Mexico Lindo y Querido

Ahhhh... finally I'm home after a very,very long day : )
Laying down in my bed watching "King of Queens" and finally down in front of my laptop ready to start writing about our Sweet vacation.
But first how my day went...Miguelito had an early dentist appointment but it took me so long to get my traumatized child out of the house that we ended up taking a cab and arriving 30 minutes late for the appointment, meaning we were going to be seen last : ( After a 2 hour wait we went in to have the dentist say "whoa we have a big job today" - not good at all that "whoa" totally freaked Miguelito out. He thought they were going to pull out another tooth... Meaning miguelito got freaked out and jumped out the chair, after 15min of crying and not sitting back in the chair-even though I bribed him by saying I would buy him an early birthday present (club penguin ds game). It was decided to try again in one month. Really it was not going to be a bad appointment he needed to get local anesthesia in his mouth to put the tooth to sleep so he could get the filling in 2 cavities and he would feel no pain, but the very dumb dentist said it in a scary way- I'm not a violent person but I really felt like punching her, for not being able to phrase it in a non scary way...grrrrrrrr....We than proceeded to go eat a burger at the shake shack- yummy...... We took so long at the dentist that by the time we finished eating we had no time to go shopping for school supplies we had to eat and run home to pick up his taekwondo equipment. After Taekwondo we headed home so we could get ready to go to the laundromat, it was so Hot today in the laundromat it felt like we were burning... We got home and both ran to see who would take a cold shower first
: ) Miguelito won of course and while I took my shower my baby relaxed and watched Spongebob.


My dad always makes sure to be really early for an appointment or whenever we travel. I remember when we were younger if the plane to Mexico left at 9:00am we would be there at 4:30am.Ha! We literally slept at the airport -lol....... Gotta love my papi : )
This time around I was the head of my family and in charge of getting us safely and on time to the airport. This is how it all went down on August 7,2010 - Our flight to Mexico would depart from Newark at 5:00pm, it was 12:00pm and I was still sleeping : ) As we got up and started to get ready to leave to the airport I realized we had no transportation it was 3 of us and 3 luggage's and 3 carry-ons.... Oh!What to do.. I ended up going online to check airport shuttle service and the only pickup times were within 15 mins, which gave us approximately 15mins to finish getting ready and make sure we had everything and all our important documents with us.
Within 15 mins we were ready and my Humbe carrying down the luggage, it was 1:30pm and the shared van was supposed to pick us up at 1:10pm, my sister remembering the funny person I can sometimes be - asked me if I made the reservation for the correct day-ooopppsss!!!!
When we checked the confirmation email it was accidentally made for the 9th : )
So there we were at 2:10pm in front of our building with luggage and all trying to change the reservation date and get on time to the airport....we finally got through and the van picked us up at a way the craziness made my goodbye with Humbe not too bad we were laughing about the mistake making our farewell somewhat more bearable : (
We arrived at the airport at about 3:30pm and we were checked in by 3:50...phew.. on time and with plenty of time to take some pics and relax....

It was a 5 hour flight with very little turbulence- Thank God - It was Miguelito's first time on an airplane and he was really scared. I am very grateful that it was a very smooth flight-Miguelito even laughed and mentioned he felt like he was on a roller coaster : )

Once we landed it was basically running and disbelief... I couldn't believe that we were in Mexico, and that after 9 long years I was finally going to be reunited with my family and friends and with the country that so long ago I fell in love with : )

We arrived on our cousins 19th birthday.What better welcome than the celebration of another year and united with family once again. Oh!!!! and the days that followed : )

And the most important reason for which Humbe decided it was time I went to Mexico again...


  1. Oh Karina I am sorry to hear things didn't go very smooth at the dentist for Miguelito! I know how that is and I am talking for myself I hate the dentist I get so tense and stressed out that my hands sweet the whole time I am sitting at the dentist chair. Hopefully they took care of everything so next visit will be just a clean up and check up!

    Oh Mexico! Being a Mexican myself I know how fun a Birthday get together can be. It's great to have family members reunited after so many years. I am glad you had a good time with your family. Que tengas buen dia!

  2. What a day to arrive in Mexico ..your cousin's birthday party literally set the tone for one very happening vacation you had ..i am loving the details babe and the pictures too ..keep them coming :)
    Btw I thought doctors were meant to ensure one is comfortable ..not freaked out ..duhhhhhhh !!!
    Hope Miguel's feeling better .. *hugs* to him ..

  3. @Claudia - It's funny why so many people are afraid of dentist, they scare me too. I also hope the next appointment is so much smoother.. I know it was a great way to arrive birthday party and reunion all into one it was the best.. Que tengas un buen fin de semana : )

    @Pria - Yes dulce amiga it was the perfect beginning to the best vacation ever... Tell me about it, I tell you I seriously looked at her like what seriously and meanwhile I felt like jumping up and slapping her...
    Gave Miguelito your hug and yes he's much better all he does now is countdown to his Birthday -lol-
    Have a great weekend sweets : )