The Countdown begins : )

Yay!!!!! The countdown begins for two of the most anticipated movies for Miguelito & Me.

The first one which is coming out in 30 days is The Karate Kid. It's been precisely a year now that Miguelito has been doing taekwondo, and he's really good at it (if I may say so myself). Martial arts runs in my family history somewhat, my dad's brother in Mexico is an expert in Karate, Taekwondo, and Kung Fu. Therefore when my cousins were born they tried martial arts and only one of them stuck with it. After that my dad always wanted to try taekwondo but for certain reasons he could never get into it. So when my husband and I decided to put Miguelito in taekwondo my dad jumped for joy, and he can always be seen at the Dojo watching Miguelito train, which is basically every single day after school. We've always loved anything oriental inspired so imagine how crazy we became after my son started his martial arts journey. If we loved Bruce Lee before, just imagine how utterly obsessed we are now. We can be found at chinatown at least 4 times a month. I recently found a Bruce Lee magnet Yay!!!!!!
So when we saw the trailer for this movie we all jumped for joy.... Miguelito now trains with the song Remember the Name.

Plus I love Will Smith!!!! and his son looks so cute. We never get tired of watching the trailer can't wait we will be seen at the movie theater at least 4 times with this one : )

And than there's..... Drum roll Please........

OMG!!!! Just 49 days left.......... Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh..............

Ok. Deep breath... deep breath....

Wow it's been a really long journey following the twilight saga, and I am so excited to watch it on the big screen. I remember being in line at the Barnes & Noble until the midnight release of Breaking Dawn. Yes! My little partner in crime was with me, he was 4 years old back than and running around the store excited for a reason unknown to him. Well when the first installment of twilight came out I saw it 4 times, first with some girlfriends, 2nd time with my sister, 3rd time with my husband and Miguelito, and the 4th time with my mom, sister and Miguelito. Yes, Miguelito saw it twice and went totally bonkers with the movie. He loved it so much that he believes himself to be Edward : ) (he does have the heart breaker part down ) One thing about my little munchkin is that he is such a romantic the little girls are always chasing after him, everybody tells me to watch out when he grows up. So when New Moon came out I saw it 4 times in the same order, and now we are so excited for this third installment especially because it comes out on June 30th midnight meaning... my birthday is July 1st so I will be in the movie theaters celebrating, and I can't think of any better opening to my birthday celebration than to be watching Edward & Jacob fighting for Bella Grrrrrrrrrrrrr..........
Of course Miguelito won't be with me for opening night but he will surely be on the second viewing, oh and my son now believes to be half vampire/werewolf, he can't decide which one is cooler. I can Team Edward all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are you excited for any of these movies? I know I am. So let the countdown begin..................


  1. I am excited too !! Infact the whole Smith family was on Oprah on Monday and Jaden is quite a charmer ..
    Indeed the countdown has begun :)
    Hope ur having a gr8 week ..

  2. I know my friend told me about them on Oprah. Unfortunately I wasn't home to see it, but she recorded it for me on her Dvr so I hope to see it tomorrow. Lol look at the charmer Will is so imagine where Jaden gets it from. Super excited and can 't wait... Yes the countdown has begun... 3.2.1...... Hope your having a great week also and that things are smoother. Xoxo Take care Priya ; )