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Time Flies When Your Having Fun!

Say what?? Today's the last day of September?


Time flies when your having fun, and I can't believe that tomorrow is the first day of October.
September was very good to me and I have a pretty good feeling that October will also be great!

Happy Sunday night loves.

Kary xoxo

Vlog - It's The Simple Things In life...

It's The Simple Things in Life Vlog style!

I Love my Asics Gt-2170 my current running sneakers!
Happy Friday Loves

Kary xoxo

Sunday is D-Day!!!

Woot!! Finally my Sundays will be good again :)
My boyfriend Dexter returns and I am super pumped!
I will be making sure to get my workouts done before he comes out, so I'll be relaxed and showered.
Any Dexter fans out there? Are you excited?

Kary xoxo

Top Five Sports Movies

Make all your a dreams reality! I love this movie!!

Our kids are our example! If they can do it, We can do it!

This movie makes me cry every single time! It motivates me in so many ways! When there's a will, there's a way!

This movie does lift my spirits every single time, and Chariots of Fire is on my Ipod! :)

Yes, this movie is meant to be funny, but it really does show things that you can relate to! Just check out the part where he hits "the wall" and tell me you haven't had that moment! If you haven't seen this movie what are you waiting for? Run Fat Girl Run, ahem... I mean Run Fat boy Run!

Kary xoxo

What's the Spark that always ignites your adventures? #SeeWhatUnfolds

 Have you ever let yourself get swept away in the excitement of the moment? Or been really spontaneous to see what unfolds? If yes, when was the last time that happened? 
For me it was this Summer during our trip to Mexico!
My uncles were planning to go scorpion hunting and they were trying to convince me to go along, ugh, scorpion hunting! I got the hibe jibes and what do I do when I get nervous? Why, I pop a piece of gum into my mouth! Mind you that I don't chew just any gum. It has to always be Trident, but I left my pack of gum in NYC (insert distraught face), where would I find Trident in this part of Mexico? 
So began the biggest hunt ever! I was in a ranch, it was night time and it was really dark outside, but  I had to find some Trident (True Story) We drove from store to store and after 20 minutes, just when we thought it was over and I was about to throw the towel in, hold and behold some Trident chicle (gum)!

Sabor:Mora Azul - Flavor: Blueberry
Ha! Yes I was able to find me my Trident chicle! Not only that but I got to try out a new flavor that I've never tried here in NYC! Blueberry Trident gum! Om, nom, nom very yummy indeed! Plus I love the message that the packaging has "Sonrie A La Vida" - "Smile At Life" ! Yes, I will do exactly that :)
Those two packs of Trident shown in the picture above are my last two from Mexico, very sad indeed! Only thing keeping me happy is the fact that I get to try Trident's new flavors which includes a line up of unique blends including Layers Wild Strawberry + Tangy Citrus, Layers Peach + Mango, and Layers Juicy Berry + Juicy Tangerine.

So what are you waiting for? 
Don't be afraid to take the road less traveled! You never know where it will lead you :)
Remember life is way too short to not enjoy every single day like the people in the video below!

This fun video is brought to you by great tasting Trident Gum. Trident:See What Unfolds.
I may do that the next time I'm on the subway after all Trident is the spark that always ignites my adventures!

P.S. I did go scorpion hunting with my uncles afterwards and I almost got bit by this sucker!

This is part of a sponsored campaign with Latina Mom Bloggers and TRIDENT. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

Kary xoxo

Motivational Thursday

Yes! You are, always remember that!! 
The hardest step is always the first one out the door!
You can do it!!

Happy Thursday Loves

Kary xoxo

Parenting tips from my Hubby...

Hello my loves! Today's post is all about a dad and his parenting advice!

Hubby and Miguelito 6yrs ago
 It's always nice to read mom blogs to learn parenting tips from each other, or to share our day to day mommy stress but we always forget to include the dads. They also have great tips or stories to share, so I thought it'd be nice to hear a daddy's side of the story and his parenting advice for a change!

 Name: Humberto
Number of children: 1

How did you handle being a first time dad?
 I was very happy and calm. I tried to enjoy every single moment, including those sleepless nights when I walked and rocked my baby boy. Every moment is precious and now I wish for those sleepless nights with my son.

