Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Disney Adventures In Babysitting DVD Review & Giveaway

Available on DVD June 28. 2016

I think we all have a memorable, unforgettable babysitting experience. Whether it was you babysitting a neighbors child or your younger siblings. In my case I'd help my mom out with my younger siblings, perks of being the oldest child.
There is this one time that is forever stuck in my head, for me it's funny whenever I think back to it but to my time it wasn't that funny back then, now she can laugh it off a little bit.
I was in charge of watching my baby brother who was about 1 years old, but my younger sister was also with me. She was around 7 years old bored, so we decided to play some bored games but I couldn't do that and carry my baby brother. In my head it looked like a good idea if I sat my bother down, no I didn't put into consideration that he couldn't hold himself up that properly. But I still decided to prop some pillows around him, to hold him up. I mean if he tipped over he would fall on top of the pillows. So I turned around and to play the board game with my sister, when a minute later we heard the thump. I quickly turned around and didn't see my baby brother all I could hear were his screams and crying. Next thing I hear is my mom charging into the room and asking what happened, he was under my chair - ha! We were scared out of our wits
, good thing there was a carpet and he mainly cried out of being scared. Never again did I not keep my eyes on him. Unforgettable babysitting story indeed and Disneys Adventures In Babysitting will do the same thing, it will make you laugh and. This version is inspired by the 1980s film of the same name and it's an upcoming Disney Channel Original Movie thats tars Sabrina Carpenter ( she comes out in the series "Girl Meets World") and Sofia Carson (from the hit Disney Original movie "Descendants")

In Adventures in Babysitting a dull evening for two competing babysitters, jenny (Sabrina Carpenter) and Lola (Sofia Carson), turns into an adventure in the big city as they hunt for one of the kids who somehow snuck away.

Running Time:
Approx 94 minutes

Audio & Subtitles:
English, French and Spanish

Be ready to grab your little partner in crime and make a movie night out of it!

Now for a sweet surprise. One C'est La Vie Reader will get the chance to win their own copy of Disney Adventures In Babysitting. Plus each DVD comes with a free magnetic frame.
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Giveaway begins June 22 & Ends July 3, 2016

Good Luck!

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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Evento #TuTwist Con Arturo Castro

 Revelation: Esta estrada de blog no es compensada. Fui invitada a el evento de #TuTwist a cambio de que escribiera sobre el evento. Todas las palabras y opiniones expresadas son 100% mias.

Celebra tu sazón distintivo 
Inventando nuestra propia delicias con helado Breyers y paletas de sabor de frutas
Mi helado - Breyers sabor vainilla con unas gomitas y granas de color
Comediante y escritor Arturo Castro

  Unos dias atras fui invitada a un evento especial donde tuve la oportunidad de ver la primicia del segundo episodio de Tu Twist, en donde se puede ver una receta llamada Blooming Ice Pop Parfait. Una creación dulce y refrescante, en especial para estos días de verano.

Yo se que de mi parte siempre que hago alguna clase de fiesta en el verano, hay helado o paletas frías como opción para postre. Y en un estudio hecho fue demostrado que nosotros los Hispanos casi siempre usamos helado y paletas frías en las parrilladas. Yo siento que es divertido y fácil, me encana poder hacer una mesa con opciones para que puedan hacer sus propias invenciones.

El episodio me hizo reír mucho y me hizo recordarme de los bellos momentos familiares que se pasan en la cocina. Pero no tomen mi palabra. Vean el episodio abajo y huzguen por si mismos.

Que pensaron?
 Giselle Blondet tiene razón no, siempre puede uno encontrar algo que hacer con lo que tiene uno en la nevera y mas si tiene que ver con helado.

También tuve la oportunidad de escuchar a Arturo Castro y es un orgullo latino ver todo su talento y que se le están abriendo muchas puertas. Es bonito ver cuando alguien es tan talentoso y humilde a las misma vez.

