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Friday Playlist!

 TGIF!! Woot - Woot!! It's unbelievably hot in NYC, I mean crazy hot! We've been advised to stay inside and stay cool. I went out this morning to try and get my run on but this weather and my asthma do not like each other! I felt suffocated and was only able to do 1.2 miles, but I will be doing cardio later tonight :) So take that summer heat!!
In the meantime there's no better time to update my Ipod and my workout music!
So I came up with the idea of having a Friday Playlist :)
Today's playlist is?!? 
Workout Music!

You had me at Woot!!

My two yummy boyfriends! Channing & Joe (Alcide from True Blood)
 For those of you who follow me on twitter and facebook, you know that yesterday evening I had the 
opportunity to watch a special advanced screening of Magic Mike!
Woot - Woot!! Take it off, take it off!!!

I won two tickets courtesy of Urban Girl Squad and it was a perfect night in the city for my seester and me to get down to the Village and watch so much deliciousness on the big screen!
OMG!!! My throat was hurting from so much wooting! Never have I seen a theater packed with so many screaming woman. We couldn't wait till the lights dimmed and once they did it was like they'd let lose a bunch of wild hyenas - lol! Seriously we were a scary mob!
Channing was the first one to come out in all of his splendor :)
There was so much booty and I do NOT mean it literally. I will never see Channing or Joe the same, and I fell more in love with Joe! Once you watch the movie you'll now why! ; p

I don't want to give away anything from the movie so all I can say is that it's an ok story it could have done a little bit better in the love storyline, but I guess they figured that we'd just want to go and see the stripping the hell with the rest! They are right because I can't wait to go and see it again, this time with a bunch of my girlfriends!

Magic Mike indeed - woot!! Just look at my cheesing smile :) Queso!!
So like I've told my girlfriends RUN and go watch it! You will not be disappointed :P

Let me know if you watch it & what you think of the movie?!?

Kary xoxo

P.S. Don't forget to watch my vlog post regarding my Influenster MomVoxBox 2012! You can watch it here.

Influenster MomVoxBox 2012

This was meant to be a quick video of unpacking and my initial thoughts about my first Influenster box :) But it somehow turned into a 13min video,Yikes!! Those are 13mins of your life that you'll never get back - Ha! 
Hope you enjoy the video!

You can go directly to Vimeo and see my video there. It's chopped here - boo!

Thank You Influenster and all of the lovely sponsors for the wonderful products!
Quacker Soft Baked Cookie, Stash Tea Superfruits Tea, Ivory Bar Soap, Dentex Floss, Nektar Sweetener, ImPress Press-On Manicure & The Original Dish Drying Mat.

Kary xoxo

P.S. Stay tuned to the reviews for these products coming up :) And I promise that the next video won't be that dark!

Believe in yourself - Trust the process!!

My munchkin at his last Publishing Party of the year!
Woot!! What a morning :) 
First I went to Miguel's school for this years final Publishing Party, afterwards I ran home to get dressed and get my run on in this crazy hot weather!

Let me tell you, I had to kick myself various times to get myself out of the house. I kept saying excuses in my mind, like it's to hot, or just rest! But I rested yesterday! 
My willpower won in the end because I knew that my day would not be complete without me hitting the pavement!
There's no other feeling like running by yourself, listening to your feet hit the ground accompanied by your pumping music and just letting your thoughts run free.
Seriously I never feel that free as when I'm running!
So I put on my suntan lotion, drank a little water and made sure to use my asthma pump before I left the house.

#proof  I made it home in one piece! :)
Let me tell you it wasn't easy, the heat was a killer. I literally felt like I was walking on fire and I had to drag myself the last half mile! But I did it!! And I really couldn't be any prouder of myself, there were very few runners out there and by few I mean like 6 passed by me and there were times that I would be the only one. Very proud to have been one of the brave souls to run out in today's heat :)

SO remember the only one that can stop you is YOU!!
No excuses & No pain no gain!!

Now for a quick weight update :)

June 22,2012 -  Woot! :) I've officially lost 5 pounds and inches! You can check out my previous weight here
Just the other day I went shopping for new pants because my old pants are loose already!
I went down from a size 14 to 12 already :)
Post coming up soon about some of the cute items that I bought, including a pink pair of jeans!
Not to mention that I feel so light & SEXY!!
 Oh and my running time has gone down 7 minutes. I was running 3.32 miles in 54mins and now I'm doing 47mins. Except today, I blame the hot weather and my asthma.

I am a very motivated and happy gal!!

 Motivation is what gets you started.
Habit is what keeps you going.

Happy Friday my loves!!

Kary xoxo

Happy 1st Day Of Summer 2012!