 Is there something that you wished you knew before Miguelito was born?
 How to be able to handle certain situations, but I'm not really sure how to explain. Because I think we all learn how to be dads along the way. No book or advice can tell you how to be a father it can help you sure, but things just happen by natural instinct. It's like once your child is born this click is turned on and you know and feel things you didn't know you knew or could feel.

What has been your most challenging moment as a dad? 
As Miguelito has grown so have the challenges. When he was a baby it was hard to see him cry and not know what was wrong with him. To feel helpless as a father is the worst feeling ever! Now that he is a little bit older I'd say that the most challenging thing is having to find the balance between "good" and "bad" dad, meaning being his friend and his dad at the same time!

How do you cope with stress that comes with parenthood?
I do exercise! I love to run in the mornings and free my mind, but it really helps relieve all kinds of stress.
Yes, being a parent can be stressful at times but I would not take back any single moment!
Advice or tip for new dads?
Enjoy every single moment, beginning from the time that you feel that first movement in the belly to the first time that he holds your hand and calls you daddy. You can never go back in time and relive those times again. Every moment from happy to sad, or mad is precious and you don't want to kick yourself in the future for not treasuring the time that you have with your children. Always follow your instinct because no one else knows your child better than you!

 Hope you had fun reading my Humbe's answers, if you have any questions for him just leave them in the comments below but in the meantime for more parenting advice you can join Poncho de Anda on Facebook as he talks about how he tackles the challenges of parenting!

When: September 20,2012 from 12pm EST to 1pm EST
Who: Poncho de Anda, TV personality and father of two
What: Opportunity to ask Poncho de Anda how he tackles the challenges of parenting. Huggies would love to hear from you! Please not that the chat is in Spanish. Look for the picture of Poncho on the FB page to participate in the chat.

Disclosure: This post is compensated and in collaboration with Huggies and Latina Bloggers Connect. all opinions are my own & can not be influenced in any way. 

Kary xoxo

Snake Print & Sequin Stripe Oh My!

There's nothing like cute workout clothes to motivate a girl to workout and right now this girl is lusting over Victoria's Secret New Print Leggings! I want all of them, but can only pick two :)

Right now my two choices are the Snake Print & Sequin Stripe Legging.
Which two would you pick?

Kary xoxo

Snapshot Sunday...

"Earth Laughs In Flowers."
    - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Pretty in pink
Pretty red flowers in my Grandmother's garden
Weird worm on a leaf
Grasshopper on a feather like flower
Kary xoxo

It's The Simple Things In Life...

Another week gone by and we officially survived the first full week of school - yay us!
I'm a little bummed that I only got to workout twice this week, I went for a jog Monday morning and woke up to horrible gallstone pain which prevented me from working out on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. But enough was enough and today I thought Mind Over Body and I got my run on!! 
Now a look into my week with pictures :)

We got to celebrate the beautiful birthday girl! My mami :)
She turned 53yrs old!

 Trying on a faux fur vest at Costco. It was warm, and made me think that I need one for this Winter - Ha!

 Our See Ya'll later date with Gracie at Alice's Tea Cup. It was our last meeting before she left NYC and it was very heartbreaking to say goodbye to her :( She is such a sweetheart and it was like old friends reuniting again! Miguelito was crying as we walked away and I had tears streaming down my face.I promise that a post is coming up about our time with Gracie.

A look at my breakfast :) Delicious toasted slice of Ezequiel bread with Almond butter, some banana with Flax Seed & Chia seeds. A very healthy breakfast indeed!

Drinking my new protein shake from Nature's Bounty in my World War 2 poster girl mug! I love this thrifted mug so much, it was easy to gulp down the shake with such an inspiring picture :)

Spending time with my Miguelito, my heart, my world and my true love always makes my day. I can't wait to pick him up from school already!

Mind over Body! Despite feeling the little nagging gallstone pain I decided that a jog was in order. I told myself that I could do it and I did :) Woot!! Nothing like a nice morning jog to kick off an awesome weekend!

