Happy Birthday Chaparro : )

You are one of my #1's ( can't forget my Miguelito )

Happy 35th Birthday to my Chaparro.

We've been together for 9 beautiful years and spent many wonderful birthdays together.
He is my other half and completes me in every way. -My Soul-mate-
Love you sweetie and may this year be full of lots of health and happiness, may you be blessed with many more birthdays : )

Te Amo - Kary


  1. HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY to your wonderful husband!!! the sweetest post for your soul mate. How cosmic is it that the loves of our life share the same birthday and turned the same age?!?! Max turned 35 too. :) SERIOUSLY, we were meant to meet each other ;)

    THANK YOU SOOO MUCH for the cuuuute birthday card - Max couldn't stop smiling :) please tell Miguelito that for us as well. You really are the kindest heart ever.

    i hpoe you two had an AMAZING day together and someday, i hope i can say we've been married that long. You guys are beautiful together!!! xoxo

  2. Happy Belated Birthday to the love of your life ..and this post really couldn't be any sweeter :)
    It really made me smile :)
    I am sorry i havent been able to reply to you but its been really hectic with all the packing and moving ...but i hope you guys had an awesome day and night ;) and wishing him all the very best life has to offer always ..
    Lots of love ..P