A grandfather is a father who has a second chance...

My life was blessed with me being able to have my two Papas from both sides of my family with me. I was blessed with the two best grandfathers ever. They were a big part of my life and still are even though one of them is not here physically with me, it's been two years since my Papa Betito (my mami's dad) passed away and how we miss him. My other Papa - His name is Trini is still alive and going strong at the age of 95yrs old ; D. He lives in Mexico City and I was so worried to not be able to see him again, anything can happen in 9yrs. But my dear God has kept him safe and healthy. That was the main reason for my heart ache to go back to my Mexico lindo, and my dear Humbe hated to see me so worried and sad.He knows how important and special family is to me.My baby lost his papi this past year in May without him being able to say goodbye to his darling papa after approximately 15yrs of not seeing him. After 9 very long years my papa Trini was there waiting for me. So on he sent me and Miguelito to Mexico to make my dream come true.

The three Miguels with Papa Trini - holding up a pic of my Papi


I felt like my heart was going to explode. It was one of the most emotional and hardest things I have ever done. My grandparents are divorced, meaning I didn't get to see my papa until 3 days after my arrival in Mexico. It was beautiful to see him and hear his advice and just kiss him non-stop.Which meant the Goodbye was Hard.. We all came out crying even my Miguelito, he was filled with so much emotion. I love my papa and always carry him in my heart and mind.
I pray to God to keep him safe and healthy..

Telling my papa Goodbye.....

Thank you to my Amor Humbe for making my dream come true... I love you my love..Te amo mi vida....


  1. Oh Kary! I loved your post! Made me remember my grandparents they're all with God now! I miss them...Your papi looks very good for 95 yrs old! God will keep him strong for many more years to come I know that! For some reason a simpler lives leads to a longer and healthier life!

    Hey, I loved loved the last picture!

  2. Oh! Claudia thank you so much for your beautiful words. They mean so much ; D Its incredible the impact a grandfather can have on you. God bless your abuelitos y que descansen en Paz.... Take care sweet girl ; D

  3. This post brought me to tears ..I lost one of my granddad (my dad's dad )a couple of years back and that makes me appreciate and love my other grand dad even more ..its definitely a blessing to have them in our lives and I pray we have their blessings and love for as long as we can ..
    *hugs* to you my dear ..

  4. Oh! My sweet friend - sorry about your granddad- it is always sad no matter how much time has gone by. How I long to see my other papa and hear his voice. But yes love your abuelito a lot, and I will also pray to have our papas and their blessings for a very long time *xoxo*