : )

This belt test was so special and unique for two very special reasons.
Miguelito is now three belts away from his Black Belt! And he had the best support system ever!!!
As Miguelito got ready to give his heart and soul in his belt test dear Marz got ready to give it her heart and soul in her first 10k! They kept sending each other good vibes back and fourth : ) Helping each other accomplish their goal. So next time you think something is impossible or to hard just think about these two : ) Miguelito the future Taekwondo Master and Marz the girl who will leave you eating her dust : )

We knew all along that our querida amiga Marz was going to finish and accomplish her goal and she did!!!! Wooohoooooo!!!!! and in excellent time may I add!!!! We love you so much dear girl - you are the best!

Congratulations Miguelito and Marz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You guys rock : )

P.S. I have something special up my sleeve which I hope to share with you guys soon : )

SnapShot Sunday

It has been a great weekend! Miguelito had a great belt test yesterday. We won't know until Wednesday or Monday (if we're lucky) when the Masters post the names of those who passed : ) But I will tell you this my Miguelito put his heart and soul and did an awesome job - his teachers also mentioned how great he was! Can't wait to see the list and find his name : )
Today was a very rainy and chilly day but that didn't stop my lil partner in crime and me from walking around and trying to get some shopping done. We even got to go to our favorite indoor market where Miguelito bought some postcards to send to his friend Zac (Steph's little boy) and Lucia (Zac's cousin). On Friday when we opened the mail a cute postcard stood out, it was for Miguelito and it was from Zac's cousin Lucia. I LOVE swaps, you get to meet the sweetest people and what's even better you get to make new friends : ) That's how we met Steph and Zac through Micaela's ornament swap : ).
How was your weekend?

And now for today's snapshots : )

Bicycle decorated with metro cards

It's the law, there's nothing worse than stepping on dog poo!

Miguelito and me are still keeping our eyes open in hopes of seeing said unicorn : )

Scrumptious waffle ice cream

Miguelito has always been a heartbreaker!

Mya & Miguel - I hope to one day tell you the story of these two : )

Hope everyone has a great Monday : )

Only 12 Days left till Christmas!!!!!

Good Luck Miguelito

Miguelito when he was a white belt - testing for his yellow belt!
Good Luck to my Miguelito!!!! He will be testing for his red belt tomorrow.This is a very big step, if everything goes good tomorrow (which I'm sure it will) he will only be three belts away from his black belt.Thus begins his most important training and journey ever towards his goal of being a black belt.
Buena Suerte dueno de mi corazon!!! Believe in yourself and never say never : )

Good Luck Miguelito : )

P.S.Good luck to me and trying not to shed any tears tomorrow!!!

Blue Christmas

    This song was recorded on my Miguelitos birthday 53yrs ago! 

It has been such a horrible and stressful week. I'm trying my hardest to not let it get to me but seriously how much more can I take! So as I lay in my bed covered in blankets from head to toe, my Miguelito cuddling next to me  I listen to Elvis sing Blue Christmas and try to block all things bad from my head.
Instead I try to focus on Miguelito's upcoming belt test this Saturday and my 7yr Anniversary this Wednesday (it feels so surreal sometimes in a good way of course). I'm also very excited to be taking part in Nicole's Friendship Bracelet Project, Miguelito and me are going to buy the yarn tomorrow : )

Oh and Humbe asked me to tell him what I want for Christmas! So I need to get started on my wishlist - Ha!Ha!
Hint: I love to take pictures so on my list he will find some cameras : ) including a certain one called
The Fisheye Camera : ) Even though I might not get any of the cameras it is nice to dream : )

SnapShot Sunday

I'm exhausted, a little nostalgic, and tired. So I'm just going to post a quick recap of our weekend. Saturday morning we got up at 6:00am to see Humbe participate in the WSSL Annual Parent's Soccer Game. It was so COLD!!! We were freezing but it was so much fun to see Humbe play soccer and Miguelito had a blast. After the game Humbe went to work. Miguelito really wanted to go to the museum of natural history with his little buddy Mason, after picking him up from his house we went to see the dinosaurs and space show! As for today we just went to church and then ran home as quickly as possible to get away from the freezing temperature. We wore cozy fuzzy socks,ate popcorn,heard Christmas music,and watched movies in the dark just because Miguelito wants our Christmas tree to shine through : ) Can't think of a better way to end a weekend : )

Sneak peek of our Christmas Tree

This ornament is so special when it's not hanging in my tree it's hanging besides my Betitos picture. Thank you Micaela Love you!!