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Seize the day because life is what you make it...

Happy 1st Day Of November

Hello November
Surprise Me

Celebrating Halloween With The Incredibles 2

Trick Or Treat Give me something good to eat, if you don't it's ok, I will just go home and watch the Incredibles 2 :) which is now available on digital copy and just in time for Halloween.
It only took 14 years but we got to celebrate Halloween a little bit early and in a special way, a family movie night the incredible way.

All You Need is $1 To Start Saving For Your Child's Higher Education With The NY529 College Savings Program #NY529Event

When I was younger I was blessed with two parents who worked very hard and were able to save money for our college education, that meant that all three of us got to graduate without any debt.
But time has changed and that means that living cost is higher than ever, making it harder to save for your child/children college education, that is if you are not informed and don't know where to look. This past weekend I got to attend a Momtrends event with the lovely people from NY529 college savings program. Valentina got to go with me and as us parents listened and got a refresher on how easy it is to save for our kids higher education, she got to bloom artistically and make some fun arts and crafts with The Craft Studio team

Little Smile Of Yours

Baby girl is always a happy little girl and for that we are truly blessed, her little smile will melt away the darkest of clouds. 
It has been rough these past few nights but you wouldn't even notice because that smile hasn't left her face for one moment.

#HotelT3 Now available on Blu-Ray

Dale a tu cuerpo alegria Macarena
Hey, Macarena!!
Are you guys ready to party?!
I really do hope that you are, because everyones favorite vampire family is back and better than ever.