Kary xoxo

Monday, June 20, 2016

The TMNT Secrets Of The Sewer Exhibit at Liberty Science Center

 Disclosure: This is a compensated post. All words and opinions expressed are 100% my own.

 On Saturday we got to venture out to NJ. 
One train, ferry ride, and nice 20 minute walk through Liberty State Park we were at
Liberty Science Center for the first time ever to check out the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Secrets Of The Sewer Exhibit, which opened up on May 28, 2016 and is open until September 5, 2016. Just in time for Summer vacation.

Miguel loves the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Valentina is one of their newest fans, they were both excited to check out their new lair at Liberty Science Center. Just look at that entrance, can it get any cooler than that?!
Valentina peeking through the underground telescope with help of her big brother
Valentina having fun with some table games
Miguel having some fun with video games.
Valentina checking out the turtles security system
 Going in to the lair can be a little bit, just a little bit overwhelming because there are so many fun activities that you won't know which one to try out first. The kids decided to first have some fun with the hands on activities that involved some fun old school table games, some video games and checking out the turtles views from the lair, to name just a few of the activities. 
Tunnel fun
Going through a maze ninja style
Skateboarding fun
View from one of the turtles climbing spots
 Next came some of the physical activities. Valentina loved being able to crawl through some pipes, going through a maze ninja style  where we had to make sure not to trigger any alarms, this was especially fun because we could all join in as a family, adults and children alike. Miguel loved being able to practice his skateboarding skills on the balance board skateboards, with the turtles in the background. There were a lot of climbing spaces and Valentina especially loved this little fort where she could look at us via the little circle window. Valentina was like a little jumping bean, going from one activity to another.

Miguel sharing some pizza with Leonardo
Some very excited little girls
I love any activity that will promote my child's imagination and this exhibit did just that. 
They were challenged mentally and physically in very fun ways. Plus everything they see at Liberty Science Center they can touch.
Valentina kept on trying to say cowabunga, and I couldn't help but join her.
Make sure to charge your camera for all the cute pictures that you will want to take, put on your best pair of walking shoes and get ready to have a fun filled family day.

Remember that this exhibit is limited time only, with Liberty Science Center being the first stop on this exhibitions first ever national tour. So make sure to grab your family and go on an adventure.
You have until September 5, 2016 when this exhibit will move on to it's next stop.

For more information check out 
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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Just Keep Swimming - Finding Dory

Finding Dory
Our tickets
Valentina was very excited
We've waited 10 years for this sequel and it's crazy to believe that we are already 2 days away from Finding Dory coming out in a theater near you.
My family and I have been counting down the days till we could go see Dory and friends and just keep swimming. You better believe that we were so excited to see it last night. The movie theater was full to capacity and we all started clapping the moment Finding Dory started playing.
Disney Pixar does it again and it was so nice to see the whole fish gang at it again. But this time in an adventure to help Dory find her family. 
One day Dory remembers that she was somehow separated from her parents as a child and with the help of her friends, Dory goes out to find her parents. I love seeing Nemo and Marlin help Dory this time around. Together they will embark on in unforgettable journey, along with the help of some newly found friends that they will make along the way. That will have you laughing non stop, cheering, and crying sad and happy tears alike. 
I'm sure I say this about many movies but this is definitely a must see family movie. Not only will you have a good time but you will also love the beautiful message of the importance of family and friends. As well as believing in yourself. Dory teaches us that you can do anything you set your mind to, all you have to do is focus and nothing will stop you.
So make sure to grab your tickets and go watch Finding Dory, be prepared to clap a lot.

Finding Dory
Rated PG
In theaters June 17, 2016

Voice Cast:
Ellen DeGeneres, Albert Brooks, Ed O'Neill. Hayden Rolence, Kaitlin Olson, Ty Burrell, Diane Keaton, Eugene Levy.

