Wish List - Shoes Oh-La-La

Ah a wish list. I love shoes..... and would love to have a closet all to myself filled with all my goodies which would include the tons of shoes I own. The following list is inspired by some Dirty Laundry boots I found at a Rummage Sale (will post a separate post later with all the goodies I got at the rummage sale)

Top to Bottom:

Abu Dhabi inspired, love flats : ) , black ones for summer night dates , the stone colored ones for dancing with the love of your life : ), and the last ones for a special girls night out. I actually got a pair as a gift, I'm supposed to wear them on my birthday celebration with my girlfriends when we go see Eclipse : )

Aren't shoes beautiful, can't live without them.......



  1. That last pair is in-credible. LOVE THEM! Shoes are the easiest wish list item . . . I could always go on and on . . .

  2. I'm wearing a pair just like #2 today!

  3. i wouldn't mind having those shoes! my feet are so small i have a hard time finding interesting shoes, but my husband says he's glad because that keeps me from spending too much money!

  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the second pair!!

    Happy Friday! Have a great sunny weekend!