 Happy 1st Day Summer!
Today was one of those unexpected days where you just end up going with the flow.
 Miguelito had a school trip but it was cancelled due to the very intense hot weather that we have today in NYC! We were in the upper 90's, yet it felt/feels like in the 100's. Anyways, the school called this morning to say that the trip to the park was cancelled, so what was this momma to do? 
But play hookie with her son :)
Yes, yes I'm that kind of momma that believes in hookie days with her son! I'm a bad ass like that - ha!
We would have gone to the beach but the call came in to late, so we ended up going to the movie theater instead. After watching Madagascar 3, we stopped by Pinkberry and got a chocolate frozen yogurt with tons of yummy fruit toppings (please, go to the pinkberry page and listen to their song. Doesn't it ROCK and make you want to jump around with some of their frozen yogurt in hand) I must mention for those of you who don't know, I do NOT eat yogurt! Today my munchkin forced me to try his frozen yogurt and Omge, I can't believe that I've been missing out on this! :) It was heavenly!!
 We than thought we'd take a nice 5 mile walk down by Riverside Park. Talk about hot! Even down by the Hudson River we couldn't feel the breeze. It was still so nice to feel the suns warmth and to smell the grass, I love when it's freshly cut and watered because it smells like watermelon.
At one point we had a nice picnic under a big  tree and shared some of our snacks with the birds that chirped around us. 
It was a wonderful and perfect way to welcome in our first day of Summer.

Picture taken in Coney Island 2011! Can't wait to go back.
  Cheers to Summer 2012!!!
Wishing you all a wonderful Summer.

How did you celebrate the 1st day of Summer?

Kary xoxo

Every runner needs a great pair of running sneakers!

In order for you  to run well and comfortably, you need a good pair of running sneakers. I learned that a long time ago, the hard way! Let me tell you it wasn't pretty - ewwww!
Remember that your feet are very important, they carry you around all day and they deserve to be treated kindly. So where do you buy the perfect pair of running buddies? There are a few stores where you can buy proper running shoes, Jack Rabbit or Run By Foot Locker to name a few. I prefer shopping at Super Runner's Shop.
  In either of these stores you can run on a treadmill so they can check and see what kind of running shoe is perfect for you, or if you rather not run on the treadmill your feet are still
"inspected" to help find the perfect shoe for you, whether it's lightweight, neutral, or stability.
I always need a sneaker that has good maximum support, a good arch support - due to my slightly flat foot, and that's wide instead of narrow. There was a time when I was a Saucony girl, that all changed the moment I met the ASICS brand, not only do they help my feet not look humungous but they offer me the perfect support, which means no feet pain at night :)

 These are my babies, my running buddies. They join me in the mud, rain, dirt, and pavement. They help me strive during the hardest of my morning runs, my ASICS Women's GEL GT-2170.
I bought them about 3 months back and I love them! Also loving that they finally made them in pink instead of blue!

So remember treat your feet right, we owe them a lot! Even if you think that running shoes might be a little bit pricey! Mines cost me $111.00. Remember that it's just one of those investments that are really worth it in the long run :) Plus your feet will thank you!

So if you don't have some proper running shoes, what are you waiting for?!? Run and buy some!

Do you have running shoes?
What brand?
Where do you buy them?

Kary xoxo

❤ Movie Lover ❤

So many movies, so little time!
If only I owned my own movie theater, a dream come true for this movie loving girl :)
With so many movies coming out I am literally FREAKING out! 

These are just some of the movies that are coming out during the month of June and I will be sure to be there ready with my Skinny Popcorn in hand, enjoying many of my boyfriends on the big screen - Woot!

1. 6/15/12 - Rock Of Ages:
Not only do I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE  musicals but my boyfriend of all times is in this movie! My Tom Cruise :)

2. 6/22/12 - Abraham Lincoln:Vampire Hunter:
No secret here about why this movie is a must! I'm a vampire lover :) 
Plus doesn't this movie just scream out must see?!?

3. 6/22/12 - Brave:
Ha! Yes, this is a must see movie, is all I can say.

4. 6/29/12 - Magic Mike:
Eeeeee!! Total deliciousness!! This movie has two of MY boyfriends (ha, by now you really know just what a dork I really am) Joe Manganiello & Channing Tatum! Take it off, take it off! :)

5. 6/29/12 - Take This Waltz:
I have no words for this movie! The trailer made me tear up and I'm sure to cry my eyes out when I actually watch it in the theater.

These are just a few of the many movies that are on my list, more to come next week  :)
 What movie/movies are you looking forward to the most?

Kary xoxo

It's the Simple things in life...

“It's the simple things in life that are the most extraordinary.”
- Paulo Coelho

❤ Hanging out with my baby!

