Mail Me Ma Magnet Swap

Ever since I started blogging , which has been only two months ago. I have become a swap addict Even though I'm supposed to be on some kind of budget. It's just so hard they have all been so interesting. The new one that I found and I think is really cool is called "Mail Me Ma Magnet" you have to mail your partner a magnet. Imagine getting a magnet from somewhere else besides where you live. It's a nice opportunity especially when you don't have the time to travel around. So head on over to Priya's Blog and get in on the fun. Just click on the link on the right side. Looking forward to hearing about all the kinds of magnets that everybody gets.


  1. Thanks a bunch Karine for spreading the word ..i hope you've recd my mail with your partner's details ..and im sending your way a little something too for participating ..xoxo

  2. No need for thanks Priya it was my pleasure. You are to sweet : )