Walking, Eating, Walking, & More Eating : )

Our weekend phew......... What a weekend.. It was basically spent walking & eating ,walking
& eating in that order : ) The weather was perfect both Saturday & Sunday.

We started off Saturday morning with soccer and a picnic at the park, afterwards we walked alongside the Hudson river down by riverside park. A family of ducks followed us across the river : ) Our goal to walk up to Big Daddy's Diner, it just opened around our area ( they do have 2 more locations) and ever since Miguelito saw it was opened he was just aching to go and drink the famous cookie monster shake : ) we waited approximately 20 min to be seated. Once inside we were greeted by friendly waiters and the cool air conditioner. I really tried my best to take pictures of the delicious food we ate, but after all the walking we did we were really hungry : ) So only some of the food was able to be photographed.
It was still so early outside that we decided to walk through the park again until the sun bid us goodbye and the moon greeted us hello...


We tried to sleep in a little bit but Miguelito was so anxious to go to the street fairs that he woke us up screaming " Fair, Fair, Fair "
So up we were, ate a little cereal to make sure we had a little something before our walk through the streets. Whenever there is a street fair they are usually full of people you can barely walk. To our surprise there were hardly any people, hmmm maybe they got spooked because the forecast said there was 30% probability rain.We lucked out It was beautiful a little cloudy and breezy : )
It was a lot of fun to see all the food stands and knick knack stands. There was even a rummage sale and we got some pretty cool knick knacks including the miniature art made in Peru. Along the way we found another fair, that one was celebrating Ecuador's Independence. Humberto got to listen to his country's traditional music and eat some yummy food as well.
Once we got home we basically dropped unconscious and sad to see our weekend go by so fast. Thankful that it's just a preview of our summer.
It's funny how we ate out both days it was like mother's day for me no cooking at all, our weekend was full of yummy foods and ices : )
I love my life and give thanks to God every single day.

This week promises to be full of excitement as well. Miguelito's 1st grade sing is tomorrow : )
He's a little nervous to perform in front of a lot of people. We will also be celebrating Humberto's birthday until the weekend since his birthday falls on Thursday a weekday. And I get to see Sex and The City 2 on Thursday.....yay....

How was your weekend? Are you looking forward to anything this week?

Hope everyone has a great week : )

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  1. Sounds like an amazing weekend, and Miguelito is precious. :)