No Words Strong Enough To Describe..

Making the decision to have a child-it's momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body....

Ahhhh to be a mom. Like my title says there are no words strong enough for me to explain what I truly feel as a mom. It is the most wonderful experience in the world. The feeling of having so much love you feel like your going to explode. I love my son so much and can't wait to have my other future children to be able to share our love and togetherness with them. Meanwhile my little partner in crime and I will have a blast and fully enjoy our precious time together. I LOVE MY MIGUELITO SO MUCH!!!!!!!!


  1. Karina,

    OH MY GOODNESS, i feel sheepish because you went ABOVE AND BEYOND on our magnet swap!!!! seriously, i apologize mine was so little :( BUT!!! the good news is, we darling are going to be the BEST of pen pals :) so im making it up to you PRONTO! to you and little miguelito (SO SWEET cos that's actually what my father's father called him... my father's name is Miguel and there's 4 generations of them :) so your son has a solid name xo) I ADORE YOU! i haven't even had the chance to read more on you but i already adore you! :) how cute is your son and how beautiful are you!? VERY!!!

    in my next letter to you, it will be as if it's a real swap... so count my magnet swap as a preview ;) PLEASE!!! i beg you lol

    happy early mother's day!!!

    after a long day of working today it was SOOO VERY NICE to come home to your lovely pkg! i'll be writing you soon :)


  2. Oh My Micaela!!!! I did not mean to make you feel bad. The magnets you sent were lovely. Miguelito loved them he calls them Alvin, Simon ,& Theodore. One moment they are on the refrigerator the next Miguelitos using them as action figures - Boys... Please what I sent you was from the bottom of my heart as I'm sure what you sent me as well was sent from the bottom of your heart.. No need to send anything else... Yay as for pen pals lovely looking forward to writing letters back and fourth. My dad's name and brother's is Miguel as well so my son is 3rd generation.. You are to sweet. Thank you for everything especially the lovely compliments... Take Care sweets and hope to hear from you soon : ). Karina