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A few tips on being an active family during the Summer #MovingMoments

Disclaimer: This is part of a sponsored collaboration with Huggies and Latina Mom Bloggers. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

Time goes by way too fast and I can't believe that my son is going to be 11 years old in the next 2 weeks and that baby girl is going to be 7 months already. I remember when Miguel was a baby in diapers and it's been great to see how far Huggies has come, they have always been our go to diapers.
I love that I can rely on them, to help keep my baby girl dry and now that she moves, rolls over and is starting to crawl around the New Huggies Little Movers Diapers are perfect. The new double grip strip is a comfy and comfortable - they are soft velcro strips that are located on the sides of the front diaper panel. They help the diaper so that when baby moves around, it stays in place!
When baby moves, diaper stays in place so no mess. Rolling around has never been so much fun.
We love showing baby girl how much fun movement can be. Dancing in the living room, jumping up and down and playing in the park. nowadays with so much technology taking over it's important to take a break and show your kids how important movement is. 
It's especially important during Summer days when it's so hot outside and all you want to do is stay inside with the air conditioner on high :)

Here I will share a few tips that I hope will help you:

1) If it's a super hot day, wait until it's late in the afternoon. Summer afternoons always tend to be cooler.

2) Make it a fun, family day.  Run around the sprinklers, have a family picnic.

3) Go to the swings and swing away. Swinging is good leg exercise.

4) Walk it off. Take the kids for a nice Summer treat, yes sweets are allowed. Everything in moderation is ok. Buy a sundae and share it, then go walk it off and watch the Sunset.

5) Most importantly always remember to have fun. Always carry a ball, some bubbles, a bathing suit, towel and be ready for Sumer Day memories!

Huggies is helping make a difference and has recently partnered up with leading fitness movement expert, Nikki Glor and MyGym. They are showing and helping encourage parents to embrace those "Moving Movements".
To celebrate your little one's moving movements go visit and upload a photo or video of your baby's best moves. You'll receive a Huggies coupon for $2.00 and get the chance to be featured on the Huggies Facebook page.
You can also check out the hashtag #MovingMoments on social media channels to check out all the fun families are having everywhere!

Make sure to follow Huggies on Twitter & Facebook

Now heres a fun giveaway from Huggies for a C'est La Vie Reader :)

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Good Luck, Loves!

Now tell me, Whats your favorite Summer activity?

Kary xoxo


Running buddy

When husband and I went to the Brooklyn half marathon expo back in May we made sure to stop by the Spibelt booth and buy one to try out during our runs. Hence the black color, I had to get a neutral friendly one since my husband and I would be sharing.
I've run with it numerous times and even did a race or two while wearing it and i love it.
It's a runners must have accessory, it doesn't jiggle while I run which means that it actually stays put.
It holds my phone, id and keys ;)
It really has become my running buddy and I actually feel naked when I'm not wearing it.
 It's like my runner fanny pack, oh yes, I went there!
Now my next step is buying my own, and this time I will make sure to get a cute one. If I remember correctly there was a lola dot one with my name on it.

What's one of your must have running accessory?

Kary xoxo

Life is like a slice of cake...

A stressful day calls for a special treat and this time I went with something to satisfy my sweet tooth. Everything in moderation is ok and this slice of cake is no exception. 
I ate it with no remorse and can't wait to enjoy another slice someday soon ;)

