Mexico City = )

Tonight we will be in Mexico City after 9 long years. Getting ready to leave my house to go to the airport. And I'm full of emotions, first of all I'm sad - my other half is staying behind, I'm nervous,excited, and I have the horrible nagging feeling that I'm forgetting something (I really hope I don't forget anything essential)......... But I'm sure that once I'm in Mexico I will be more relaxed and able to enjoy myself, first I must survive these horrible steps....
It will be great to reunite with family and friends. And I can't wait to get back and share the pictures and adventures. Most important I pray for a safe trip and that everything is ok........

Hasta Luego........... Never say Goodbye.....It's see you later..... : )

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  1. Never say goodbye! :) i prayed for your safe travels and am SOOO EXCITED for you two! sad your husband isn't able to go, but so glad you get to see family! there is no comfort or love like a family's.

    YOU my darling are PRECIOUS!! i just posted about your goodie package to me. SERIOUSLY MADE MY DAY!!! i'm sooo glad to know you. I adore you both!

    hugs and kisses to you xoxo