Kary xoxo

Solo Sigue Nadando - Finding Dory

Finding Dory
Nuestros boletos
Valentina estaba bien emocionada de ver la película
 Hemos esperado 10 años para esta continuación y es loco de pensar que ya solo faltan 2 días para que Finding Dory este en un cine cerca de ti.
Mi familia y yo hemos estado contando los días hasta que pudiéramos ver Dory y sus amigos para poder seguir nadando.
Se podrán imaginar nuestra emoción de tener la oportunidad de ver la película unos días antes de su estreno. El cine estaba lleno a capacidad y todos empezamos ha aplaudir en cuanto empezó la película.
Disney Pixar lo hacen otra vez y fue tan bonito ver a todos los amigos pescados de nuevo.
En esta nueva aventura los amigos se reúnen para ayudar a Dory encontrar a su familia.
Un dia Dory se recuerda que de alguna manera ella fue separada de su papa y mama cuando era pequeña y con la ayuda de sus amigos Marlin y Nemo van en busca de su familia. Me encanto ver a Marlin y Nemo ayudar a Dory esta vez.
Juntos van en una aventura inolvidable que te hará reír sin parar, hechas porras, y llorar lagrimas de tristeza y alegria al igual. 
Estoy segura de que digo lo mismo de varias películas pero esta es definitivamente una película familiar que no se puede dejar de ver.
Aparte de pasarla bien, disfrutaran de el bello mensaje que la película ofrece sobre la importancia de  la familia y de creer en ti mismo. Dory nos demuestra que puedes hacer lo que sea que te propongas, lo único que tienes que hacer es enfocarte y nada te detendrá.
Ask que no se pierdan esta nueva instalación de Disney Pixar. Y esten listos para aplaudir sin parrar.

Finding Dory 
Calificación PG
En Cines Junio 17, 2016

Voice Cast:
Ellen DeGeneres, Albert Brooks, Ed O'Neill, Hayden Rolence, Kaitlin Olson, Ty Burrell, Diane Keaton, Eugene Levy.

Kary xoxo

Monday, June 13, 2016

The Honest Company Great For The Entire Family

Disclosure: I received a gift bag for attending this event. All words and opinions expressed are 100% my own.

Last week I had the opportunity to go to an The Honest company event where I was able to see some of their newest products. Now when I think of The Honest company the first thing that always comes to mind are there cute print diapers. I mean come on, you have to admit that their diaper prints are the cutest.
I mean just look at some of their newest prints. King of the jungle and Elephant party, just to name a few. What child doesn't like animals. You better believe that we will be getting our hands on some of these new prints, I'm especially looking of the butterfly print.
 But that's the thing about The Honest Company and their cute prints, that we forget to look at the other amazing products that they offer.
Which includes a great variety of household products to mommy products.
Honest Hand Soap, Honest Shave Oil, Honest Foaming Hand Soap
Tampons and Pads all in cute pastel boxes and packaging.
Honest Cleaning products
So many great products to try, especially the feminine hygiene products. It can be so hard when it's that time of the month, and when a product promises to be soft and comfortable you know it's a must try. How many times have a used a pads (no name will be mentioned at this time) and i've found it to be plasticky and super uncomfortable. That time of the month is already uncomfortable as it is. These are on top of my list and i will let you know once I've tried them out. The Honest Company also has some great household products and like the ones pictured above.

Formula and vitamins
Their new multivitamins
A great variety of baby formula packed wth great nutrients and a new line of multivitamins. 
I have to tell you that I was able to try their multivitamins out at the event and boy were they delicious, I did not taste any vitamin at all. It was pure sweetness which I'm sure my little one will greatly appreciate.

I was also able to check out their newest Sunscreen packed with SPF +50, which is perfect for these upcoming summer sunny days. Fragrance free and chemical free. Another great Honest product.

