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DramaFever Latino

Calling all my telenovela and international television fans!
Your bored with nothing to see on television and wish you could enjoy some great Telenovelas whenever you want?!?
Well now you can! At, the online TV network with hundreds of free international shows with English subtitles. 
Drama Fever launched in 2009 and is available on a variety of devices including iPad, iPhone, Android and Roku. Right now their library is comprised of over 13,000 episodes from 60 content partners across 12 countries.
Their Latino library is about to get even better with new releases including Maid In Manhattan (novela from Telemundo) and El Clon! You can't go wrong with El Clon, I know it had me at hello.
They will also be adding "Isabel" which was an exciting recent hit in Spain, which told the story of a young girl who would become the controversial Isabella the Catholic.
Are you excited yet? Well guess what?!?

If you don't already use DramaFever, here is your chance to try it:
(To activate the promo sign up with an email, not with Facbeook)

To celebrate the launch of DramaFever Latino which brings great telenovelas and series from Latin America and Spain.  DramaFever is giving C'est La Vie readers a free one-month Premium membership pass. This pass gives you unlimited ad-free access to the entire content library of telenovelas and international shows, and the ability to watch on any of the devices mentioned above.
A great way to sit back and relax after a long day!

DramaFever Latino currently offers a variety of telenovelas and series from South America and Spain, including the thrilling Argentinean series "Killer Women" and the exciting Spanish show "One Step Forward"

So go sign up and kick back, relax and take a look at DramaFever Latino to start streaming these and other newly released telenovelas for free. 

Let me know what you think in the comments below! 

Kary xoxo

Tis Raining Outside...

It's raining outside and the wind almost broke my umbrella this morning as I went to drop munchkin off at school. So what do you do on a rainy day, instead of sulking around?!?

Why, you listen to Ice MC and you dance around in your PJ'S of course!!
I might add that I'm singing loudly and dancing like the chick from Flashdance - ha!
 Only I'm sure I'm not hot looking like her and instead I look like a mad woman!

Hope it's much drier where your at :)
Happy Wednesday Loves!

Kary xoxo

Motivational Mondays - Yes You Can!

Feeling like a badass after this mornings 5.5 mile run!
Get up! You can do it! Yes YOU can do it!! There was a time when I thought I wouldn't do it, a time when running for just 1 minute took my breath away and  I would go home and cry, or end up eating a tons of crap because I felt sorry for myself.
In the beginning I was scared to start running, I'd see all these runners run by me and I'd feel shy to start running, what would they think? Surely they would laugh at the girl that runs for 1 minute and than has to walk to catch her breath?!? I felt intimidated and it took me months before I could get over feeling scared and started running slowly. It felt good to run slowly and realize that no one was laughing at me or even paying attention. You see, everyone is out there running for a reason! Whether it's to get away from themselves, set a personal record or just for the feeling that running gives you.
It's taken me months to get here, to the point where I'm at. I can run for more than a mile without stopping, slowly but surely it's happening and it's all due to determination, willpower and believing in change. Every thing that's worth it is worth working hard for, keep going no matter how slow you think your going, your always going faster than that person sitting on the couch!
Yes, it will take time but I promise you that if you keep on working hard it will all pay off in the end!

I've already lost 16 lbs and am training for my 1st half marathon in April!
So yes YOU can do it! YOU can! Just believe in yourself!!!

"A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work."
- Colin Powell

Kary xoxo

P.S.If you ever have any questions please feel free to email me at

It's the simple things in life...

Nothing like receiving an awesome treat from Chobani in the mail! 
Talk about happy mail :)
Come back next week to find out some yummy ways to incorporate chobani into your everyday life!

It still gets me every time I see my name on a special event tag, this little blog has taken me to so many places that dreams are made of.

Another reason I love thrifting! I get to find cute mugs and enjoy my morning coffee in them :)

Watching my muchkin play with his toys from his early Easter basket that his uncle gave him last night. Nothing like an uncle to spoil you rotten :)

It's Friday and what does that mean!! It's dancing time :)
Well not only today, but everyday should be a day for dancing and singing you better believe I do that all the time!
Smile, Love, Dance and enjoy life because it's way too short!

Happy Friday Loves

Kary xoxo

Proud Latina

Hello loves! I've been thinking for a while now how I could  incorporate a little bit of my heritage on here, my little corner of the internet and I think I finally came up with the answer. I will be blogging in spanish at least once a week. Since i'm doing this little post today on a Thursday I'm thinking that I should post in Spanish on every Thursday from now on :) For my english speaking readers I hope you'll stick around and maybe learn a little spanish?!? :) It could be like a little spanish class! 
I am a proud Mexican - American girl living in the big apple just taking each day as it goes.

Let us begin with a little introduction!

Bienvenidos y Bienvenidas a mi pequeña esquina del mundo cibernetico.  Ya tiene tiempo en el que he estado pensando de como podia incorporar mis raices latinas en esta, mi pequeña esquina del mundo cibernetico. Y se me occurio que podia bloguer en español. Soy bilingüe con mucho orgullo.

