Why do weekends go by so fast? : (

Why do weekends go by so fast? It sucks, especially with winter right around the corner. So many cold mornings are headed our way in which I wish I could just stay curled up and cuddled up in bed. : D

Just when time seems to slow down it starts going fast again....

This weekend was Oh so sweet....

My family is full of runners...

My papi started a long time ago and has always been our example. He has run a total of 15 NYC marathons and countless of races : ) When I got married with Humbe he was passed down the tradition of running, my papi took him running one morning and Humbe has been hooked ever since : ) He has run a total of 2 NYC marathons, it will be 3 in total with the one he will be running on November 7,2010...
On weekends you will usually find us at the park, where Humbe and Miguelito participate in races (tradition just keeps on being passed down) This Saturday was no different we got to wake up at 6:00am so my two boys could go running : )

My babes, all that's missing is me. I used to participate my first race was when I was 12yrs old... It's something that I haven't done in a while but have really put it down as something that will be done by the beginning of next year : )

As for Sunday we got to sleep in!!!!Yay!!!!!!! I don't get to do that anymore- I usually have Miguelito or Humbe bothering me.. But this Sunday morning we "all" woke up at 1:00pm...Yes 1:00pm....Woooohooooo... I got to stay in bed after wards while my boys made me breakfast now there's too feeling like a Queen : ) Perfect ending to the most excellent weekend : )

This week will be the first full one of school and tomorrow Miguelito has his belt testing...
Cheers...To a very long and interesting week .......


  1. Well it's a good thing that your two boys treat you like a Queen! I have to make breakfast for five on Sundays and we really all are (except my husbands daughter) early birds we're up at 4:00am on weekdays and 6:00am at the latest on Weekends!

    My husband and his father love to run too just for exercise and to stay fit. I remember when we were newly weds my husband convinced me to go with him I could only do a couple of laps! I should start exercising...at least walking.

    Good day Kary!

  2. I love the photos of all the men in your life :) It's so nice to have such a healthy family tradition such as running. That is AMAZING that your father has done 15 NYC Marathons and countless races! He is def an inspiration! I have always wanted to run a 5K and I'm going to attempt this next month at the Race for the Cure. I just don't think I can run the whole thing straight, but I at least want to run some of it :) I've never been a good runner, I've always had to work at it, but I always feel so amazing after a run! Your Sunday sounded SO perfect! I love sleeping in when I can :)

  3. @Claudia I got lucky that Sunday -lol- I'm usually the one up early doing the breakfast.. Wow- you guys really are early birds-We will be getting up really early now that Miguelito starts his weekend activities so this Sunday was an excellent gift..

    It seems that our special men in our lives are our example- now us las mujeres a ponerse las pilas and show them we can too : )

    @Marz- Thank you sweetie from me and my papi : )
    He is my inspiration and I someday also hope I will run a marathon. I wish you the best of luck next month at the Race for the Cure- that was the first race that I participated in with my mom- running and walking.. It does feel amazing to run no matter how much : ) and you will do great : ) Sleeping in is the best...

  4. I LOVE learning about my "adopted family" ;) i have ALWAYS wanted to run a long distance run (i won't say marathon just yet ha!) so your Papi and family inspired me and I LOVE that it's something the men in your life have in common and can share.

    send Miguelito all my warm wishes and HUGE HUGS from me, max, and now our 3 girl pups ;) xoxo