Seize the day because life is what you make it...

Only 15 days away....

Only 15 days left till the big day!
I believe I can..
I believe I will..

I run because I can.
When I get tired,
I remember those who can't run,
what they'd give tho have this
simple gift I take for granted, 
and I run harder for them.
I know they would do the same for me.

April 14, 2013 is the day!

Kary xoxo

Out of the mouth of munchkin..

So, I was watching Friends and munchkin was running around and not watching the TV.
 Oh, so I thought! The word condom was screamed and next thing I know this conversation happened:

Munhckin: Condom? Mami, what's a condom?
Me: Clearing my throat...
Munchkin: Mami?!?
Husband walks in the room: It's something adults use.
Munchkin: For what?
Me: Don't worry about that right now, it's just something adults use.
Munchkin: It's a drug, right? That's why it's for adults?!?

Only out of the mouths of kids. I'm already working out how we will be talking to munchkin about the birds and the bees. Any suggestions?

Kary xoxo

Bloglovin Love

Happy Tuesday Loves!

So jumping on the bandwagon a little bit late but as some of you already know Google Reader will disappear beginning July 2013 so my readers will be lost. Unless you follow me on Bloglovin!

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If you leave your own Bloglovin link in the comments below I'll do the same so we can still be in touch!

Kary xoxo

My Saturday in a nutshell!

Love my munchkin!
My lobster (husband)

Nothing makes my heart happier like spending the day with my boys! They make my heart go thump - thump! Since munchkin is on Spring Break and all the usual activities are cancelled for vacation we were able to spend the day playing tourist in our city that never sleeps. We enjoyed lunch at Panera, a nice walk through Central Park and some walking around downtown. After a day full of walking we went home and enjoyed watching Wreck It Ralph and Breaking Dawn Part 2 in bed :)
It was a perfect Saturday indeed!

Hope your Saturday was great :)

Kary xoxo

Happy 1st Day Of Spring

1st Day of Spring morning run!
Happy 1st Day Of Spring Loves!!
I celebrated by getting my run on :) It was a little bit crazy to think it was the first day of Spring since there was snow on the ground! How crazy is that?!? 
NYC didn't get the it's Spring memo :(
This girl is really looking forward to sunny, breezy days and even though I love snow I think we've had our fair share to last us till next Winter!

Rita's Icees rock!

Cherry for munchkin, Mango for me!

Watermelon fro-yo for munchkin and chocolate for me!

Early run, free icees from Rita's and free fro-yo with munchkin to start off Spring 2013 = total perfection!

Happy Spring 2013 Loves!

How did you spend the first day of Spring?

Kary xoxo

Sacrament Of First Reconciliation

Minutes before his first confession
Today was the day Munchkin got to confess for the first time. He was nervous and anxious to go into that box and confess his sins. I reassured him that everything would be ok! To just make sure and be honest. So off he went to confess how he doesn't listen to his parents sometimes, saying a bad word here or there and not behaving 100% sometimes. 
Phew! That was easy was what he told me, as soon as he stepped out! His big smile of relief :)

Dear Munchkin, 
 You looked so relieved that I wanted to swoop you up in my arms and hug you. You are growing up way too fast and everyday I can't help but admire the wonderful little young man that you are becoming. Your smile always brings me joy and fills my heart with happiness. You are my life!
P.S. I hope your sins are always this innocent :)
Love, Your mommy!!

Are you ever nervous when time to confess?

Kary xoxo

27 wonderful years...

With my seester January 19,2013 in Times Square the night before Frida was born :)
As I sit here waiting for munchkin to finish his music class I feel sad & can't help the tears that keep popping out. As I sit here my sister is packing up her last belongings to take to her new place with her little family. After 27 years of living under the same roof, she's finally moving away. Last night was the last time we slept under the same roof and I'm heart broken. The fact that we grew up together inseperable and people thought we were twins has me in tears. She's my baby sister and even though she's just moving to another borough, things won't be the same. I know that when I go home and open the apartment door she won't be there to greet me. The living room will be much emptier with one less laughter and I will miss our sisterly chats in the kitchen. I will also miss our sister fights, I feel sad for those wasted minutes that we had whenever we really got into a big kind of a fight. I'm grateful for our childhood together. We had a blast and I love my sister. This big change that was imminent is heartbreaking and as I type this I can't help but cry. 
But my heart is happy because my sister has her little family with her. My wonderful brother in law and beautiful niece Frida. I know my baby sis is happy and even though its hard to let go, I know that she is  blessed with so much happiness & I'm proud of the wonderful and beautiful woman that she's become. I love you Jessy and wish you only the best! I can't wait to see all the beautiful things that are in store for you, I will always be here for you! I love you Seester, hermanita querida! Te amo Jessy!!!!   
Kary xoxo

Happy Daylight Savings Time..

This was me with husband last night before we fixed our nightstand clock - ha!

Yes, the first few days are hard for me. I feel drowsy and tired BUT the good thing about Daylight Savings is that it means that Spring is just a few days away - Yay!!!

