Back 2 School....

It's 12:01am meaning it's officially Thursday and my lil night owl is still awake 8 D
Even after all the commotion from yesterdays first day of school as a second grader : )
As for me my eyes are burning and my pillow keeps on whispering sweet nothings in my ear...

It was a wonderful day and Miguelito had a blast, it was so exciting to pick him up from school at 3:20pm and see his smile from ear to ear. He loved his teacher and has his best friend Mason in the same class again, they have known each other since kindergarten. Last year they were put into different classrooms and only got to play after school or during recess but now they sit next to each other and get to get in trouble because they talk to much-lol-
It was a very short school week, because today begins their four day weekend and it's back to school until Monday. Miguelitos last 4 days to sleep in late before a very long and busy year begins...
Looking forward to a great and wonderful year...

It will be wonderful to see my two boys when they are older and still the best of friends..
Wishing them the best year ever : )


  1. They look so happy to be back together again!
    I look forward to reading all about you and Miguelito throughout this year! :)

    ps. Miguelito has the sweetest smile. I can see why you call him a little charmer and heartbreaker. ^_^

  2. Oh, such a cute picture of Miguelito and his friend! Good luck to both of them in this coming school year! My daughter started 3rd grade 3 weeks ago and she was a bit upset at the beginning because none of her friends from last year were in her class. Now, she is happy and she says she is popular! oh well! Good day Karina!

  3. I just LOVE pics of your sweet Miguelito!!! His back to school pics are just precious!! :) So glad him and Mason are in the same class together. Micaela and I were just like Miguelito growing up - night owls!!! :)

  4. @Sandra- thank you for the sweet comments, yes they tell me to watch out with Miguelito when he grows up -lol-
    So happy to have been paired up with you in Gracie's swap and really looking forward to reading your adventures through out the year : )

    @Claudia- it is hard when they have no buddies from last year in the same class, but I'm happy your daughter is popular-me imagino that is quite a charmer herself : )

    @Marz- Gracias Miguelito is very photogenic- unlike me-lol...
    Nightowls- love it I myself grew up like you guys with us falling asleep real late and waking up late : )
    Miguelito will usually stay up late with grandma when he can- He loves it : )