Plus, there ice coffees (Paris Baguette) are the best!
Kary xoxo

Jellybean - 6 Months

Central Park 8-8-2014

Half a year already. I can't believe that it's already been 6 months that baby girl came into this world and I carried her in my arms. She's been such a blessing, from the moment we found out that we were pregnant. Her and Miguel are our biggest blessings & accomplishment.
Valentina had her 6 month check up today as well and she is as healthy as can be.
Weight: 17lbs 1oz
Height: 26 inches long
She got three shots ;( Baby girl is always so brave, the only time she will cry is when she is super sleepy and she is fighting to go to sleep. Other than that she never cries, not even when he bumps her head or hits herself with a toy by accident. So today when they gave her, her first shot and she did that hold your breath and scream from the bottom of you lungs scream & cry, I started crying.
It's always so hard to see you baby in pain, she cried for a good few minutes afterward, she breastfed and fell asleep. We ate Brunch and walked home through the park. She woke up while we proceeded to go into the park, which was perfect. It meant we could take her 6 month pictures in the park ;)
Valentina is such a happy baby, like Miguel was when he was a baby. She laughs and smiles with everyone, they always say she's such a happy baby.
Baby girl is her big brothers little doll, she has her daddy wrapped around her little finger already.
True Story: When I sat her down to take this picture. Humbe was worried she would fall back, since she can't really sit that straight for long. I told him no, it will be a quick picture. Baby girl was smiling and as soon as I took this picture. She started falling back and boom, hit the back of her head and cried. Needless to say, Humbe was freaking out and was about to cry himself - lol. Not funny I know, but babies are going to fall. I felt bad but i know there will be more times when she will fall and i have to be strong for her. But that's a memory for sure. Her first fall happened on her 6 month birthday ;)

Happy 6 month birthday baby girl, we love you so much. 
Looking forward to many more beautiful memories with you!

Kary xoxo

Go Ninja..Go Ninja..Go....

My boys and Jellybean

My munchkin & Jellybean!

So, this is what my Saturday morning looked like. It was raining but we walked to the train and down to lower Manhattan we went. Why? Well to see an early screening of the New Ninja turtle Movie.
Husband was lucky enough to be off so he got to go and see it with us.

Ok, so first off. The first time I saw the trailer on television I was excited, yet a little bit scared.
Yes, scared. The ninja turtles and their new look scared me a little and sometimes we are scared of change. Especially when you are used to the old movies and seeing the TMNT like they did in the 90s's. With that in mind I was 75% excited and 25% scared. 
The lights went out, we put on our 3D glasses and the movie started, next thing I know we are all clapping and screaming no, because the movie was over. That was the fastest 1 hour and 41 minutes ever!
I (We) wanted more TMNT!!!! I absolutely love this new version, it is funnier and full of non-stop action, the kids will surely enjoy it. I love Meghan Fox as April and even though I wish she had red hair like the original April, she still did a good job. The music will have you singing - Go Ninja, Go Ninja Go (It's actually playing in my head as I type this) Raphael, Michaelangelo, Donatello, & Leonardo will have you rooting for them the entire time, they will have you rolling in laughter and they will make you cry in a scene or two. Nonetheless, this is a must see Summer movie for the entire family. 
We will actually be seeing it twice, the plan is to go sometime next week.
Only sad thing is that we waited until all the ending credits finished in hopes of a hint of a future TMNT movie but nothing came out :(
We are definitely keeping our fingers crossed for the next one. 

TMNT - At a theater near you starting this Friday
August 8, 2014
Whoever said change is bad was wrong!

Who's your favorite TMNT?

Sofia The First - The Enchanted Feast

Sophia The First Doll & socks from Target 
Sofia The First - The Enchanted Dvd comes out tomorrow!!
I was lucky enough to be sent an advanced copy for review, so last week when the boys were sleeping Jellybean and I got up and gathered her Sofia the First doll & socks (that she already owned) went to the living room and popped the movie in. 

Enchanted mirror for little princess - still wrapped up
This Dvd is full of sweet surprises, the moment you open up the box theres a surprise mirror for the little princess in your life.
There's also a special guest appearance from the princess Snow White, you have to love when a classic makes an appearance and your little one gets excited. An episode that will remind little ones to always follow their instincts and gut feeling. Never do what you feel is not right.
The music in this Dvd will have your little princess dancing around the room in no time, and you too of course. It's the perfect family Dvd to share with your family. 
5 episodes for your to enjoy, that are available in English, French & Spanish - Audio & Captions
Sophia The First is such a cute princess, that teaches little girls to be brave, listen to their gut instinct, be responsible and always listen to their parents. She will be a favorite for years to come. Make sure to catch her on Disney Junior!

And you don't want to miss these goodies that are available at the Disney Store:

Sophia The First Necklace -W- Amulet that lights up -

Sofia The First - The Enchanted Feast
Available on Dvd - August 5, 2014
113 Minutes of non stop family fun
English, French and Spanish - Audio & Captions

Now go and spoil the little princess in your life ;)

Do you watch Sophia The First on the Disney Channel?

Kary xoxo