"Keep Calm And Run On"

Happy Friday Loves

Kary xoxo

Fitfluential Tunes #FFtunes

Me all red after my morning run on Monday 9/10/12
Hello my loves, Happy Wednesday!
Today's post was inspired by Kelly Olexa, the founder of FitFluential.
Monday morning she asked us via twitter a series of questions regarding working out and listening to music. So I thought it would be nice to do a post with my answers to those questions and instead of writing down some of my favorite songs, why not post a short playlist. Why short? Well, I'm thinking of doing this once a week :) I'd love to share my FitFluential tunes with you, the tunes that always get me through my hardest workouts. Trust me!  There's been a few of those, when my body hurts and my feet are telling me to stop because there's pain, but mind over body baby!

Do you always workout with music?
I already gave that answer away above :) but yes! I must always listen to music while working out. Only once did my Ipod die on me during my workout and I felt like it was the end of the world! I literally dropped to my knees and started screaming noooooooo while holding my Ipod up to the sky - hahaha!

How do you discover new music & what's your favorite style for workouts?
I am an absolute movie lover and I am always falling in love with movie soundtracks. My sister makes fun of me because my Ipod is full of songs from movies. That's one way of discovering new music, another way? Songs that I happen to listen to on the street or while shopping, if I don't know the name I'll write down the lyrics and search for the song once I get home. As for style I really don't have a style, I LOVE music period! I tend to put my Ipod on shuffle and there's no better feeling like a certain song coming up when I need it the most!

What do you use? Ex:Ipod, Random MP3 player, Moto ACTV....
I use my Nano Ipod, in pink of course :) I need to buy an arm band, right now I just hook it on my running bra.

What are some of your FAV go to tunes for workouts, that always push you through - Title/Artist?
This is so hard to answer, there are really many songs that I count on to get me through or push me when I'm working out. Some of them you will find in the playlist below and in upcoming FitFluential Tunes post.
But I'll name a few just to give you an idea.
Amerie - Gotta work, Ladytron - Versus, 2NE1 - Versus, Dr.Alban - It's My Life, Rocky - Eye Of The Tiger

FitFluential Tunes #FFtunes

Now you have an idea of some of the songs that get me through my workouts and I can't wait to share more with you each week! But now it's my turn to ask you.
Do you listen to music while you workout? If yes, what are some of  the tunes that you listen to? Leave a comment below with some of your favorites, I love music and I'm always looking for new tunes to add to my Ipod weather it be for my workouts or for dancing in my living room :)

Special Thanks to Kelly Olexa for inspiring this new weekly post!

Kary xoxo

Happy Birthday Mami

Happy 53rd Birthday Mami!!!

Wishing my amazing Mami a wonderful Happy Birthday! I Love you Mami and hope that your blessed with many more birthdays. You are my heart and BFF, and I thank God everyday for blessing me with a wonderful mom. May you continue to be blessed with many more years so that you can keep filling our days with your love & beautiful smile :) Feliz Cumpleanos Madrecita linda! Happy Birthday Mami!! 
We love you!!

It's The Simple Things In Life...

Yes! We survived the first two days of school :) And now it's Friday and we have the weekend ahead of us so we can get ready for next weeks first full week of school.
I will admit that I'm quite tired, it was a busy week. Full of lots of exciting news & happy moments!

Monday 9/3/12:
No pictures, hubby had a really bad toothache and ended up going to the dentist for an emergency appointment. Once home, I was his own private nurse ;D

Tuesday 9/4/12:
Gracie and I at Herald Square
Gracie & Miguelito at Herald Square
 We got to "meet" Gracie. It was a wonderful day and she is such a sweetheart. There will be an entire post dedicated to our time together in NYC, promise!
 We get to hang out with her and her husband Jason tomorrow, Saturday.

Drumroll please....

And one of the most exciting and emotional things that happened this week was on Tuesday, when I got home and opened my email to find this:

I am now a #sweatpink ambassador which is very exciting, motivating and amazing.
It's been a very long time that I hadn't been so determined and motivated, and it feels amazing to be reaching my goals. It is an honor to be surrounded by so many amazing people in the FitFluential  & FitApproach family, what's even more touching is when I receive an email or tweet saying that I Rock,
that I can do it, that I look great and that I inspire them. But what they don't know is that THEY - YOU inspire me and thanks to all of their & your amazing support that I can continue to achieve my fitness goals!
She Believed She Could, SO She Did!

