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#JustAPajamaParty Fun & Recap

Disclosure: Thank you so much to all the brands who supported us and made this event possible. All words and opinions are 100% our own as always.

Can’t believe how fast these past few weeks have gone by. It seems like we were getting ready for the holiday season and now Christmas is just 4 days away. That also means that it’s officially been a month that we hosted our #JustAPajamaParty event. It was not your traditional pajama party and that made it that much more special. Plus, thanks to all of our amazing sponsors our kid influencers got to experience a memorable night.


Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. We were sent some Playmobil Spirit Riding Free toys to facilitate this review. All opinions and words express are 100% our own.

One of Valentinas favorite things to do is watch her favorite shows and play with toys from that feature her favorite characters, it helps bring her imagination more to life. We were very excited to receive a special Spirit Riding Free package that contained some of the newest toys from Playmobil with Spirit Riding Free being the star. 
It was the perfect way to get Valentina to get up and make an unboxing video.

Movie Night Holiday Gift Guide

Disclosure: This blog post contains some free physical copies that were sent to me for review. The opinions I share are my own.

We live for movie nights, whether it's a family movie night or a couples movie night.
 Especially when the kids are on break and we feel like unplugging from social media, movies are the perfect escape. Here are a few of our favorites for this holiday season, perfect for socking stuffers and that movie fan in your life.

A Parents Worst Nightmare Come True - The Day Valentina Had Emergency Surgery

When I welcomed November, I remember saying something like surprise me, well when it came out my mouth it was meant in good faith. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that Saturday November 17th would transform into the longest, scariest and worst night of my life, up to date. As parents we've had our scares with Miguel but never like the one that happened that Saturday night. One thing that I can assure you is that this momma pulled all her strength together and made sure to put on a brave face and not cry or look worried in the presence of our little jellybean. My job was to reassure baby girl that everything would be ok and that she was fine throughout the entire 18 hours before her emergency surgery.

Happy 1st Day Of November

Hello November
Surprise Me

Celebrating Halloween With The Incredibles 2

Trick Or Treat Give me something good to eat, if you don't it's ok, I will just go home and watch the Incredibles 2 :) which is now available on digital copy and just in time for Halloween.
It only took 14 years but we got to celebrate Halloween a little bit early and in a special way, a family movie night the incredible way.

All You Need is $1 To Start Saving For Your Child's Higher Education With The NY529 College Savings Program #NY529Event

When I was younger I was blessed with two parents who worked very hard and were able to save money for our college education, that meant that all three of us got to graduate without any debt.
But time has changed and that means that living cost is higher than ever, making it harder to save for your child/children college education, that is if you are not informed and don't know where to look. This past weekend I got to attend a Momtrends event with the lovely people from NY529 college savings program. Valentina got to go with me and as us parents listened and got a refresher on how easy it is to save for our kids higher education, she got to bloom artistically and make some fun arts and crafts with The Craft Studio team

Little Smile Of Yours

Baby girl is always a happy little girl and for that we are truly blessed, her little smile will melt away the darkest of clouds. 
It has been rough these past few nights but you wouldn't even notice because that smile hasn't left her face for one moment.

#HotelT3 Now available on Blu-Ray

Dale a tu cuerpo alegria Macarena
Hey, Macarena!!
Are you guys ready to party?!
I really do hope that you are, because everyones favorite vampire family is back and better than ever.

#JustAPlaygroundParty Recap - Celebrating Cooler Temperature & Unplugging

Disclosure: We were sent product to facilitate our playdate. All words and opinions expressed are 100% our own.

How is it possible that we are almost on our second week of October and that I'm just now sharing a recap of our #JustAPlaygroundParty playdate.
But we've been so busy these past few days and this mommy is still trying to get used to having her baby girl in pre-k and balance working from home while making sure to spend time with her kids when they get back from school, especially when our afternoons are also full of activities.
A few days ago we got to host our third playdate and we had the perfect weather for unplugging and moving around.
Each time we plan out a playdate we make sure it's something that's fun for the kids and will have a special message. This time it was being able to unplug and get moving outdoors.
With the way our kids (I talk from experience) are connected to tablets or phones, it was great to see them free play for more than 3 hours. 

