Happy Halloween : )

It's been a week full of so many fun activities. One of them included eating so many yummy Halloween treats and we haven't even gone trick or treating yet : ) It's been a blast because it's just the beginning, Halloween is the holiday that kicks everything off from now until December : )

Wishing everybody a great,fun and very safe Halloween.
Happy Halloween sweet friends : )

P.S. Thank you to all my voters out there, you guys have been entered in my giveaway, remember to please tell your friends to vote for Miguelito and get a chance to win my giveaway : )


  1. No Halloween for us Kary! I don't like it and my kids are used to it so they really don't feel like they're missing anything! Be safe out there! But yeah! the Holidays are finally here!!

  2. You guys look like you had an awesome lead up to halloween!

    australia doesnt reallllly do halloween - i have never seen a trick or treater, thats how into it everyone is - so im living through everyones blogs :)

  3. What a sweetheart! I love that the holidays season is upon us. Thanks again for your camera suggestions and your experiences. It definitely helps.