The weather has finally picked up and hinted that Spring is near. The birds have started chirping and they greet me every morning when I wake up! I can finally start to feel hints of sun rays on my cheeks during my morning runs and I'm loving it!!

Happy Daylight Savings Loves!

Are you a fan of Daylight Savings?


Baby tooth #5

Today munchkins baby tooth #5 finally fell off. His other tooth was there already coming out and the other one was stubborn and didn't want to come out. Miguelito kept on wiggling it finally came out!

It's great news for us because munchkin was afraid of going to the dentist and getting it pulled out, after   his very bad experience a while back. We had just finished watching Paranormal Activity when it happened talk about a scary moment!
Why when certain baby teeth fall out there needs to be so much blood?!?

Kary xo

Etsy Favorites...

I'd addicted to Etsy and I can spend hours just adding everything to my favorites :) If I ever won the lottery it would definitely all go to buying Activewear and Etsy stuff!

These are just some of my favorites for this week:

Zombies painted TOMS from Dreamin Bohemian - Yes please!!

Trespassers will be eaten by zombies metal garden sign from Zed's Zombie Ranch

Walking Dead heels from Faith Is Fabulous

Daryl Dixon Embroidered Pillow Case cover from Tada Boutique

DIY The Walking Dead Daryl Dixon Top from Ellen's Diy
I might have bought myself one of these shirts after hitting publish on this post :)

What are some of your Etsy favorites?
I'd love to see, you can find me on Etsy as Eeyore4eva

Now I'm off to get ready to pick munchkin up from school, take him to his guitar class and buy some last minute supplies before this north eastern storm hits us, yes! Another snowstorm on it's way, Winter just won't go away! The wind is already crazy and it's cold - brrrrr...
Stay safe my loves!!

Kary xoxo

Sold out..

My heart was set on a Lululemon Sports bra with the heart rate monitor included but it's sold out!
I mean who doesn't love the idea of not having to wear an additional strap, the reviews are great and the color is adorable! But I wasn't able to get my hands on one and they are sold out with no word on when they will be back in stock :(
Please Lululemon bring these bras back anytime during the next three weeks. I'd love to be able to wear it during my first ever half marathon!

Do you own one of these Lululemon sports bras?

UPDATE: After writing this post up I chatted with a live Lululemon representative and I was told that this bra was a seasonal item. What does that mean? Their seasonal products are not mass produced in large quantities, so when it's gone it's gone :( Emma (the Lululemon representative) is keeping her fingers crossed that the bras come back and so am I!

Kary xoxo

The post where I say vagina - Softcup Review

Hello my loves! Today instead of my usual It's the simple thing in life post I'm doing a review post for the Softcup product. But before I begin I must warn you that it will get messy (not really messy, but more like bloody) and if there are any guys reading this you might want to advert your eyes and runaway, the word vagina is mentioned a lot
Now let's begin, it's that time of month and I'm on my period- Ewwww I know, sorry TMI but what better time to talk about Softcup than now :)

About three months ago I was sent a month supply of Softcups to try out.
What is a Softcup?
It's a great option for us active women who find it uncomfortable to exercise with a pad or tampon, when that time of month comes around. 

Softcup is a flexible cup that is worn internally , around your cervix. It collects rather than absorbs menstrual flow. It's hypo-allergenic, latex-free and completed safe when used as directed.

I've been able to use them for two months now. They've lasted that long because I just use them when it's time to go for a run or get my cardio on. But for you gals that have long runs these are perfect because they last for 12 hours. So no more worrying about where to change your next tampon or pad, we all know how long those bathroom lines can get.
Now this is not the first time I've had to insert something into my vagina - no pun intended!
For my birth control a few years back I was using the Nuvaring which means that for a year I was inserting a vaginal ring so I figured using a Softcup would be the same. Hmmm.. Won't lie girls, the first few times were a little bit messy. Just imagine a crime scene from Dexter - ha! When I mean messy I just mean that you need to get used to removing it, the first few times might be tricky but once you get the hang of it no need to worry, it took me about 3-4 days to master the Softcup removal.
I have been able to use the Softcup with no irritation and I don't feel it at all! In fact the first time I put it to use I forgot I had it and my husband had to remind me to remove it.
 I've also been able to go for my runs and do my cardio with no leaking. Just to be safe, the first time I used the Softcup I made sure to put on a panty liner just in case it leaked but I'm happy to say it's leak-free.
There are no funky odors and the Softcup even has a touch of pink.

Each Softcup is individually packaged which makes it perfect to carry around in your sport belt.

It's flexible which makes it easy to insert into your vagina.

Do I recommend the Softcup? Yes I do
It really is a great way to get your sweat on - remember no excuses. 
Plus It's also safe to use while having Sex! Haven't tried it myself but it's good to know, you never know when you need to get your groove thing on!

For more information on Softcup visit their website here.

Have you used Softcup before? 
Are you considering using Softcup?

Kary xoxo

Disclaimer: I was compensated with a race registration for my review. But as always these are my own words.