Remember Me

Yay!! So I finally snuck away to see Remember Me. Yesterday morning while the munchkin was at school. Now mind you that the reviews were not great but who cares when you really want to see a movie do you listen to the critics or go judge for yourself? Plus perfect excuse to watch Edward (ooopppss meant to say Robert Pattinson) on big screen until Eclipse comes out!!! Only 95 days left!!!!!! Anyways back to Remember Me. The movie lived up to my expectations it was wonderful. It was so true to life I loved that it was about people who had bad lives whose lives got worse that's real life it's what makes this movie so different from the rest that it wasn't another they lived happily ever after. It makes you think about your life and put it into perspective. I recommend it to everybody who is still debating on whether to go see it or not. Go judge it yourself... I dare you : )
I plan to see it again next week with another buddy of mines...

P.S. at pickup I squeezed my munchkin so hard he said " owww mommy is everything ok" I just hugged him tighter and said Te Amo mi Bebe ( I love you my baby) : )

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  1. hi! found your blog through the brown paper packages exchange. love your about me!! we love cupcakes too!!

    oh, and i love nyc as well... even though i live on the OTHER side!!

    ps im having a ruffled inspired giveaway.. i do hope you join in