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Delicioso!!!! Yummy!!!! My daddy the chef baked me something a little special for mother's day. A very scrumptious Chocolate Truffle Tart!!!! Now where to begin... Hmmm.....

5 comments on "Yummy!!!!"
  1. mmmm yummy!!! :)


  2. oh honey i know you didn't mean to :) which makes me adore you even more! mine did come from the heart but i didn't think outside the box with this one and i'm so sorry! i love that i got to know more about you though because i might have found a few lovelies that INSTANTLY made me think of you ;) see? we're already close friends ;)


    hugs to your little miguelito :)

  3. Belated Happy Mothers day to you and this comes a little late since ive been MIA for quite a while ..haven't been writing and am way behind on reading up ..been really busy this past week ..
    but i hope u had a lovely day !!
    and mama's little munchkin made mama a proud mama ..

    Love and hugs !

  4. Thank you so much sweetie, but like they say better late than never. I was missing you already in blog world. Hope you were busy in a good way and that everything is ok. Looking forward to your new posts. Take care and hope to hear from you soon. By the way I will be sending you an email very shortly ; ). Lots of love and hugs from both me & Miguelito ; )


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