Flashback Tuesdays : )

Pre-K Graduation - Can you guess which one I am?  I'm the shortest one : )

I loved watching this show : )


  1. I've actually never saw that show! it's the 80's right?? it sure looks like something I would have liked!

    Que bonitos recuerdos! you sure are the cutest graduate! xoxo

  2. I could spot you out RIGHT away :) ADORABLE!! You were such a precious little thing :)
    And OMG Kary, I have not thought about that show in YEARS!!!! I have completely forgotten about it until I watched it on your post! We use to watch that all the time :) That's so crazy, such a blast from the past :) Thanks for the memory - I will have to look up an episode on youtube now to remember it! I can't remember it as clearly as I do Saved By the Bell!