Miguelito with the Masters Whang after testing on Saturday June 2,2012

❤  Finding out that Miguelito passed his Taekwondo test and that he will officially be a double black stripe belt on Tuesday! That's when the Belt ceremony will be - June 12, 2012 :)

❤ Seeing Miguelito's art work during Art Night! 

❤ Bought a sports bra at Target and hope it will hold my big ole boobs while I powerwalk/run around the reservoir in Central Park! I was using my normal bra and the straps started becoming a nuisance with me having to pull them up or hold them while I was running. What sports bra do you use? Which one do you recommend?
❤ Eating healthy & trying to recreate Wendy's Berry salad 
❤ Yesterday was National Chocolate Ice Cream day! My munchkin had no school so he had to celebrate by eating a Smore's custard from the Shake Shack!

❤ Working out and feeling AMAZING!!!
You can see how sweaty & gross my face is, yet I feel SO happy and pumped after every workout! 
You don't always get what you wish for, you get what you WORK FOR!

Happy Friday my loves! 
Wishing you all a great Weekend
Kary xoxo

Just a Minute in...June

My boyfriend Eric! Always thinking about me :)

 Watching... Dawson's Creek on Netflix.

Writing... In my workout journal. Finally catching up and logging in all of my workouts.

Eating... Nothing because it's 10:20pm right now, but I was eating some orange slices with flax seed earlier today.

 Wanting... Sunday night to be here already! So that I can see my boyfriend again :) I am way too excited to see True Blood Season 5 already. Sexy vampires & werewolves, all is right in this world!

 Planning... Our Summer Vacation! Beach trips, road trips, and maybe one international trip make for a most amazing summer!!

 Organizing... My summer clothes. I need to go for cute tops and shorts!

 Wishing.... That we don't have a blistering hot Summer!
Thinking... What am I going to do if I don't reach my goal of losing 10 lbs by July 1st?

 Feeling... Very, very pumped! It's amazing to feel lighter and to start noticing little changes in my body. I have to admit that I'm loving looking at my semi naked body in the mirror, after all this is something that I've avoided for a very long time. I feel happier each time I look at myself and notice little differences.

Are you a Truebie?

Kary xoxo

Set your goals high, and don't stop till you get there. - Bo Jackson

Happy 1st day of June my lovely friends!
We are officially less than a month away from the last day of school and exactly one month away from my birthday. Eeeee... many exciting things to come, including reaching my first weight goal!

 I've been staring at my computer screen for the past hour, wanting to delete this post.
 I've even shed a few tears. I have no idea how I let my weight balloon the way it did, but it happened and I have to stop crying about it and do something! And the great news is that I have! I've made sure to workout everyday, stop eating rice every single day and not eat bread daily. It seems like  a lot to sacrifice, but it's all worth it in the end!
It's been in up and down journey and I finally realized that I had to stop being a prisoner of my own body!
It's time to start feeling good about myself & most importantly respecting myself & my body!

In my last post I mentioned that I'd lost 6 pounds but I don't have a picture of me on the scale with my weight showing. In a way it's a little bit good because I feel nauseated every time I think about the number. But I do have a picture of me from last week on the scale and I will post that one and the one with today's weight. Those 6lbs will not count, as they were probably water weight. I'm really scared to post these pictures up! Why? Because I'm so huge and the number just makes me cringe and want to cry :( but enough loathing. This is only the beginning and I know that I will make it!

5/26/12 Starting weight
6/1/12 Lost three pounds in a week :)
 Scary numbers, I know! But I am so proud of myself, whenever I think of eating something not healthy I just touch my stomach and think about how light I am starting to feel and how great it feels to see the numbers go down.
 Quick note: Last night I had the worst craving for some Mexican bread that I almost cried! Yes, I almost cried! Food is an addiction just in case you didn't know.
 Now for my first goal weight, to lose at least 7lbs by July 1st! The day I turn __? :). 
I must remember that all in small steps, it will take time but it will happen!
That's why I've made sure to make small goals at a time. I will talk about my next goal once I reach this one, which will be very soon!
Via Fitfluential
 To keep myself accountable I'm making sure to log my workouts everyday on Instagram!
You can follow me on Instagram my username is:Karypr

It can be a pain sometimes to start the workout, especially when I'm lounging comfortably on my bed with the air conditioner on. But it's such a great feeling every time I finish my workout. 
I always feel pumped, powerful and happy!
Everyday is a new beginning!
And I look forward to this journey!

Kary xoxo

P.S. The best of luck to my munchkin tomorrow!! He has a belt test in Taekwondo for his double black stripe around his red belt! Which means he will be one belt away from being a black belt! My baby is my inspiration!! Lots of luck my Miguelito! Kiyah!!!