Dum-Dum me want Gum-Gum

What a weekend!!! Ever since Miguelito came out of school, he has kept me on my toes = ) and I wouldn't have it any other way. Our days have been packed with non-stop adventures. We even got a chance to go to the movie theater and watch Despicable Me ( third time in a row) and than sneak in to see Inception - 2 for the price of one. Yes, we are a mischievous pair = )

During the weekend we got to go to the Museum Of Natural History. One of Miguelito's favorite places to visit. So of course we had to stop by and say Hi to Dum-Dum = ) It's always exciting to pass by that exhibit, my lil munchkin gets so excited and he can't wait until he turns 7 in September so he can do the "A Night At The Museum Sleepover". We have had such hot but beautiful weather that we've spent time at Riverside Side Park soaking up some Vitamin D... We even got to see a dragon cloud trying to attack our city = ) Miguelito called him "Hiccup".
We are having the times of our lives...


  1. I keep hearing more and more about Inception, but I don't know anything about it and haven't even seen a trailer! I'm getting more and more curious by the minute, though, so may have to check it out myself. :)

  2. he is just PRECIOUS!!! i bet he is loving being out for summer :)

    Hiccup-- ADORABLE!!!

    ps. did you two ever get my little package?

  3. Am glad to hear that you're having the time of your life ..may all the summers be as good as this or better ..and am loving all the pics too ..keep posting sweets ..
    Love and hugs