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Happy Halloween 2012

My Zombie!

Zombie Cowboy

My sunshine, the one who always makes me smile no matter what!
Jeeper's Creeper's

No, not the dog! You can have the candy!
Super excited to inspect all the candy!
Ahhh!! So much candy!
I have dibs on the Reese's cup :)
Happy Halloween!

In spite of still getting over Sandy, New Yorkers are still trying to go on with things as normal as possible and one of them was trying to go on with Halloween for our children's sake.
It was nice to see the kids dressed up and worry free!

We weren't able to get our hands on a Batman costume but it was okay because it gave us a chance to do our first Halloween costume. It was so much fun getting Miguelito's attire ready. He had a blast making his shirt and getting it dirty with coffee, yep! The smudges were made with coffee :)
 He had even more fun playing around with the fake blood to get the bloody hand prints on his shirt.
All in all it was a very fun and cheap costume and we can't wait to make an even better one next year.
Hope you all had a safe and fun Halloween!

Kary xoxo

Hurricane Sandy A.K.A. Frankenstorm 10.29.12

First of all I want to Thank all of you from the bottom of my heart, for all the tweets, emails, texts. messages and prayers. Especially when I was freaking out because I didn't know where Husband was.
You girls are the best and I love you all!

Before Sandy's Arrival:

Empty shelves at the supermarkets
Monday morning - empty street
Cloudy & windy - The calm before the storm
Storefront - ready for Sandy
Ghost Town
Our windows covered up just in case.
Manhattan and munchkin huddling together

 Aftermath of Sandy

Outside the Museum of Natural History

It's been a rough few days for us East Coasters and I'm really hoping this doesn't become a yearly thing.
Last year on this exact date we were hit with a snowstorm and this year we were hit with Hurricane Sandy. We've been preparing for it all weekend, even though Sandy was supposed to arrive Monday night.
Mass Transportation was to shut down, starting with trains at 7pm and buses at 9pm. Businesses closed early so the workers could get home safely and before the MTA stopped working. All public schools were closed and we were instructed to stay inside where it was safe. First came the rain and soon after came the howling wind, never before have I ever seen my windows rattle the way that they did all Monday morning and night, or feel the building shake the way that it did. I really thought that it would go down any minute. We had to tape our windows and cover them with plastic garbage bags just in case.
I was finally able to fall asleep Tuesday morning at around 3am when the windows stopped rattling.
All schools were closed today Tuesday and will be closed tomorrow Wednesday.

My family and I are all safe, thank God! But now we pray for all of those who have lost family members during Sandy. For those who have lost their homes or businesses and are still without power.
We pray that NYC recovers fast!

Kary xoxo

10.25.12 Vlog

Kary xoxo


Saturday morning was a big morning for my Miguelito, he had a big Taekwondo Tournament where he would be competing in Forms and Sparring. We woke up early, ate our breakfast and went down to the Dojang.
Migueltio before his Taekwondo Tournament!

Miguelito doing his Poomse (form)
Ready to get his sparring on!

His medals.

My baby did a good job, he tried his best and I couldn't have been a prouder mami. He placed third place in Sparring and 5th place in Forms.
I'm so proud of you my son, you are my little champion and I love you!

"Be Like Water"
- Bruce Lee

Kary xoxo

#GetAfterIt Reebok Running Club 10.13.12

Saturday morning I had the chance to do something that was out of my comfort zone. I'm so used to running alone, that the idea of running with someone else is a little intimidating to me. When I think about how fast other people can run, I start feeling insecure about myself and the evil side of me starts telling me "you see, your too slow". For that reason I almost said no to this great opportunity that presented itself, but I'm happy to say that I took the plunge and broke the ice of running with other people. And I have to say that it was, wait for it.... Legendary!
(Ha- You'll have to excuse me for using Barney's line)
Must also add that I was very excited to see Christy again!

Left to Right: Meredith, Dre, Me, Christy, Erika, and Amber
 I, along with some other FitFluential ambassadors had the chance to participate in Reebok's first official Running Club. We were to meet at The Reebok Hub down on 37th and 5th Avenue. I put on my pink running shoes and after making sure I had put on several layers of clothes on (it was a very cold morning) I took the bus downtown. Before I continue I have to give a big shout-out to Reebok who provided us with some awesome swag for our morning run :) That deserves a post all on it's own!

 We had a few minutes of warming up inside the store and putting our stuff away and just a little after 10am we were led outside The Reebok Hub by our wonderful instructors Naomi (a fellow FitFluential ambassador) and Betsy. There was a small introduction as we stretched and told that we would  be running 2 miles along 5th avenue with stops where we would do body weight movements which consisted of push ups, squats, and other exercises that were sure to get our heart pumping!