Bring Your Favorite Dr.Seuss Character To Life With Spirit Halloween Stores

Disclosure: This post has been sponsored by Dr.Seuss and All opinions expressed are 100% our own.

We are officially one month away from Halloween and if your child is like mines, then everyday they want to be something different. A few days ago we made sure to stop by our local Spirit Halloween store, so that Valentina could check out all of her options. The options are endless an dit makes it easy for you to pick out your costume.

Jarlsberg NYC Pop Up Shop - Now Open!

Calling all foodies, you have from now until October 7th to enjoy samples of Jarlsberg cheese. 
Jarlsberg has opened up a Pop Up shop located here in Sockerbit, NYC. 
You won't want to miss out on this fun pop up shop.

The Storm Runner by J.C. Cervantes Book Release & A Giveaway!

Fall is just a few days away and when I think about the cooler weather, I like to imagine myself in some super soft and warm pj's with a cup of coffee in one hand and my favorite book in the other.
 My kids also love to read and have a special little reading nook, even though our apartment is small they found a way to have their own little area for reading their favorite books.
One of our favorite genres is mythology, because the great thing aboug reading is being able to escape for a little bit. It was also how I got Miguel to start reading. He has a small collection of mythology books and it's always great to be able to add a new book. This time he got to add 
THE STORM RUNNER by J.C. Cervantes, it's the new middle-grade novel inspired by Maya mythology.

Time To Stop Dreaming And Be The Game Changer - #JustAPlaydate

I'm a little bit giddy as I type this post out but I'm also nervous, because everyone knows that once you put it out there, it's there. People will hold you 
accountable, people will ask you how it's going?
I've always been a person full of dreams, what you call a dreamer to be precise. 

Fit Kids In NYC

"Why fit in, when you were born to standout"
That's what I think everytime my kids excel at something and are excited to try something new. like trying out a new sport or getting to go to an exciting new class where they will learn a skill or sport.
We all have different childhoods for many reasons, in my case I did not have the opportunities that Miguel and Valentina have today, which is not my parents fault (I was blessed with a very happy childhood).

Happy Birthday My Queen

"Mother's are like glue. Even when you can't see them, they're still holding the family together"

First Day Of Pre-K

Today I'm a rollercoaster of emotions, from feeling sad to happy and lonely to full of pride.
It's funny because I've already done this once, the dropping off your child at school for the first time and even though I thought it would be easier, it was truly harder than the first time. I don't remember crying so much, tears did come down when Miguel stayed for his first day of school but with Valentina there were tears before her first day of school.

I kept marking the days on the calendar and as soon as it hit 3 more days left for school, the tears couldn't stop coming. Every time Valentina fell asleep and husband got home from work the sobs would come in waves, i'd relax but the next night it would happen again. It was the night before the first day of school and my heart was feeling a little bit heavy, baby girl had been crying about not wanting to go to school. The didn't want to leave our side, and it was so hard to hold in those tears because you better believe that I wanted to start sobbing with her as well but y happy face had to go on and it was time to reassure her that school would be great, full of lots of art, play, and learning.
As we woke up for the first day of school, Valentina kept on talking about how excited she felt. Good thing for us was that Wednesday and Thursday would be one hour with us parents in the classroom, her first full day from 8:20am-2:20pm would be Friday.
Off we went walking to school, and the verdict on that first day was that school was ok. Valentina kept asking me when was the day that she would stay by herself with her classmates and teachers. I reassured her that we still had one more day together in the classroom and those two nights I slept pretty good but once Thursday night got here, the sobs came again. Valentina would officially leave my side. It was hard to imagine running around without her by my side and holding my hard, the sobs were on full force. Husband had to reassure me that everything would be ok and she wouldn't cry. Valentina is our strong willed girl after all, and we were sure that she would be fine come the first full day of school.

