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Now that I'm expecting baby #2 I remember how overwhelming it can be to be a first time parent. You can feel a little lost because baby takes up all your time. Your house can get a little messy, especially like cleaning lots is out of the question. That's where Huggies Natural Care Wipes with Triple Clean Layers come in handy. They are not only soft on the tushies but they are strong enough to clean up messes. Yes, my son might be 10yrs old but we always have our trustee Huggies in hand.

I got this cute Huggies box while shopping at Target and I always make sure to buy refills and fill up the box. It sits atop our toilet top. Yes, they might have come up with the idea of adult wipes BUT in my opinion Huggies Natural Care Wipes with Triple Clean Layers are much better. You can always find me with a baggie full of Huggie wipes in my bag, they are perfect for cleaning your hands and dirty tables. I love that Huggies just keeps getting better and better and that my Jellybean will be able to enjoy form the Huggie products as well. 
I'm also happy to report that I'm not the only one to use Huggie wipes to clean something our hands, just watch this months Webpisode featuring Zuleyka Rivera, Huggies Spokesperson and her son Sebastian :)

So you see, Huggies Natural Care Wipes with Triple Clean Layers is the only way to go!
Isn't Sebastian the cutest? Remember you can check out all the webpisodes that are uploaded monthly on the Huggies Latino Facebook Page.

And if you still haven't checked out Huggies Snug & Dry Diapers with New Surefit Design or Huggies Natural Care Wipes with New Triple Clean Layers it's not too late. You can find the products at your local Target or any place that Huggies is sold. Trust me you'll love them.

What do you use your Huggies for?

Kary xoxo

It's A....

Hello! From Jellybean :)
It always makes our day when we get to see Jellybean at the sonogram appointments. It's so exciting and still a little bit surreal to believe that there's a little human being growing inside of me.
Today's sonogram was extra special because it was the anatomy one. First I must say that it's not so much fun having to have a full bladder for a 1hr sonogram - yikes!
The moment the sonogram began, the nurse started smiling. Jellybean was moving around non-stop, it was a party in my belly. We got to see little feet, little hands a little puckered mouth and find out that our little Jellybean is a 

The tears started rolling down my face and not just because i've waited for our little girl for a while but because finding out the gender just made it all that more real - if that makes any sense at all.
A little princess to keep my prince company. Our little girl looks healthy which is the biggest blessing ever. She did move a lot and they could not see her little heart properly, so another appointment it is. They need to be able to see her little heart properly. 


Kary xoxo

Best Friend

Yay!! My best friend is back. These past two weeks have been so lonely without my mom by my side, she makes everything better and she is my rock! So happy and blessed to ave her back :)

I love my mom!!

Kary xoxo

My life....

My boys, my Jellybean! My heart is going to explode, I'm blessed!

Kary xoxo

#Influenster #ParadiseVoxBox Vlog

Kary xoxo

Jellybean - Bump Update Week 18

What's Up With Baby:
Jellybean keeps fluttering around! I feel the little butterfly movements and smile from ear to ear every time I feel a flutter. Baby is the size of a sweet potato this week and the doctor said that by it's little heartbeat it sounds like a very happy baby :) Which makes us all a very happy family.

What's Up With Mama:
I'm working hard to try and get my appetite up again. I was already told that I can NOT lose anymore weight. At last weeks appointment I was told that I was down a total of 10lbs, I'm already in my second trimester and that is no bueno for the baby. I'm on strict orders to double my calories, I need to gain weight! But I'm not hungry and every time I eat something I feel queasy. This darn nausea that won't go away. The doctor also decided to send me to a Hematologist, my blood platelets lower each month and they are now low enough where she worries of my blood not clotting properly when Jellybean is born. Therefore I'm going to the hematologist to get more test done and together they will come up with a plan but right now she said it looks like I will be put on medication so that I don't bleed out.

With the nausea and loss of appetite it's very hard to have cravings but things might be looking up a little because it seems that I have little cravings here and there. This week it looks like I'm craving onion rings :)

This mommy has been getting in some cardio and so far one morning run this week. It was way too hot and humid yesterday and today, but tomorrow the weather looks promising so a morning run it is!

I'm usually a baby cry and I'm now even a bigger baby cry. Everything makes me cry, everything!
But I'm so blessed to have the family, husband and munchkin that I have, because they are amazing and so patient!

Yeah, my bladder is a mess it's like i have to pee every second! Jellybean thinks my bladder is a trampoline and likes to jump on it non-stop :D

Kary xoxo

Wishing my amazing mom the happiest of birthdays!

Wishing my amazing mommy the happiest of birthdays. This year she is in Mexico with my Grandma her mom :) and I'm missing her! I can't wait until the 17th, which is when my mom and dad come back from Mexico. I'm missing them so much!

Happy Birthday mommy! Thank you so much for everything you always do and for all of your sacrifices, for always putting your family above anything else. Love you and can't wait to have my best friend back in NYC again.

Kary xoxo

First Day of School 5th Grade

Where did the summer go? It's the beginning of another school year and this time it's a very exciting and emotional one, especially for me. Our munchkin is a 5th grader and this means it's his last year in Elementary school. Next year our baby will be a freshman in Junior High School, oh my gosh where did the time go and when did our baby boy become the amazing young little man that he is!

We love you our munchkin, you will always be our baby and we are so proud of you!!

Happy 2013-2014 school year :)

Kary xoxo

Birthday Wish Come True

If you follow me on Instagram @RunChiquitaRun then you heard all about my munchkins birthday wish yesterday :)

The wish came true!!
Munchkin back in June so excited after seeing Jellybean for the first time!
Our little Jellybean is expected to arrive on February 11, 2014 and we couldn't be happier!
9-5-13 Miguelito will always be our baby and our king!
We've been a family of 3 for a while now and it's exciting to become a family of 4, someday we will become a family of 5 but right now we will focus on becoming a family of 4.

Left to right: 10 weeks, 14 weeks, 16 weeks.
I can't believe it's actually happening and I couldn't be happier. I feel blessed to be able to become a mommy again and thank God for this beautiful gift of life. These 4 months have gone by way to fast and even though I'm very excited to meet our Jellybean , I also want to be able to treasure these special months to come and wish I could freeze time at least for a little while :)

Exciting times indeed, I just knew this was  my year! 
Fitness wise and family wise. I will be back with more details on how it's been these past few months and what it was like to run a 6mile race while being pregnant and not knowing that all the nausea was because of Jellybean and not the heat :) Oh, and you better believe that this mommy is still running!

Kary xoxo

This moment...

"A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week.  A simple, special, extraordinary moment.  A moment I want to pause, savor and remember."

Picture taken by my little photographer in training, my munchkin.

Kary xoxo

Happy 10th Birthday Munchkin

10 years ago my partner in crime was born, the love of my life, my heart and my everything. It's been a blessing to have my munchkin and see him grow up to be a wonderful, kind, giving and loving young man. I am proud to be his mom, he will always be my king. Wishing my Miguelito the happiest of birthdays.
I love you Dueno de mi corazon!

Kary xoxo

Almost home..

Eeeeee... We should be flying home today my munchkin and I. 
I know i'm excited for that reunion at the airport with my husband, my Humbe, my lobster! I've missed you all and I can't wait to be back home.
Our plane departs Mexico City and we should be back in New York City at around 7:30pm. 
Please pray for safe travels for my munchkin and I.
After we get back tonight, it's time to start planning my munchkins special day. The big 1-0 on Thursday, my baby is so big already.

See you all very soon!

Kary xoxo