Me llamo Karina y soy Mexico - Americana. Vivo en la gran manzana y amo a mi familia. Me siento muy bendecida! Tengo un hijo maravilloso y un esposo grandioso. Soy una hija de mamå y papå y una chica que cree en la union familiar. 
Cuando no ando corriendo detras de mi hijo, me pueden encontrar corriendo en el parque o catando y bailando en mi casa. Soy una muchacha que cree en la alegria y simepre estoy sonriendo.
Me gusta bloguer sobre mis aventuras en la ciudad que nunca duerme, mi amor por correr, mi camino hacia vivir una vida mas saludable. Ya he bajado 16 libras y pienso bajar mas peso. No es fácil, pero vale la pena! 

Si tienen alguna pregunta solo dejenla en la sección de comentarios.

Feliz Jueves!

Mucho Amor,
Kary xoxo

Karina In Simple Terms

My Care Bear ornament found yesterday while thrifting :)

1) I LOVE thrifting. There's been days when I've gone thrift shop hopping!

2) There was a time when I would not eat Cauliflower because it reminded me of a brain. But I finally got around to tasting it and it's really good. That goes to show that you should never judge food by the way it looks. I'm still working on not judging food.

3) I have a crazy obsession with nail polish, seriously they are everywhere around my apartment. Husband just laughs at my crazy obsession.

4) Music is my life! You can always find me playing loud music, dancing and singing around my apartment.

5) There was a time in which dogs scared me, I would always shy away from them. Thanks to an incident with a strangers dog when I was little. Our Manhattan helped me, I will always remember the first time he came home and he barked I screamed so loud - ha!

What are some things about you?
Do you like thrifting?

Kary xoxo

New Toy!

Oh happy day!! Yay, this finally happened! I was able to walk into Best Buy and not walk out empty handed. I cam out with a new notebook in hand :)
I am one happy girl, well munchkin is also over the moon! He hasn't stopped playing with iMovie, that's what they are teaching him in computer class at school. 
I won't lie and say that I don't feel just a little bit guilty. I'm not used spending crazy amounts of money at once. We work hard for the money, but husband has reassured me that's ok and that I should go ahead and enjoy "my" new laptop :)
Plus we give thanks to Best Buy and their 18 month free of interest finance option.

Now comes an even funner part?!? Pimping my new laptop :)
Pink-tified it shall be!!
Ignore me and my crazy made up words.
This was the perfect way to end my Weekend!

Now tomorrow even more happiness is in store because I get to spend it with my two boys! 
No school and no work = luckiest girl ever!

Hope your weekend was great loves and that your Monday is even better!

Kary xoxo

It's The Simple Things In Life...

"If  you're reading this book every night for months, something is not right" - Mindy Kaling
But I want to reading this book every night for months. I love my girl crush, Mindy!! Who is so similar to my soulmate Christy!! :)

Watching these two cuddle! My munchkin and his cousin Frida! They are my life and it melts my heart to see them together.

 Making sure to get my cardio on! It's Heart Health Awareness month and what better way to celebrate than by thanking my heart with some exercise :)

And I love you my munchkin!! :)

Thinking this will be my new credit card image :)
I am truly blessed and everyday I give thanks for all my blessings.

Happy Friday Loves!

Kary xoxo

P.S. Don't forget to enter the Zabellos giveaway here and get your favorite pair of shoes repaired!

Zabellos Review & Giveaway

Getting your favorite pair of shoes repaired has never been easier!
We all have that favorite pair of shoes (or if your like me that means all of them) that we just can't get rid of! No matter how old they might be.

 My mom had a pair, her grey Blowfish boots that she's had for three years now. It's been months that these boots have almost gone to the trash but my mom just couldn't bare to throw away one of her favorite pair of shoes. That's why when the opportunity to try out Zabellos (thanks to Latina Lifestyle) presented itself I knew immediately what shoes would be going under the knife!
What is Zabellos you might ask?!? Well it's the new way to get your shoes repaired by setting everything up online! Oh yes, that's just how we roll nowadays :)
Now what does that mean for you? Well you don't have to worry about not having time to go to a shoe repair place.
 All you have to do is go to and take it from there.

The steps are so simple:

1) Pick out which Restoration package your interested in. You can pick the Silver, Gold, Platinum or Custom package.

2)Name your order, add to cart and get ready to checkout.

All of these packages include tons of free ad ons. Ex: Leather insoles, protective toe taps, weatherproofing and many more things.
 They will also supply you with the shipping material needed to send them your shoes.
When checking out all you have to do is check the box where you want them to send you boxes, bubble wrap and what not.
P.S. If you have any questions you can always give them a call and if they have any questions regarding your order they will contact you via email or give you a call.

 After I placed my order it took about 4days for my packaging material to arrive.

 The next day they were ready to be sent.

 A week and a half later they came back better than ever and packed in their own pretty Zabellos bag!