The Honest Company newest shampoo fragrances.
They also offer great stylish diaper bags, that book bag is one of them.
Beautiful setting for enjoying some amazing products
Co-Founder of The honest Company Christopher Gavigan holding up my signed copy of his book "Healthy Child, Healthy World"
Picture time with Christopher Gavigan
 As a blogger its always a pleasure being able to attend this kind of events,  especially when it's a company we already love and use in our household. It's always great to meet the team behind the hard work and see how much they truly believe and put their love into their company. Christopher Gavigan was no exception and it was a pleasure being able to hear from him personally how much love and detail is put into The Honest Company products.
Make sure to check them out at The Honest company website and order your free trial if you are not yet convinced.

Kary xoxo

The Honest Company Perfecto Para Toda La Familia

Revelacion: Recibi una bolsa de regalo por atender este evento. Pero todas las palabras y opiniones expresadas son 100% mias.

 La semana pasada tuve la oportunidad de ir a un evento de The Honest Company, donde tuve la oportunidad de ver algunos de sus productos nuevos. Ahora vamos a decir la verdad, cuando pensamos en The Honest Company siempre pensamos en sus pañales los de las impresiones lindas. Tienen que admitir que las impresiones de sus pañales son bien lindos.
Miren nada mas este ejemplo de algunos de sus nuevas impresiones. Rey de la jungla y fiesta de elefantes. A que niño o niña no le gustan los animales. De una vez les digo que estoy tratando de conseguir unos de sus nuevos pañales, en especial el de las mariposas.
Pero esa es la cosa de The Honest Company nos enfocamos tanto en las lindas impresiones que se nos olvidan sus otros productos que tienen. Que incluye una gran variación de productos para la casa hasta productos para las mamas.
Javon para lavarse las manos, Aceite para rasurarse, Javon espumoso para las manos
Tampones y toallas sanitarias en cajitas de colores y empaquetadas en envoltura de colores
Products de limpieza para la casa de Honest
 Tantos productos maravillosos para tratar, especialmente los productos de higiene femenina. Puede ser tan difícil cuando es ese tiempo del mes, y cuando un producto promete ser suave y increíblemente comido tu sabes que se tiene que tratar. Cuantas veces he usada alguna toalla sanitaria (ningún nombre de compagina sera nombrada ahora mismo) solo para que sea increíblemente incomoda o irritable. Ese tiempo del mes es incomodo ya, porque hacerlo mas incomodo con productos que no sirven. Estos toallas sanitarias de Honest están al principio de mi lista par tratar, en cuanto las trate les dejo saber como me fue.
 The Honest Company también tiene productos muy buenos para el hogar y limpieza como pueden ver en las fotos de arriba.
Formula y vitaminas
Their new multivitamins
Una gran variedad de formula para bebes llena de nutrientes esenciales para los bebes y sus nueva linea de multi vitaminas. Déjenme decirles que tuve la oportunidad de probar sus multi vitaminas cuando fui al evento y estaban deliciosas. No pude sentir ni un trato de vitaminas, eran puro dulce. Que estoy segura que mi hija apreciara.
También tuve la oportunidad de ver su nueva linea de protector de sol, llena de protection SPF +50, perfecta para estos días de verano llenos de sol. Libre de fragancia y y libres de químicos.
Nueva linea de fragancias de Honest shampoos.
The Honest Company también ofrece una linea muy chic de pañaleras. Esa bolsa que ven colgada hay es una de ellas.
Espacio lindo para disfrutar de unos productos maravillosos
Cofundador de The Honest Company con mi copia firmado de su libro titulado "Niño saludable,  Mundo Saludable"
Tiempo de una foto con el cofundador de Honest Christopher Gavigan
 Como bloguera siempre es un placer poder atender esta clase de eventos, en especial cuando se trata de una compania que ya queremos mucho y usamos al diario en nuestro hogar.  Siempre es un placer poder conocer al equipo detrás del producto y el trabajo que toma hacer estos productos y cuanto aman y creen en el. Christopher Gavigan no fue la excepción. Fue un placer escuchar todo el detalle que entra en el fabricar los productos Honest y el amor detrás de la compania y sus productos. 
Asegurense de pasar por la pagina de The Honest Company y prueben sus productos. No se arrepentirán.

Mucho Amor,
Kary xoxo