Friday morning we woke up, excited and nervous. Valentina was quiet as we walked to school, which is about 20 minute walk. I made sure to talk to her and reassure her that I would be there at pick-up. Stepping in to the classroom was a little bit surreal, it's been years that we've talked about when she would go to school and planning what she would take to lunch, now that the day was finally here, this momma wanted to grab her hand and run away, far away, where I could keep her with me by my side with me. But life is about changes and growing up, and we are very excited to see our baby girl do amazing things. She put on her strong face and even though she had a hint of wanting to cry, baby girl just hugged us and said "bye, mommy see you later". My instinct was to stay a little bit longer but all advice lead to not lingering and making it harder. So we made sure to get out pretty quickly, and the moment Valentina was out of view the tears came pouring out. Which makes me a super mom as well, because I did not cry in front of her :)
It was time to count down the hours, and one thing helping me out was being able to take my first Yoga class. It was the perfect timing, what better time to try something new then when your baby girl was out there trying something new as well. A very spiritual moment for sure.
2:20pm came and as I anxiously awaited to see Valentinas little face, it hit me that my baby girl was not a baby anymore, she was officially my big girl.
Her little face came into view and she was all smiles, her day was full of songs, art and friends. 
Her little hand in my hand felt good, and I loved listening to her tell me about her first day of school. Thus began this new chapter in our lives, the one where I get to walk with Valentina to and from school, listen to her adventures, dreams and little jokes. 

Life is great, life is a blessing and I couldn't be more happier with how her first day of school went.

Hoping all of your kids first days of school were great ones.

Kary xoxo

Happy 15th Birthday Miguel

Happy 15th Birthday Miguel

Nobody Said It Would Be Easy

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.

Back From Mexico 2018

"Let's wander where the WiFi is weak"


I think this is the first time that I've been so quiet about our Summer trip to Mexico, and it's for so many reasons. I'm always sad to leave my husband behind when we go on vacation, but this time I'm really 50-50.

Back To School With Momtrends #MomtrendsSchool

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. I was invited to attend Momtrends Annual Back To School Bash and was gifted a swag bag.

Yes, I know that it's Summer vacation and the thing that we least want to think about is going back to school. But the truth is, that we are almost halfway done with Summer. With that said, now is the time to start buying those must haves for school. Momtrends held their 8th Annual  Back To School Bash and i was lucky enough to get invited. It's always great to see what's new and a must have for school, this year is extra special because Valentina will be going to Pre-K this September and this momma needs to stay oil the loop on what's cool and a must. If you follow me on Instagram, you got to see a sneak peak of some of our favorites. Now for the a list of must haves this school season 2018-2019.


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. We were invited by Momtrends to attend Liberty Science Center. All words and opinions expressed are 100% our own as always.

Summer means fun family days and great adventures. Whether it's a train, bus or ferry ride away. This past weekend we got to visit one of our favorite places, Liberty Science Center in NJ.
If you've been following for a while than you know that we always take the ferry, but this weekend was an exception.

Celebrating #HotelT3 With Some Pomegranate Guacamole

Summer is upon us, and it's always nice to be able to enjoy some of our favorite foods in a more refreshing way. With Hotel Transylvania 3 a few days from coming out in movie theaters, I'm excited to share one of our favorite Summer foods and even though it usually has a touch of garlic, this time we will make an exception and keep it at bay in honor of our favorite Dracula - blah, blah, blah, blah, blah...


A fellow father friend posted a funny meme the other day that has me laughing by myself as I write this post because with Fathers Day around the corner, it can be a little bit hard to find the perfect gift for the special dad in your life. The meme had to do with how the commercials vary with the mom and dad celebrations. When Mother's Day is near, all you see are commercials for diamond rings and beautiful jewelry, and when Father's Day is around the corner all you tend to see are commercials for cargo shorts that are on sale for $12 - lol. Now, we all know that Father's Day is not all about the gifts, it's all about celebrating that special dad that works hard for his family and is always there for them. It's also sometimes one of the times that you can gift your special guy, a present that he would normally not buy for himself. That's my husband, he will spend a lot of money on all of us and when it comes to himself he always tends to hold off, and just add it to his wish list.
Why not help your special guy cross off something from his wishlist, thanks to Google you can find the perfect gift for the hard working guy in your life.

World Science Festival Celebration at AMNH

A few days ago we got to celebrate the World Science Festival at American Museum of Natural History. The kids were eager to get up and get moving, even though it was a weekend. Everyone knows that the weekends are for sleeping in, except when a museum visit is involved.

