High School...

(In the limo on the way to Prom)

High School was fun and sometimes not that much... I wasn't one of the popular kids au contraire I was considered somewhat of a nerd : D

It's funny how things were because I was really shy and sometimes quiet, yet I managed to be part of the school band, editor of the school newspaper, and part of the Storytelling Club - we would go read to little kids at the public library...
Teachers used to tell me I had strong leadership skills and always picked me to help them out. Therefore I was thought to be a teacher's pet... I didn't mind - in fact that took me to another kind of "cool" level. The boys always respected me, while other girls were called bad words- I was considered "wifey type" the girl you didn't mess with unless you were serious...
At the end I was nominated - Most sweetest smile and friendliest person...
Would I go back to High School? Nah!!! I'm fine living my life right now, to many ignorant people were left behind, being the only Mexican-American in school was not that easy but one thing is for sure thanks to those few people not worth mentioning - I am the strong confident(sometimes-lol) woman that I am today..


  1. Omg! are we all thinking about High School?? My post today talks about wanting to be a Librarian while I was in High school! I was a good student really the quiet type and in no club at all! By the way I love your prom picture! I didn't go to mine really had no interest! Good day Kary!

  2. You looked so beautiful at prom!!! :) I LOVED Prom. I was in love with a guy named Daniel Pino from junior high to about end of freshman year in high school, but he never liked me like that back :( I was SMITTEN with this boy. He asked me to go to senior prom with him and even though my crush on him was long gone (I had already started dating Philip at this time, but because he was so much older than me he didn't go to prom with me) it still made me incredibly happy! :) I can see how you were voted sweetest smile and friendliest person! :) I was voted Forever Friendly as well! :) I was involved in yearbook in high school and loved it. I wish I had played sports, but I never got involved in that aspect. I don't know if I would go to my high school reunion or not - I don't keep in touch with any of my circle of friends from then now. Sad really! I loved college WAY more than high school. I don't miss high school one bit! But I do miss college a lot sometimes. Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

  3. @ Claudia- I was checking Micaela's blog and she had this theme in her post today so I decided to join in : ) I read your comment in her post and I was the same I always made sure to sit all the way in the back- I was very quiet : )I was dating my thought to be husband back than and got to go to the prom with him - it was nice.. Thank you for the picture comment : ) Que tengas un muy buen dia : ) Y gracias por leer el blog...

    @Marz - Thank you for the picture comment.. I loved prom as well, and I got to go with my ex-boyfriend(thought to be my future husband).
    Better late than never on your prom date : )
    I can also see why you were voted Forever Friendly- you are just so sweet : ) I wanted to get involved in the yearbook but I was just too busy with the school newspaper : (
    I never liked playing sports- I was actually afraid of the ball in volleyball -lol- it always ended up hitting me in my head : )I don't think it's sad not going to your high school reunion, I didn't end up going to mines- and I only keep in contact with a few friends... College was WAY better... It was great to learn about your high school years- we have so many things in common..

  4. OK! that sounds like me, I remember at P.E. boys would surround me because I would never ever ever catch the ball during softball games! the only sport I was kind of good at was racquetball I guess because it's kind of like "your turn-my turn" thing, although I was mostly in the lower courts lol!

  5. you were just as beautiful then as you are now-- if not more so now. Motherhood and AMORE does that, doesn't it? i love hearing about high school you-- and just so you know, i think we would have been the best of friends even then ;)

    seriously, who said high school was the best years of anyone's life anyways?! i never got it :)

    THANK YOU for "adopting" me ;) and for always playing along. It means so much that i can always count on you sweetie. We need to exchange numbers and chit chat sometime, agreed?! :)

  6. *Blushing* you are so sweet.... Yes total happiness and bliss is what Motherhood and Amor are what give you a sort of glow : )
    I'm also sure we would have been the best of friends : )

    The popular kids -lol- for them high school was the best years of their life. I just thought of the movie "Never Been Kissed - The last scene in the prom where Josie reveals who she really is and says "Let me tell you something Gibby, Kirsten, Kristin, you will spend your lives trying to keep others down because it makes you feel more important. Why her? Let me tell you about this girl she is unbelievable. I was new here and she befriended me no questions asked. But you, you were only my friend after my brother, Rob, posed as a student and told you to like me. All of you people, there is a big world out there... bigger than prom, bigger than high school and it won't matter if you were the prom queen, the quarterback of the football team, or the biggest nerd in school. Find out who you are and try not to be afraid of it." Couldn't have said it better ; ) My all time favorite movie...

    No need for thanks dulce amiga au contraire it is a pleasure to have such a sweet new seestur
    : ) I love your Wanting to Know you Wednesdays
    ; ) It's always fun and interesting...
    It would be nice to exchange numbers and chit chat sometime. I will make sure to pass it along ; D

  7. Love , love , love your picture ..you're as pretty now as you were back then or perhaps more prettier now ..and teacher's pet ..there's another of those similarities ..i was too and quite the envy for the same reason as well ;)
    and not just high school i wouldnt like to rewind and go back to any phase of my life .. * Now * is the time one needs to enjoy and live fully ..

  8. Love the movie * Never Been Kissed * and that last quote , everytime i watch it , it takes my breath away ..one of my fav movies too !!

  9. @ Pria love it.. so many things in common, yes lots of envy and it still happens to this day..
    I do believe that "Now" is when you need to enjoy and live fully..

    Never Been kissed - LOVE that movie!!!!