Up In The Air

Yesterday was a very sad day ; ( We dropped my parents and brother off at the airport, even though we get to see them next Saturday when my sister, Miguelito, and me go to Mexico it was still heartbreaking. We are so used to have them nearby that we get to see them everyday. The night before they left I kept feeling sad and on our way to the airport I had a huge lump in my throat, meanwhile unaware of how the farewell would impact my Miguelito. My dad believes in being super early for everything -you never know-,thanks to that we were at the airport 5 hours early so we got to hang out with them for a while before leaving them at the gate. The time passed and so did our time with them, before we knew it the time to say goodbye had arrived. The biggest lump ever got stuck in my throat and as my dad and me hugged goodbye I lost it, I started crying and heard a far away wimping as I looked over my shoulder I saw Miguelito crying and wimping because he didn't want his grandma and grandpa to leave, this started a whole crying fest from my mom and him. Deep breath, deep breath Humberto told me, and I went to hold my baby and comfort him. It's incredible how hard goodbyes can be, no matter how long they might be for. It was a rough night for Miguelito crying himself to sleep, now all he has to do is count down the days until he gets to be on a plane which will take him to Mexico to reunite with his grandma and grandpa. It will be a many first for my baby, first time in a plane and first time in Mexico. Until than all he can do is look up at the sky and see the planes and imagine himself with his Abuelitos ; )And as far as goodbyes go the hardest one is coming up this Saturday when we have to say bye to Humberto, if this goodbye was hard just imagine how awful this coming one will be ; (

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