Left to Right: Naomi, Christy, Betsy and I :) After our great workout!
Those two girls made for a kick ass Saturday morning workout! I was smiling in the picture above but let me tell you that my legs were like jello. It was a great 2 mile run, that made me push myself harder (I was running to try and catch up to the other ambassadors that ran like the wind) I loved the spontaneous stops that had me guessing what we would do next,  and I can't believe how fast time went by. But that always happens when your having fun! The support was amazing, especially from Betsy who would stay back with me when I would slow down and from my girl Christy who was also there with me! 
Oh, let me not forget the guy that we ran by twice that kept cheering us on and saying "yeah, go girl your almost there! The Marathon is here and you'll cross that finish line" Thank you mister, I wish I could have given you high five  :)
I'm happy to have been a part of Reebok's first official Running Club and I hope to get the chance to do it again, sometime soon!

Woot! For the FitFluential family and cheers to doing something like this again sometime soon!

Have you ever participated in a run club? Did you like it?

Kary xoxo

Motivational Monday

Kary xoxo

P.S. Stay tuned tomorrow for my weekend update! I was taken out of my comfort zone and I survived :)

Wake Up With Motivation

This was my view this morning as I walked into the park, and the beauty always takes my breath away. The moment I step into the park I feel the adrenaline pumping in my veins, and as I gather my hair in a bun the my mind instantly starts to clear itself of all bad news & negative thoughts.
I'm ready to get my run on!

This morning after getting my run on! :)
I'm loving my new Asics, they are very comfortable! This morning was very good for many reasons. My runs no matter how slow always leave me feeling energized and happy. Today's was no exception, I did one of many first Personal Records - Yay!

Three new records! 
One of my goals was to run 1 mile under 13 mins and today I did - woot, woot!
Now keep in mind that this is still with stopping once in a while to quickly catch my breath :)
It's very exciting to see your time go down, to feel how strong your legs are getting and to actually notice how lean they are starting to look!
I was able to get these screenshots from my cellphone, I carry it with me so that I can log into Nike+ and track my morning runs. Yes, it does get uncomfortable and heavy but until I get a new watch that has GPS this will have to do.

Via FitFluential on Pinterest
Kary xoxo

Asics I Love You!

Yes! My new running sneakers arrived yesterday, and I couldn't have been happier :)
I was jumping up and down my apartment hallway. I'd already seen the sneakers at the store and it was love at first sight, but it felt wonderful to actually hold them in my house and know that they were officially mine!

I absolutely love everything about them! I love the bright pink and satin laces, I feel so pretty in pink :)
I was itching for it to be Tuesday morning so I could go running with them. We woke up to rain BUT that did not stop me from running! Nope, not this girl :)

I even ran my fastest time today and let's not forget that when you buy a pair a donation is made to the  Entertainment Industry Foundation.
Kary xoxo

It's The Simple Things In Life....

No vlog today my loves! It's Friday night and I'm a little lazy :)
But some pictures are also good!

It's chilly and Winter is in the air :) I went to Urban Outfitters to check out their Fall Sale and I saw this very cute teddy bear hat. I was contemplating whether I was too old to wear something like this?

I LOVE 2 Broke Girls! Kat Dennings sarcasm kills me in this show, she is hilarious. If you haven't watched this show, you should!

This is what my morning runs look like! The time will go down but the miles will go up. 
That is a promise :)

I need Yurbuds! They are special custom fit, athletic earphones that stay in place and don't fall out of your ear while you run! So need these! They are now available in Target, can somebody please get them for me? Preferably in pink :) Please & Thank you!

This is what we had tonight for dessert! Pinkberrys - Chocolate Hazelnut and it taste exactly like Ferrer Rocher!
My all time favorite chocolate, heavenly!!

And before I say goodnight some very awesome news. Fitfluential has tweet chats that you can join.  Just follow them via twitter, so you'll know when the chats take place. They are very informative and you get to meet lots of great people, not to mention that you have the chance to win great prizes!
 Last night there was a chat with Reebok, regarding how we see fitness and how we make it a priority. They were going to randomly pick 5 winners to get a gift card to customize their very own pair of Reeboks! Guess who was one of the 5 winners? Meeeeeeeeeeeeeee... 
Now which style to pick? What colors? What patterns? The possibilities are endless,and I assure you that it will be crazy! One of a kind :)
It pays to be fit!

Happy Friday Loves & A Very Happy Weekend!

Kary xoxo