It's been such a busy and crazy week. These are some pictures that I've taken just for fun. I love to take my camera always and have my computer overflowing with pictures : )
I've also been feeling so nostalgic this week, but I'm not sure why? My head is full of so many thoughts, one of them is missing my grandfather, he was such an important part of my life and Miguelito's especially. Each night when he goes to sleep he kisses my Betito's picture and always asks me the same question " Why did he have to go away"? and I can't help but ask myself the same question. I feel so empty....


  1. oh Karina, my heart hurt after that last line. :(

    i miss my grandaddy so much and it hurts to think my babies won't know the most delightful smart man i have ever known...

    nostalgia.. it's a curious little thing isn't it?

    hugs to you and what beautiful beautiful pictures! xo

  2. Thank you Micaela for your nice words : )

    I know I should be grateful that Miguelito got to meet his great-Grandaddy and that they got to forge a special bond, and to that I give thanks to God.

    New project of mine to make postcards with the pictures I take. I've sent some with Postcrossing : )