Karina In Simple Terms ; D

Something new! I will try my best to keep this going every Monday. Hopefully you guys will get to know me a little better ; D

1- Whenever I watch a movie I almost always fall in love with the soundtrack (except the scary ones).Imagine having 1,2,Freddy's coming for you - on my ipod....

2- I never had a fight during my school years. I'm a girly girl and sometimes "appear" to look weak, my sister was always afraid that someone would beat me up in high school -lol-

3- I'm short - 5'2 : D

4- I'm afraid of whales and I'm not sure how it started.

5- I love to watch my favorite movies over and over again. I never get tired of watching them!

6- I'm a shopaholic - seriously have you watched the movie"Confessions Of A Shopaholic"
that's me - yup!

7- I'm a collector of all sorts of things. You name it! Whenever I go shopping the one thing that I always seem to find and end up needing is a notebook or notepad of some sort : D

8- My all time lucky number is 7 - I use it for everything!!!!

9- When I was 4yrs old, I had an accident in school and had an injury above my left eye. There is a small scar that was left behind and an eye phobia. I can not see anything get near my left eye because I get all nervous, just imagine the eye doctor visits or when I get eyebrow threading -Yikes!
Therefore I've never used eyedrops...

10- I love Friends - It is one of my all time favorite shows!!!!!

LOL - That's me with my eyes....


  1. yay for this new installment!!! i LOVE FRIENDS! i am sooo a rachel :)

    i'm going to love learning more about my sweet friend through these. xoxo

  2. The more I know about you, the harder I laugh at the similarities my friend ..
    The accident in school with a scar above the left eye ..OMG Kary you're going to seriously freak out when i tell you I have one too ..I did not become phobic but did it have to be near the left eye for both of us ??
    and watching movies over and over again oh thats so me ..
    I wanna know more ..keep it coming girl

  3. I love your new look blogs look Kary!

    ok #2 same here! not a fighter but a lover!
    #5 I can also watch a movie over and over...
    #6 I do so love to shop too and the Shopaholic movie, but I'm in rehab! lol!

  4. I meant your "blogs new look" consider this Kary I have to think and then translate and also I am still asleep while I write!!!

  5. Lol I'm only 5'2" too :) I embrace my smallness.

    I LOVE friends! I have all the seasons in a special box set and it's so much fun to watch. I might have to do that again soon.

  6. @ Micaela - I am so a Rachel too!!!!

    @ Pria - Luv ya friend... we were meant to meet each other...

    @ Claudia - you are 2 funny : D
    I need to be a shopaholic in rehab!! Help!!! watching movies over and over again is just one of my many guilty pleasures : D

    @ Gracie - Yes - embracing our smallness : D
    We move around faster and can get away with things!!!
    Thanks to re-runs on television I get to watch Friends nonstop!!! Without taking out my dvd's : D