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FlashBack Tuesdays...

The cast of Boy Meets World - Left to Right - Top to Bottom: Eric, Amy, Alan, Mr.Feeny, Shawn, Cory & Morgan
Number #1 Couple in my heart always!
Just watch the video below:
I teared up just watching those old clips of Boy Meets World!

My heart will always belong to Rider Strong A.K.A Shawn
and Cory & Topanga!
Who were your favorite characters from Boy Meets World?

Happy  Tuesday My Loves!

Kary xoxo

Motivational Monday

Via Fitfluential on Pinterest
An oldie but goodie!

Happy Monday My Beautiful Friends!

Kary xoxo

Snapshot Sunday

 Welcome to Snapshot Sunday Mexico Edition! 
Right now I am 4 days into my vacation in my beautiful country that I love so much!! 
I miss you girls lots but I do hope you enjoy these pictures that are from my August 2010
trip to Mexico :)

Lots of yummy colorful candy! Baskets full of yummy treats :)
Chips and candy apples on a boat!
Mexican drink called "El Diablo" it has some tamarind, lime, ice and other yummy stuff.
Chicken with avocado and some yummy Mexican rice and beans
More yummy treats!

Isn't Mexico full of so much yummy food!I promise that I am eating to my hearts content :)
Happy Sunday my loves!

Kary xoxo

Leaving on a jet plane.....

The day is finally here! Tomowrrow morning we leave for Mexico :)
I am a mess of emotions, missing everything and everyone already! Especially my hubby!
A quick see ya later video!

So my darling friends as you saw from the video I am a mess of tears, and I know that tomorrow morning will be horrible! Goodbyes and see ya laters are always sad :(
I miss you already and like I said there are scheduled post that will be up starting this Sunday with Snaphot Sunday Mexico edition. So come by and say Hola!
Please say Prayers of safe travels for my Mom, Miguelito and I :)
Take care & See ya soon!
Kary xoxo

Motivational Monday

Via Fitfluential on Pinterest
Yes!! Remember that you can do anything that you set your mind to! Remember that the only person that can stop you is you! So, remember even if you get in a 30 minute workout it's always better than sitting on the couch and doing nothing!

A song to get you motivated :)

Happy Monday My Beautiful Friends!

Kary xoxo

Just A Minute in...July & A Giveaway Winner

Watching... Adventures in Babysitting - One of my all time favorite movies! I've got the babysittin blues....

Eating... some yummy fruit! You have to love watermelon, grapes, strawberries, melon and kiwi :)

Wanting... Time to go slow. I can't believe that the first month of Summer vacation is almost over.

.Planning.. All of our adventures that are to be had in Mexico!!! I can't believe that we leave this Wednesday July 25th and we will come back on August the 23rd (I bought our return ticket last night) Eeeeee... I am so pumped to be back in my beautiful country that means so much to me, to see my beautiful family again, for Miguelito to meet his great-great grandmother, to run around the mountains, see horses, go down to the beach and many other things. Even more excited to post all the pictures when I come back :)

Organizing... My vacation workout schedule! Yep, I am still planning to workout while in Mexico and I am making sure to take some workout DVD's, a resistance band, jump rope, some workout clothes and my running sneakers! I will be back with many #proof pictures! Living a life of fitness is what makes this girl happy!

Wishing... That my hubby could join us in Mexico, instead of staying behind and working. But so is life and I am so grateful for him and his working hard for making this trip possible. Traveling is never cheap!

Thinking... That life is great and it doesn't get better than this! I am very blessed.

Feeling... Happy, excited, happy, excited, happy excited!! Yes, I keep repeating the same thing :) But I am just overwhelmed with so much happiness!!!!

Now for the giveaway winner!!

Names before going into the lucky hat of chance :)

And the winner is....
Jasmine from Lavender's Green!!!

Kary xoxo

Outfit Post

So, I know I'm not a fashion blogger & I've never posted any sort of what I wore post, but I love the fact that I feel comfortable enough in my skin and body to dress in bright colors & to take full body pictures. So I will be trying to incorporate an outfit post once in a while! I have a very long way to go with poses and quality, but here I go! 

