Happy Mothers Day Madrecita Linda : )

Growing up I was the happiest child ever. You can notice by my really wide grin : ) that I was a very, very happy child. Te amo mami yes my mami she is my best friend, my confidential, and my everything!!!! As a child she helped me so much and was a great mom and now my Miguelito has the chance to have such a terrific grandmother who can love and spoil him so much.... I give thanks to God every single day to have the wonderful mom that I have. Thank you so much mami linda for the sacrifices that you have made throughout your life especially the biggest one you ever made which was to leave your beautiful country behind our gorgeous Mexico y querida mamacita thanks to you I am the person that I am (which by the way I think is pretty cool if I may say so : D ) I love you and pray to God to give you tons of health.

Feliz Dia De Las Madres Mami! Happy Mothers Day Mami!

P.S. My mom gets to celebrate two happy mothers day. Today and tomorrow the 10th, because in Mexico Mothers Day is on the 10th : )

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