Querida Amiga

It's been less than a year since I started blogging - 7 months to be exact : )
and I have met the most amazing and sweetest girls ever:
Pria, Micaela, Claudia, and Marz.
These girls are just amazing and oh so sweet. So full of love and blessed with so much family closeness.. Always willing to lend a listening ear and we haven't even met in person, but it feels like we've been friends forever...
I feel blessed to have met them and have them as friends in my life : )

Monday afternoon we received a very special package from my querida amiga Pria... This post was meant to be put up yesterday : ( Sorry babe... It was just the longest and busiest day ever.. I literally dropped dead in my bed after Miguelito fell asleep - Humbe's a witness he's never seen me fall asleep so fast-lol-

It was a very special and beautiful birthday present for Miguelito.... He was so happy and excited and LOVED EVERYTHING..... I don't know how to say Thank you my friend you are so sweet and deserve all the best in life... I took so many pictures to try and capture Miguelito's joy on camera : ) I told you he would love everything and he did and so did I...

You see Pria "WE" loved everything!!!!!!!!! Miguelito especially fell in love with the Ben 10 ornament he loves to play with it like an action figure. Will you believe it's his first Ben 10 toy...He will always remember it and who gave it to him. Lots of love mi querida amiga and I feel blessed to have met you....

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
From Miguelito & Me : )

P.S. I loved my letter and the pictures on the package : )


  1. Can't tell you how happy i feel right now ..I must have seen/ gone through the pics 5-6 times and Miguelito's expressions are just priceless ..his love for Snickers and oooooh the realisation that he has a Ben 10 ..wow !!
    It was all worth the wait Kary ..and i must tell you , you both just made my day :)
    Also you're both welcome and its totally my pleasure ..so stop thanking me now ..
    I have to , have to put some of these pics on my blog too ..hope its ok ..lotsa love and hugs :)

  2. Dear Kary I am also so glad to have met you via cyberspace your are a sweetheart! Ohhhh, it's so nice to witness such a special moment for Miguelito! Estas fotos lo dicen todo! It's like if I was there, I feel like he is my sobrino now! Bendiciones para toda tu familia!

  3. I specially liked pict #12 and 13 muy sorprendido!

  4. @Pria-Of course you can use the pictures and I am so happy you got to see Miguelito's happiness in the pictures. Especially when he realized it was a Ben 10 ornament- he guards and takes care of Ben 10 with dear life ; D
    Thank you- sorry can't help saying thank you-lol-
    Luv ya lots sweetie..

    @ Claudia - It was a blessing to have met someone as Dulce as yourself through cyberspace,
    May you and your familia always be blessed!
    I love the fact that Miguelito has been blessed with so many Tias ; D

    Lol- I agree picture #12 and #13 are really good, he was like huh what is this and than Omg!!Ben 10 - lol-