Happy Birthday Mami : )

Happy Birthday Mami : D
May you be blessed with many more years.. I love you and may you always be full of health and a lot of happiness. Thank you for everything and for always being their for me no matter what.
Te amo mamacita y te doy gracias por todos los sacrificios que has hecho por nosotros, y gracias a ti soy la mujer que soy.. Te amo y le pido a Dios que te de muchos anos mas de vida..... Feliz Cumpleanos : )

God made a wonderful mother,
A mother who never grows old;
He made her smile of the sunshine.
And He moulded her heart of pure gold;
In her eyes He placed bright shining stars,
In her cheeks fair roses you see;
God made a wonderful mother,
And He gave that dear mother to me.

- Pat O'Reilly


  1. That is such a sweet poem ..hope Mami had the most amazing birthday ...May she have everything in the world and more coz a mother like that deserves it for sure :)

  2. oh my goodness, can your Mami adopt me too?! she is PRECIOUS!!! and just as beautiful as you-- of course she is, she made you ;) you guys look alike!

    i hope she has an AMAZING celebration of her xoxo

  3. Happy Birthday to your lovely mom! God bless her and give many more years to live and for for you to enjoy her!

  4. Thank you so much sweets girls for all the lovely birthday wishes for my mami ; ) you guys are truly the best... Mil gracias!!!! Yes!!! Micaela you have been adopted you are now my sister... You are officially Micaela Lechuga Maxham Romero Pacheco..... Lots of amor to you three darlings ; )

  5. Happy Birthday to your sweet Mami!!! You guys look like sisters :) Both so gorgeous!!! I love the sweet pictures, especially the kiss one! I love how family means everything to you and how close yours is - such a blessing! I love those edible bouquets! For my dad's 60th Micaela made him a fruit bouquet :)

  6. Thank you Marz for the lovely comments from the bottom of my heart. They always think my mom is my sister when we go to the hospital with Miguelito they don't believe she's the grandma : ) I love my Mami.. And that's one thing we definitely have in common - our love and closeness with our families and that they mean so much to us : ) The best blessing ever.
    Ha!! My mom loves those edible arrangements- she says no cake the fruit is good enough!
    Love the idea of making your own fruit bouquet.