It has been a great beginning to a very hectic week. First of all the weather has been beautiful. We have had a relief from last weeks temperature,which was really HOT & Sticky.... despite the not so great weather Miguelito and I still managed to roam around NYC in the crazy heat = ) We got to go to "The High Line"which is located in downtown NYC. Before we went up to The High Line ( a public park, which was built on an elevated 1930s rail structure) we bought some sandwiches,drinks and fruits, and off we went to climb the flight of stairs. We found some seats and sat down to eat our food with a beautiful view of our city. There is a special part in the park in which butterflies are flying around.One stood on Miguelito and stayed with us for half an hour, meaning Miguelito had to stay still for a whole thirty minutes-lol- It was a long and wonderful morning. I got to take some pretty awesome pictures if I may say so myself. I really wish I could post all of the pics I took but they are just too many!!!

This week has been somewhat different, we have been crazy with helping my parents get ready for their trip. My parents and brother will be leaving to Mexico this Saturday, it was really sad to think they would be leaving for two weeks. My lovely Humberto saw that and said for me to go with Miguelito for one week and a half. It has been 9yrs since I have been to Mexico to see my family and friends, and it will be Miguelitos first time ever, we are super ecstatic and torn because my Humberto will be staying behind and it breaks our heart to leave him behind = (
I am still waiting for one thing to fall through and hopefully by tomorrow or Thursday I will be able to buy our tickets for us to leave on the 7th of August and come back on the 19th of August.

Why do I feel so happy yet so so sad at the same time?

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