The Must Have Tech Gadgets This Travel Season #CTATravel

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I was invited to attend this event as media and was given a gift bag.

Can you remember a time when tech wasn't a part of your life? 
I do and as the years go by, I've had a chance to see the changes in tech and how it's become an important of our life. Especially when traveling or in our homes, basically in every aspect of our life. This past Tuesday I got a chance to check out some fun gadgets and tech at the Techlicious and CTA (Consumer Technology Association) event. Before I share with you the awesome products I got to see, make sure to grab a little pad and pen so you can write down which ones are your favorite so that you can try them out for yourself or gift to that techie in your life.

Celebrate Father's Day With Google Gifts #MadeByGoogle

Everyday is Father's Day and we should honor that special dad in our life everyday. But if you are like me then you have a special little piggy bank for that time of year when we get to spoil the dads in our life.
This Father's Day Google has some special products that are perfect for everyday use and for that technology loving dad.

Finally Made That Leap & Registered Valentina For Pre-K

"I hope you believe in yourself, as much as I believe in you."

Our Top Three Picks From The New York Baby Show 2018

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinion and words expressed are 100% my own as always.

I can't believe that it's been three years that we've gone to the New York Baby Show, it would have been four but last year had to be missed due to a family emergency. This year would not be missed especially since we are still planning to have baby number three in the near future. The baby show never disappoints and it's always great to see what's new in the baby and toddlers world.

Monet Is The Must Have 3-in-1 Product For You Or The Minimalist In Your Life

When you find a product that is multifunctional you know it's a must have, especially when it's available at an affordable price. 
Monet provides exactly that, fashion & functionality.

Rube Goldberg Machine Contest Celebrates 30 Years

As the school year comes to an end, it means it's time to thank all of the amazing teachers that work with our kids during the school year. Students everywhere will agree that their teachers are an integral part of their everyday school work. This includes a special group of students who get to compete in the Rube Goldberg Machine Contest, their teachers are an integral part of their creations and the experience taught them to work hard, work together, all while having fun building their very own Rube Goldberg Machine.

Celebrating Parenthood & Babies With #Walmart Sip And See Southern Style

Being a parent can be overwhelming, whether you are a new to be or veteran parent. Especially when it comes to shopping the essentials. Knowing what to buy and what not to buy, can definitely get a little crazy and stressful at times. An added stress that can be avoided, with a few tips I will be sharing.

There Are Lines That Must Not Be Crossed, Because Once You Do, You Can Never Go Back

"It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light"

Celebrating Black Panther Blu-ray Release With A Fun Family Movie Night

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. We were provided with a Black Panther movie pack to facilitate our family movie night.

You have to love a movie that brings people together and that is exactly what Black Panther did and continues to do. We got to see the movie twice in movie theaters and both times we got to meet some amazing people that we got to chat with.
Well, now the magic is ready to take home with you. Black Panther is now available on  Blu-Ray and Digital copy. To celebrate we got to host a fun family and friends movie night.

Back To The Very Beginning 8 Years Ago, When It All Started

Yesterday was T-mobile Tuesday and I've been anxiously awaiting this day,  as part of the thank you for being a customer we got Vudu credit. Which means that I finally got to rent the movie Motherhood in which Uma Thurman stars. Now you must be thinking ok, so this post is going to be about a movie and you are 50% right and 50% wrong. This post does have to do with a movie, not just any movie, the movie that jump started this little blog which was created March 8, 2010 and 8 years later I'm still here on this little corner of the internet.


Disney Jr Puppy Dog Pals the cutest puppies in town are coming to DVD, just in time for road trip season.


It's been a few months that I've been obsessed with everything Cactus and every time I can something  with a cactus detail is added to my shopping cart, wherever it is that I'm shopping from. So for todays  Wednesday Wish List I thought it would be great if it was solely focused on one of my obsessions and one of my favorite stores.
P.S. I'm also ISO some of those rooms pictured in the posts.


Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. We were provided with a digital copy of Star Wars The Last Jedi and fun promotional items in order to facilitate this post. All words and opinions expressed are 100% our own as always.