Shirt: Thrifted Pants: Forever21 Shoes: TOMS
I'm smiling like a giddy child because I'm holding a belated birthday present from my darling friend Alyssa.

Shirt: Thrifted Pants: Forever21 Shoes: Birkenstock - swag from FitBlogNYC
 Yes, my birthday banner is still up -ha! I love walking out of my house and seeing it :)

 I love using bright colors and being able to fit into Forever21 clothes! I also love to use patterned shirts with solid color pants!

Kary xoxo

 P.S. My giveaway is still up till Friday, you can enter here. Up for grabs are just a few of the goodies that I love!

Clear Your Mind Of Can't & A Giveaway..

Woot!!! I did it you guys :) I officially lost my first 10 lbs!!
I am way over the moon for so many reasons! Some I can say, some I can't talk about just yet!
First of all it's amazing how much I've been shopping, ever since I started to lose inches and weight my closet has needed to be revamped and let me tell you it feels great to fit into pretty clothes again. I can now officially go shopping at Forever21 and wear a size Large and wear their jeans size 31 (which by the way are starting to also feel a little lose) Hubby and the bank are feeling the pain - Ha! But I am going crazy!! I need help!

Second, this flu actually turned into Bronchitis and I am now officially on antibiotics. For 7 days! Bleh, that means no exercise, lots of liquid and locking myself in a very steamed bathroom.
Hoping this goes away stat!

 It's official!! My mom, Miguelito and I will be in Mexico in less than 2 weeks :)
We will leave on Wednesday July 25th and come back either on August the 20th or the 23rd, we just bought a one way ticket for now. My mom will be coming back on the 31st of August with my dad who leaves for Mexico on the 17th of August.
I am very nervous and excited for many reasons. First I will be missing my hubby SO much, we will be away from him for almost a month. Second I will literally be gone from cyber world during my entire time in Mexico. The part of Mexico that I will be going to has no internet or WiFi - gulp!
I will miss my girls so much!!
More to come on my upcoming trip this week.

But now for a giveaway!!
Woot!! I must celebrate living a healthy and fit life :)
Giveaway will end on Friday July 27,2012, so that I can send out your goodies before I leave for my trip to Mexico.

Robot necklace, some bird earrings from, white flower ring, Sally Hansen salon effects butterfly design All-A-Flutter, and last but not least in honor of my upcoming trip to Mexico - a bracelet that I got from my Mexico trip 2yrs ago (it's brand new and never worn, we will be bracelet twins)

How To Enter Your Name In The Hat Of Chance:
1) You must be a follower of C'est La Vie - this blog,
and leave a comment saying that you are a follower.
1 Entry

Additional Entries:

1) Read my previous post here, regarding gross things do and let me know if you've perfected your snot rocket? - 1 Entry
2) Follow C'est La Vie The Blog on Facebook - 1 Entry

3) Follow C'est La Vie via Pinterest - 1 entry

4) Follow me via twitter - username Lovekarinap & tweet about this giveaway. Make sure to leave the link to your tweet - 1 entry

5) Follow me on Instagram - My username is Karypr - 1 Entry

That's a total of 6 entries my lovelys.
Make sure to leave a separate comment for each thing that you do!

This giveaway will close on the evening of Friday, July 27th.
 Miguelito will pick the winner on Friday night and
the winner will be announced Saturday morning :)

Good luck loves!!!

Kary xoxo

I never thought I'd...

 Clean my runny nose with my running shirt to swipe away my boogers! Instead of doing a snot rocket (explained below) Ewwwwww...
Wait, wait let me explain :)
As a runner you end up doing lots of things you thought you'd never do!

Here are some examples of gross things that runners do while they are running :) 
Including me!

Snot rocket
To shot snot out of one's nose while running.
Not only is this technique totally acceptable while running but you are considered quite cool by other
fellow runners and they will actually comment on your technique. 
I'm not that cool a runner yet to know how to launch my boogies out of my nose without having them hang from my nose, so instead I end up using my shirt - Gross!!!

Swallow Bugs
Yes, it's happened to me twice or more. While running around Central Park I've swallowed an occasional mosquito or whatever! Hey, don't judge :) It's always been accidental and not on purpose!

