Things To Do NYC Edition - The Lightning Thief The Percy Jackson Musical

I will never get tired of saying that one of the things about living in the city that never sleeps is all the wonderful family experiences that it has to offer. Especially the Broadway shows which are always a special treat. Last week we got to see one of our favorite books come to life on Broadway.

It's always magical to see a book come to life, especially when it's on Broadway. I remember reading The Lightning Thief with Miguel and then watching the movies, so when we got the chance to see it on Broadway it was pretty exciting, especially because it would be with my partners in crime. As we waited for the lights to go down I could feel Miguel and Vales excitement, this would be Valentina's 2nd Broadway show and Miguel's 6th Broadway show.
The curtain went down and 5 minutes later, Vale was sitting on my lap. The first few minutes are a little bit scary and they made her jump up, it wasn't the characters but the loud sounds that scared her. An example is when the lighting would sound.That meant that she ended up on my lap until the second half of the show, which was when she was sure that it was safe enough for her to sit in her own seat.
It can be hard seeing a book come to life, because you want it to be on point and everyone knows that when it's time to bring to life a book a lot of the main parts can be cut off, or parts that you think are important are. The Lightning Thief - The Percy Jackson Musical does a pretty good job of keeping the essential parts in there, which helps people who haven't read the book understand what's going on.
Valentina would clap each time someone finished their line, and Miguel enjoyed watching The Lightning Thief on Broadway and has made sure to take out his old copies of the books out so that Valentina and I can read them.

It was a great night for a Broadway show and as we get close to the Holiday Season, which is right around the corner why not give the gift of Broadway.

The Lightning Thief - The Percy Jackson Musical
will be on Broadway for 16 weeks only, which means you have until January 5 to catch a show.

You can buy your tickets here.

Kary xoxo

Disclaimer: We attended The Lightning Thief The Percy Jackson Musical as media. All words and opinions are 100% our own.

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