 New heel, leather insoles, ready for the rain and snow and buffed and shined!
Trust me when I say this service is a must try, you will love it. My mom loves her "new" shoes and can't  get over how perfect they are. To think that they were almost gone.

Thank you Zabellos for rescuing my mom's shoes!!

Now for the giveaway!!! I am SO excited because Zabellos is offering one lucky C'est La Vie reader a Silver Package!!
That means that one of you loves get's to have one of your favorite old pair of shoes revamped!
That also includes tons of free ad ons :)
Just enter on the Rafflecopter below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Good Luck Loves!!
Giveaway ends on 2/22
Now go run and get your "old" shoes ready for their much needed makeover!

Kary xoxo

 *Disclosure: I am a member of the Latina Lifestyle Bloggers Collective and I was compensated with a free shoe repair package of my choice by #llblog and Zabellos for posting this review.
 All opinions expressed are my own.

Ain't Nobody Got Time For That!!

Hi Loves! Happy Friday :) 
I was supposed to put up a giveaway today but I will leave it for Monday, so make sure you come back and check it out. You don't want to miss it!

Ready with my snow boots! A dancing in the snow we shall go!
 Right now we are bracing ourselves for this winter blizzard named Nemo that is on it's way in a few hours, what does that mean?!? That we are expecting about 8 inches of snow or more and very high winds. Therefore all after school activities have been cancelled, weekend fairs have also been cancelled and all New Yorkers have been advised to stay home. It's already snowing, munchkin is in school, we did some shopping last night, now I'm just waiting for it to be 3pm so that I can pick him up from school. Our Friday night plans include, hot chocolate, mini cupcake baking, Hotel Transylvania, Brave, Lego building and UNO! 
As for weekend plans there definitely is some sledding, and snowmen making involved :)

To my friends in the blizzards path please be safe, stay inside and enjoy once it's safe outside! For those of you not in the path, please enjoy some sunshine on my behalf!

Before I say see ya'll later I leave you with this very catchy tune! Believe me when I say that I've been replaying it non-stop! Frida and I were dancing to it! Ain't Nobody got time for that....

Happy Friday Loves!

Kary xoxo

Say Yes to Silk Almond!

It does a body good!
I'm lactose intolerant but I need to get my calcium from somewhere else, aside from the calcium vitamins that I take. Don't need osteoporosis when I get older.
So what do I do?!? Drink Soymilk instead, it's lactose and dairy free, and when it comes to brands? Silk is the way to go. It has no nasty after taste, it's smooth and really tasty. Plus it's part of the Non-GMO project, what does that mean? That their soybeans are grown without genetic modification.
 Major plus for this mom!

Rocking the chocolate soymilk mustache.
Ever since making a healthy lifestyle part of our everyday lives I'm always on the lookout for healthy recipes, so when Silk partnered up with some healthy bloggers to make recipes I was over the moon.
I mean when you think soymilk you instantly picture a bowl of cereal, coffee, smoothies and even pancakes but Vegan Broccoli & Sage Risotto! Hello?!?

That's why I invite you to check out the Silk facebook page where you will find yummy, healthy recipes by other fellow bloggers who use Silk Almond.

Just an example of some of the recipes that you will find there:
Rice lover heaven.
Who deosn't love condensed milk on toasted bread?

 What are you waiting for?? There's still time to make some of these tonight!

Make Silk Almond a part of your everyday life! It does a body good :)

Let me know if you try any of the recipes!

Kary xoxo

 Disclaimer: FitFluential LLC compensated me for this Campaign. All opinions are my own.

Karina In Simple Terms

1- I'm afraid of death! Just yesterday as husband and I sat down in Starbucks and drank our coffee, he started talking about how time is going by and one day he will leave all of this behind. I started crying, I don't want to die, like never!! And I don't want anyone that I love to die! But such is the circle of life and it sucks, the unknown scares me.

2- I LOVE chocolate!! I'm a chocolate addict and I need serious help :)

3- My favorite season is Spring! It's the perfect weather, sunny and breezy! Plus it's just a few months away.

4- I love Tom Cruise, Love him! No matter how cray, cray he may seem!

5- I'm a family girl above all and my BF is my mom! And like all best friends we also have our days but she is my mom and I love her so much!

Tell me something about you!

Kary xoxo

It's The Simple Things In Life...

Enjoying a yummy piece of chocolate from Trader Joes.
Who would have thought that PB & J in a chocolate bar would taste so heavenly?

Munchkin rocking our new Starbucks mug! We are coffee addicts! :)

Winter Wonderland in Central Park and getting my run on in the mornings as I train for my half marathon! 
Only 71 Days left!

Spending time with this beauty! My sisters mini me, my beautiful niece!! 

Spending husbands day off with our munchkin and enjoying our family!
I am a very blessed girl, surrounded by love and lots of family is the best blessing ever :)

Happy Friday Loves & A Very Happy Weekend!

Kary xoxo