My Boys : )

Ahhhhhhh!!!My boys they can be such pain sometimes..... But I love them dearly and would not trade them for nothing in the world. They keep me on my toes which is wonderful. Between school, taekwondo, soccer practices, work and training for the NYC marathon (my husband ) we barely have time left but we find a way to sneak some special family time in between. Whether it be to just see a movie or eat out. It is so important for us to show our little one that family is so important plus special in many ways and that he is really loved and wanted. That's why we try our best to demonstrate it in any way possible. Don't get me wrong by reading this it must be like ok they are never with this kid so they try and compensate. Not true, I give thanks to God everyday to be able to drop and pick up Miguelito at school everyday, and to be with him after school everyday as well. While I go to school during the day as well my Humberto works hard so that everything we have is possible.That's why Miguelito and I especially love the weekends when my husband Humberto is off from work and we are able to act like tourists in our crazy yet beautiful and wonderful New York City. This coming Saturday will be Miguelito's first soccer game of the season so we are pretty hyped, it was supposed to be last weekend but because of the weather it was canceled. All in due time like they say. So I'm planning to take tons of pictures so that I can post some on my blog : ) Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh my boys they will sometimes gang up on me but together we are the three Musketeers unstoppable and full of Love : )

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