I remember when I used to walk around Central Park and I'd see the occasional runner move their head sideways and "spit", first thing I'd think was "Dude, that is so gross"! Now I don't give a damn because I have also spit while running. Yes, ladylike me softly turns her head to the side and ever so lightly spits - ha!
Take that princesses from around the world!

Yes, you will occasionally get a blister or two! Especially in the beginning when you start running and if you don't wear the right socks! They should never be cotton socks!! I now have runner's feet, which should not be confused with athlete's foot! No, I've just had the occasional blister or cut!

Sweat Profusely
Us runners sweat a lot! And no we don't smell like pretty roses and yummy chocolate, we smell more like WTH is that smell, get the hell away from me - Ha! Seriously it's not pretty!
 I remember my hubby coming home after running and me not wanting him to be near me, now we dance together and hug our sweaty self's! It's really quite sexy :) 

So you see us runners are really very cool, we have our own techniques and are pretty cool once we master all of them! Happy Thursday! Now to go and practice my Snot Rocket!!

Kary xoxo

Versatile Blogger Award

My darling friend Christy awarded me the Versatile Blogger award! :) 
This award  is given out to anyone who the blogger believes has truly great content.
Thank you my love - You rock!!! If you haven't checked out my nail/cupcake/fitness/chocolate/bling soulmates's blog you should, you can follow along as she writes about her love for shoes, fitness, food & life!

  • Thank the Blogger who nominated you.
  • Include a link to their site.
  • Include the award image to your post.
  • Include the award image on your blog.
  • Give 7 random facts about yourself.
  • Nominate 15 other bloggers for the award, including links to their sites
  • Let those bloggers know they have been nominated
 7 Random Facts:

1 - I'm afraid of whales, I have no idea how this phobia came about but I am terrified of whales! I can't see them even in pictures. Just by writing this out and picturing one I want to cry!

2- I LOVE chocolate as much as I love cupcakes! I would literally sell my soul for them both!!

3 - I'm scared of death. What happens after we die? It makes me very nervous when I think about dying or those that are dear to me not being with me anymore.

4 - I'm a huge dork with a heart full of love!! I will always love unconditionally whether your my family or friend! I will always give you 100% and I will always be here with you without judgement.

5 - There are some things that I wish that I could take back or do over, but the reality is that thanks to those mistakes or moments in my life, I am here today! And I love my life the way it is! I have my soulmate by my side and my Miguelito, what else can a girl ask for :)  (more children, which will come along sometime soon. At least 2 more)

6 - I have a big hearty laugh! Yes, I can be a very loud laugher sometimes :) Hahahahaha!

7 - I one box away from being a hoarder!! Not really but it does seem that way sometimes. I love to buy pretty things and it breaks my heart to part with them :)

Now it's your turn!
I award:

My sunshine - Lavender's Green
Claudia - Moncy3
Gina - Hiya Luv
Erin - Bideawee

These are some of my favorite girls!!

Kary xoxo

Who's the boss?! I am :)

Flu medicine
This is what my week looked like, I finally caught the Summer Flu that's been going around and I ended up in bed with a horrible fever, stuffy nose & cough! I was really looking forward to some fireworks and yummy barbeque on the 4th of July but there was no way that that was going to happen. There's always next year! After four days of no exercise and just resting I decided to show this Summer Flu who was the boss and I decided to get in a "slow" workout.
#proof 7/5/12 Slow workout turned into a fast paced, fat burning workout! Woot!!

1st Before & After

Taken on June 1, 2012
I can't believe that it's been a little more than a month ago that I walked out of a Forever21 with a butterfly dress in hand, only to go home and find out that it didn't fit! The zipper would not go up, I had fat sticking out from the sides and all I wanted to do was crawl under a rock and never come out.
Instead I made up my mind that the dress would fit by July 1st, my birthday. This would be just one of my first goals!