Wednesday 9/5/12:
Miguelito and his abuelito & abuelita
Humbe and I with our handsome birthday boy
Super excited birthday boy with his special present from his tia's Mickey & Marz
 It was Miguelito's 9th Birthday and he got spoiled rotten by all of his loved one's in NYC and his two tia's that live far away, Mickey & Marz. Not only was he spoiled materially but also with lots of love!

Thursday 9/6/12:
First day of school 9/6/12

Fall is in the air & on the ground!
Miguelito went back to school and I went back to running after a month hiatus! It was a good day, sad but good. I always feel sad when it's time for Miguelito to go back to school, I miss him being with me. But so is life. So, after dropping him off at school I ran home and put on my running shoes, it was the perfect escape that I needed. And boy did it help, I welcomed with open arms the freedom that comes with running! I said it once and I'll say it again there is no other feeling like that of your feet hitting the pavement and the air on your face :)

Friday 9/7/12:
Breakfast: Slice of whole wheat bread with natural peanut butter, bananas with chia seeds & flax seed.
Cupcake from Baked By Melissa to celebrate surviving the first two days of school :)
 So my loves my week pretty much rocked and I'm sure that it will only get better!

Happy Friday Loves

Kary xoxo

Happy 9th Birthday My Miguelito

Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.

Dear Miguelito,
You are the biggest blessing that has come into my life. You are my everything my wonderful Miguelito. The moment I saw your little face you had me at hello! Continue to be the happy child that you are, never lose that smile. Always be as persistence as you are, always strive so that all your dreams can come true.
Know that I will always be here for you no matter what, I am so proud of you and love the beautiful human being that your growing up to be. Continue to love life the way you do and always above everything else believe in yourself! You can and will do everything you set your mind to!
I love you with all of my heart mi amor. I love you my son!

Wishing you the happiest of birthdays!

Your Mami

Just A Minute In...September

Watching... Actually listening to music while Miguelito watches ICarly on Netflix at 1:00am

 Eating... Nothing, it's too late to be eating any kind of snack or anything at all.

 Wanting... To go back to the last day of school when we were about to enjoy Summer Vacation, instead of it being the last days of Summer Vacation and getting ready for the 1st day of school in 4 days!

 .Planning... Miguelito's 9th birthday celebration this Wednesday, and my mom's birthday celebration on the 10th of this month! September birthday parties are the best :)

 Organizing... My schedule, a much needed shopping date, and writing down places we can go to with Gracie! Who we get to meet this week :) Very exciting!!

 Wishing... That time could stop going by really fast! Where did this Summer go to? How is it possible that day's have become months and months have become years?!? Time has got to STOP going by so fast!

 Thinking... About these coming months and all the exciting things that are going on in my life right now, and all the exciting and memorable moments that are yet to come! Very exciting time indeed :)

 Feeling... Quite nostalgic! I have serious Mexico blues, I miss my grandmother, and family in Mexico. My heart aches to be there again and sorting through all these pictures is just making my heart ache more.

Happy Monday Loves

Kary xoxo

Happy 1st Day Of September!

Wearing my new Run With Heart tank from Viewsport :)
Happy 1st Day Of September loves!!!

New Month = New Goals
Remember I'm taking it one step at a time and realistic goals are what's helping me during this journey! :)

2 goals for this month are:
 Add one more mile to my runs in Central Park! I hope to go from 3 to 4 miles :)

Lose another 5lbs! 
I will post my current weight on Monday so that it can be compared with my weight at the end of the month.

How do I plan to achieve these goals?
Well by continuing to workout fiercely of course!
By watching what I eat and eating some of my favorite treats in moderation :) Everything in moderation is ok.
Via Kelly Olexa on Pinterest
 Now I'm off to get my cardio on! #Fitfluential :)

Happy Saturday Loves

Kary xoxo