Magnet Swap

Yay... I mentioned a while ago that I joined Priya's over at My Reflections - magnet swap. It was my second swap to participate in and I was really excited. I was paired with the lovely Micaela over at Dolce Vita. It has been a really rough week, so when I opened my mailbox on Tuesday and saw the package Miguelito and I jumped for joy, we literally ran up the stairs shoving each other , lol : )

When the package was finally opened my jaw totally dropped open, she was so sweet with all the goodies that she sent us. Below a sneak peak at all the beautiful things she sent Miguelito and me : )

She totally spoiled Miguelito and me, and by the pictures you can see how giddy Miguelito was when I finally let him get a hold of the Snickers that Micaela sent him : ) I was busy taking the pictures for the blog, and he was getting impatient with having the Snickers so close yet so far at the same time : )
She sent over some very beautiful stationary , we especially loved the Horton Hears a Who? We've seen Seussical twice!!
Oh and the notebook with the cupcake mantra I especially went crazy for, super loved it, and the cupcake magnets - we love cupcakes : ) Oh and let me not forget the little vintage ones that Miguelito likes to call the chipmunks - everything was so pretty. The magnets are already up on the fridge, Miguelito likes to play with who he calls Alvin, Simon, & Theodore. One moment they are on the fridge and next thing I know they are on the floor. He likes to use them as action figures, oh boys will be boys.
It made us feel special and totally made our day especially Miguelitos. So to you Micaela a million thanks for the lovely package.
Like we say in spanish " Mil Gracias del fondo de nuestros Corazones "

I especially love the fact that from this swap I have made two lovely friends Micaela & Priya, both lovely young woman with whom a new friendship has blossomed : )

Lots of Love & Hugs to you both.....


  1. you are a doll!!! and Miguelito... oh Miguelito-- those pictures made me SO happy and just adore your little one even more!!!

    how CUTE is he Karina?! you and your husband did well ;)

    it was SUUUUCH a fun swap! more than anything, i am SOOO thankful for our friendship!

    i can't wait to share what you both so kindly spoiled me with :)
    CHEERS to us and our friendship!!!

    and many thanks to Priya for hosting such a fun swap that connected two souls with SO much in common.


  2. ps. I JUST had to show my fiance these pictures cos he was with me when we were debating which candy bar to get Miguelito :) he was JUST AS HAPPY to see these adorable pictures!!! it just makes us so happy.

    really-- by far my favorite swap for these pictures alone.

    you have no idea how much it means to me!

  3. Yayyy for happy mail ... I just love the picture of Miguel holding that Snickers and jumping for joy ..awwww ..isnt he totally adorable :)

    and Micaela did make it quite an awesome swap ..thanks for spreading such good karma Micaela and to you too Karina for being the bestest ..
    I loved everything you've sent me and i love the way our friendship is blossoming ..
    Love does find a way of getting around doesnt it :)

    Looking fwd to all that friendship has brought and cheers to more to come ..

  4. So cute! Your son is adorable and I LOVE Micaela. :) You couldn't have been paired with anyone better. :)