Life is Like Chocolate Covered Strawberries : )

How time goes by I can't believe that in less than 12 days my baby is going to be 7yrs old, it seems like yesterday he was in my belly and we were all so crazy for him to be born. And the best part is that Miguelitos birthday is on September 5th and my mami's Birthday is on September 10th so he was like her early birthday present -lol-.... Now I have a week to plan two birthday parties or one if we combine both birthdays : ) Hmmmmm.what to do......

Going ahead to something else I have been craving chocolate covered strawberries for so long but I was really unwilling to pay more than $3.00 bucks a piece for one at Godiva, and than yesterday I thought - hey I know how to make myself some yummy desserts- so off we went to Target. I bought some strawberries and chocolate to melt. Today after a very long day I got to baking.

They came out pretty good and boy were they Yummy!!!!!!


  1. yummy post! September is a busy month for me too! Sooo many birthdays my mom's on the first, mine's on the 9, my brother's on the 20 and my son's on the 27 I always say December is always a cold month! lol!

  2. Wow!!!! Yes very busy indeed it's full of so many birthdays.... On the 9th just a day before my mom's how much coincidence , than that means that you are a perfectionist : )... My son and mom can really be something, sometimes very bossy and perfectionist -lol-

    Yes December very Cold : )

  3. Well then I guess a perfectionist I am! I like to do things myself so that I do them and do them well! It's hard for me to delegate chores at my house! I guess I should start being a bit more flexible ah! Have a good weekend :)