30 Seconds Of Fame : )

They say everybody has at least 30 seconds of fame during their lifetime. These are my papis 30 seconds of 
 fame : )

: )  I love my papi with all my heart. This interview was done right after Lady Gaga wore her meat dress at the MTV music awards. We like to bother my papi and tell him that Lady Gaga knows where he works at and that she will come looking for him any moment now - lol- His answer $45.00!!!!
Te Amo -Papi


  1. Oh Kary you have your papis same beautiful smile!! tell him that I love meat therefore I love him!! does he cook??

  2. hehe that is so cute! I love that your papi was able to have his 30 seconds of fame. What a great little segmet :)

    And thanks for your lovely comment! Your Miguelito is so adorable!

  3. Thats so cute(!!) and what a bargain :P

    Bright Green Laces

  4. that's so cool! ^^
    congrats with his 30 sec of fame :D

  5. WOW!! That is SOOO awesome!! :) I just love seeing your papi :) He looks so sweet! I agree with Claudia on where you get your beautiful smile! That really is just too cool :) Out of all the places they could have gone and people they could have talked to in NY they talked to your superstar papi! :) So neat and special!

  6. OMG!! TE AMO your papi too in that hat! and his answer :) oh goodness, HOW AWESOME to be chosen to interview. I LOVE IT! unfortunately i don't love meat like claudia and twinkie, but if i did, i would go there to see him! i'd see him any way ;) i love his smile and his answer too! SO AWESOME!!! i can't get over it!!!

    i love how you guys joke with him about gaga ha! ADORE IT SO!!!!

    and now Miguelito is going to be famous-- i've voted and liked his gap casting call-- HE'S SO HANDSOME and would be PERFECT!!! xoxo

  7. lol that is sooo awesome!!!!

    I love his answers!! X)