To see with your own eyes is to believe..

For sometime now I kept having the same dream over and over again. The dream would begin with me arriving in Mexico for a month on vacation, funny thing is I never actually left the house. The dream would always end with me wanting to go out the house and revisit the store I used to walk to or the market around the corner, but whenever the door got opened and I stepped outside it twisted around and there I was on a plane and on my way home..
Funny thing is that about two months ago that same dream had a good twist I actually ended up going outside for the first time ever and jumping up and down for joy....
That's why the day after we arrived in Mexico I made sure it wasn't a dream and so Sunday morning you could see me running to get up extra early with Miguelito so that we could have a step outside and have a very long day...First thing we did that Sunday morning was go play some basketball at the playground right up the block. We worked up our energy and went off to the market around the corner... On Sundays they do a sort of street fair outside of the market and we got to see lots of goodies and eat lots of yummy foods as well... It was an awesome Sunday the best so far.... we got to relax and chat the day away with family, and Miguelito run around with cousins.... If we were night owls before we got even worse in Mexico : )



  1. Oh my! now you made me hungry! I want some carnitas and taquitos and fruta con chile...Nice post!

  2. Thank you - Tell me about it when I was putting up the pictures, it felt like I was at the mercado...

  3. thank you for "taking" me along with you-- beautiful country, beautiful you!

    i love your tat ;)