Star Wars The Last Jedi is now available on Digital copy and will be available on Blu-ray tomorrow Monday, March 27th. With Easter around the corner and with us being the super Star Wars fans that we are what better way to celebrate Easter than by decorating some fun easter eggs Star Wars style.


It's almost the end of March and that means that May is just around the corner, that also means that the 2018 New York Baby Show is less than two months away and I'm giving away tickets for you to attend for free.


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. All words and opinions expressed are 100% our own.

Being a fit family has always been one of our priorities, especially because I grew up with a dad who has always taught us the importance of being fit and active. Our main way of staying healthy and active has always been running. I was first introduced to the New York Road Runners Club at the age of 12 years old when I participated in my first mini race. It would be the first of many races. A few weeks ago the opportunity to team up with the NYRR which holds a special place in my heart, came up and it couldn't be passed up. We would get to check out one of their Family Running Classes, the perfect way to end a weekend.


Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. We were provided with a gift card to buy supplies to facilitate this post. All words and opinions expressed are 100% our own as always.

Romeo & Juliet are back in an all new movie, Sherlock Gnomes. 
This time the adventure takes place in a new garden with all new adventures and some new friends. To celebrate the movie theater release this Friday March 25th and that Easter is right around the corner it was just perfect to make a Sherlock Gnomes inspired Easter Basket. DIY are always fun, especially when you think about the person who will be receiving the gift.

IMAX Documentary Amazon Adventure Comes To AMNH & A Giveaway

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. We were provided with tickets to see a showing of Amazon Adventure. All words and opinions expressed are 100% our own as always.

The Amazon Adventure documentary comes to the Imax theater located at the American Museum Of Natural History. It started playing last week March 9th and will show until Mid-September.

Wubble Bubble Balls Just Got Even Better With Wubble Fulla Slime & Wubble Fulla Marbles

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post and we were sent samples of the newest Wubble Bubble balls to facilitate this review. All words and opinions expressed are 100% our own as always.

   One thing you have to love about one of your favorite brands is when they keep reinventing themselves or keep coming up with different versions of their number one seller. Wubble Bubble balls are no exception and if you've followed me on the blog for a while then you know that this is not the first time that we've featured Wubble Bubble balls and every time we love them even more. This time the newest version to come out promises to keep your little ones and you busy for hours.


Daylight savings time is here and that means that Spring is just around the corner. 
Today's wish list is inspired by those beautiful breezy evenings that are to come.


I am a movie addict you guys, seriously no lie when I say that I love movies. 
My family knows me to re-watch a movie over and over again and thanks to them, my movie collection has grown. I'm gifted one of my favorite movies during the holiday season. Now, since I'm a major movie lover it was truly hard for me to pick just 10 of my favorite movies, a lot of my favorites are not on this list but that doesn't mean that there's no love for them.
And only because this list has 10 it doesn't mean that I can only re-watch these over and over again because you can catch me re-watching movies every single time.

Why Thor Ragnarok The God Of Thunder Is A Must Watch & A Giveaway

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. We were provided with a copy of Thor Ragnarok for reviewing purposes. All words and opinions expressed are our own.

The much anticipated superhero movie of 2017 is finally available on Digital HD and Blu-Ray and if you didn't have a chance to watch it on the big screen, now is the time to grab a copy and watch it from the comfort of your home with a yummy treat of your choice, my couch is some popcorn and m&m's.

A Few Things That Made Me Happy Last Month

Happy March Loves!
I can’t belive how fast February went by, it definitely went by in the wink of an eye.
But this month was a great one, even though January ended on a sour note. February was a great one, here’s just a few things that made me smile this past month.

Marvel Universe Live! Family Friendly Show For All Ages

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. We received complimentary tickets to attend Marvel Universe Live! for being a part of the Marvel Universe Live social media influencer team. All words and opinions expressed are 100% our own as always.

The weather was a little bit gloomy but it truly seems to be that way every time we head over to the Barclay Center, located in Brooklyn. We've been there to watch Disney On Ice and it rains every time we go, haha. It hasn't stopped us and it truly makes it a more memorable night. Well, last week was not the exception. As we headed to Brooklyn for Marvel Universe Live! and it was pouring, we took an Uber instead of the train and got ready for a night of superhero fun.