Traveling Wednesdays : D

I really hope I can keep up with this order of themes : D For now this segment will include our adventures during our trip to Mexico, when that is over I will be posting about our travels in
NYC ; D - it will vary from eating out to just hanging around our city. Hope you enjoy these post as much as I will enjoy sharing hem with you all :D

Before I continue with our traveling adventures in Mexico, I want to say "Feliz Dia de San Miguel" a todos los Miguels : D In other words- "Happy Saint Michaels Day" - Today is the feast day - the celebration of Saint Michael Arcangel : D There are three Miguels in my life my papi, my brother and my son Miguelito - It's almost like a birthday celebration : D
And a very special Felicidades to Micaelas Daddy and brother Miguel - Felicidades!!!!

During our time in Mexico one of the places that we got to visit was Xochimilco (it is located South of the center of Mexico City) It was beautiful!!!
Xochimilco is a series of canals,all that is left of the Ancient Lake of Xochimilco.
We got to ride in a beautiful and colorful "Trajinera" - a Xochimilco boat : )
It was a 2 hour ride in which while you tour the canals and enjoy chit chatting- vendors of all kinds row next to you to sell either food, souvenirs, or yummy sweets : D Even mariachis have their own trajinera and row next to you and serenade you with music : D

During our ride in the trajinera a floating restaurant cooked us dinner and served us and on we went enjoying the ride and the view,about halfway during the ride the trajinera stops in a little garden (where I got Micaelas lil hippo) and you get to hop off and walk around while your tour guide sits down to eat and take a rest from all the rowing - delicioso : D

Xochimilco was one of our most memorable experiences. The best part ever was being able to enjoy it with my familia : D We will be sure to visit next time we go to Mexico - especially so that my Humbe can go : D

Xochimilco - Isn't it beautiful :D
That same day we got to visit three places .... next week I will show you the second place we got to go to.
One clue.....Goal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. OMG! That sounds and looks like fun! The food, the mariachi, the flowers, the scenery! Except a 2 hr ride seems long to a non swimmer like myself!!! But I bet they're going slow. I might go with you because I know you will not rock the boat just for fun right??? I am a land lover...

    My husband has a tio that lives in Cuernavaca and that man loves to travel and knows all of Mexico I bet! I'd love to go visit him someday so he can show us around!

    All I know of Mexico is Tijuana where I was born, and I went to Nayarit and Zacatecas for a couple of Missionary trips with my church youth group during some summers!

    Love to know more of mi Mexico querido thru your eyes Thanks Kary keep them coming!

    Ok next Wednesday, Goal?? uhmmm?? El Estadio Azteca??

  2. This is such a treat to watch ..I am sure these are memories you will always treasure ..and kudos on this new meme ..I look fwd to many more Traveling Wednesdays and count on you to keep regaling us with your travel stories and Mexico or NY vicariously is exciting and both fun :))
    keep up the good work babes !!

  3. @ Claudia -It's funny because the Mariachi that was rocking the boat was singing "El Mariachi Loco quiere cantar", meanwhile I'm holding my breath thinking Dios Mio these Mariachi are Locos : D You can choose how much time you want the boat ride to be and the truth I wanted it to be longer the two hours feel like nothing it goes by so fast! Yeah it does go slow : D

    Cuernavaca ; D Que bonito I hope to visit someday, for our next visit I wish to go visit more places in Mexico : D. I have family that lives in Zacatecas and actually got to visit them when I was 16yrs old- A very long time ago! But I loved it and want to take Miguelito someday : D

    I'm so happy your enjoying the Mexico posts, I especially love reliving our time there : D
    It went by to fast!

    OMG!!!!!! Is all I'm saying about this coming Wednesday's post-lol- : D

    @Pria Yeah babes memories that will be treasured forever : D
    I look forward to seeing your post about India and the beautiful memories that you will get to treasure as well : D

    Living Vicariously : D Not really! Well for me at least but not to everybody : D
    As long as I'm having a blast with my family weather it's just going to the park - I'm Happy and truly Blessed : D
    Luv ya lots xoxo