What would make this time different from all the other times that I've struggled to lose the weight?
For starters I would start writing about it on my blog. I knew that this was the perfect way to keep myself accountable, by writing about my goal and weight loss journey it would be real. I've also made sure to share on twitter & instagram my #proof pictures (my pictures of me after working out). My eating habit has changed incredibly. There was a time when I could/would eat french fries everyday and even though my cholesterol was fine now, it wouldn't be in the years to come. I eat lots more vegetables, smaller portions, kicked my soda habit, cut out rice from my diet and many more things. Don't get me wrong, I can still enjoy a cupcake, treat or fries here and there, but I make sure to think things through! I make sure to really think about the things that I'm putting into my system :)
Last but not least I've made sure to workout at least 5x a week, by either running around the reservoir in Central Park or by doing some cardio with an at home DVD.  I've pushed myself out of my comfort zone and it's never felt so good!
Now after a month of posting this here I can say that I've officially reached my first goal!

Beginning weight on 5/26/12 & Current weight on 7/3/12
It feels so good to feel lighter, and to not feel your face flapping in the air as you run!

6/1/12 dress zipper would not go up, 7/1/12 dress zipper goes up!
 I waited exactly one month until I tried this dress on again. Oh, the feeling that I felt when my sister pulled the zipper all the way up! I literally started crying and had to take a 15min break to compose myself. It was such an overwhelming feeling of accomplishment & happiness :)
#proof My smile say's it all :) P.S. I'm not wearing any sort of spanx or anything!
I haven't felt like "me" for a very long time now and it's nice to finally start feeling like myself again! I love feeling my husbands arms around my waist, as a matter of fact when he's around that's all I want him to do! It's sad to admit that I was at the point of feeling so uncomfortable with myself that I didn't want my hubby to touch me sometimes. There I said it out loud! It's not like he didn't want to, he's never called me fat or complained about my weight. Au contra-ire he always tells me that I'm beautiful and that he love's my curves but I realized that "I" wasn't happy with my curves!
Now's a totally different story even my libido has gone up! You and me baby ain't nothing but mammal's, so let's do it like they do on the Discovery channel! (who remembers this song by the Bloodhound Gang?)

 Ok TMI, sorry :D 

The thing is that there's no better feeling like being comfortable in your skin! This is only the beginning my friends and I'm excited to lose 3 more pounds so I can be in the 170's range again.

1st Goal - Accomplished!
Next Goal - Lose at least 5 more pounds by August 1, 2012

Kary xoxo

P.S. You can always check on my weight loss journey by clicking on the weight loss tab above :) While your at it why don't you check out the Blogroll tab and check out some of my favorite girls in blog world who are always there for me! :)


Sign that greeted me when I got home! :)
I look happy and I am! My birthday outfit goal fit :)
With my brother & Miguelito :)
With my seester! :)
Birthday cupcakes with those that mean the world to me! My mom, dad & Miguelito :)
31 mini cupcakes from Baked By Melissa :)
I had a wonderful birthday!! Not only did I get to spend it with my family who means the world to me but my goal birthday dress fit!! A separate post on that coming up later, it deserves it's own post :) 
The only one missing was my hubby but tomorrow is his day off and that just means that I get to prolong my birthday a little bit more :) I wonder if I can prolong my birthday for one more week - ha!
I started my morning with a a movie date to see Brave along with some skinny pop popcorn I cried and I laughed! You should go and see Brave it's a beautiful movie with a beautiful message! I love my mommy!!
After the movie a lunch date at IHOP was in order but not before stopping by Pinkberry to get some yummy  chocolate frozen yogurt - Om,nom, nom :) It was a beautiful hot sunny day which meant that a nice walk through Central Park was in order to burn off some of those birthday calories :) Once i got home I was greeted by the best birthday sign ever! My seester is the best :)
It was nice to relax at home with my family and watch some Olympic trials - woot Michael Phelps, counting down the days till the Olympics. Then came out the cake, I'm the cupcake girl so I was presented with 31 cupcakes from Baked By Melissa - yummy! 
My day was perfect not only because my family made me feel special but because so many of you my darling friends made me feel special with so much birthday love! The birthday wishes and love made my day in so many ways I love you all!!

This year will be a most magical and special one for so many reasons and I can't wait to share it with you!

Every year is a blessing and I give thanks to God for every single day!

Kary xoxo