Karina In Simple Terms

This was supposed to be Mondays post - but better late than never : D

1 - I am a very silly person , and have been called retarded by certain family members : D
I'm a giggler what can I say - I love my Life!!!!

2- I'm a very picky eater! I hate condiments - ketchup - cream cheese - mayonnaise - mustard - are just an example. I judge food by appearance and smell. Therefore I miss out on a lot of great food that is out there.

3- I am a very sappy and romantic person - who's been told that she's into the whole love cliche.

4- I LOVE - LOVE - LOVE to take pictures! You will always see me taking pictures with my cellphone or camera : D, my sisters in law like to tease me because it's pictures non-stop...
I've sent Santa Claus my wish list and can hopefully get a Lomographic Fish Eye2 Camera or a Fijifilm Instax Mini 7 Camera : D ( it doesn't look good so far )

5- I love Eeyore : D And thanks to my daddy and lil sis I have quite a few eeyore items - even though my lil sister bothers me for loving my depressed little donkey - he just needs a lil loving..... I even made sure that Miguelito liked eeyore : D When I was 3 months pregnant - Humbe and me went to the Disney store and bought our baby an Eeyore stuffed animal - half blue/half pink - because we didn't know the gender...Poor eeyore can still be found bouncing around the house - no wonder he's depressed : D

6 - I can be very pessimistic sometimes (not good)

7 - I hate to admit to this next one - Gulp! I have never been to a spa - never gotten a special stone massage or massage of any kind. Gulp! I hope to go to one someday : D

8 - I love my family more than my own life and would do anything for them!

9 - I am not happy with my body image and therefore lack confidence in myself. I always feel bad after looking at a magazine and looking at so many pretty skinny models.

10 - I get hot flashes and can almost swear that I am going through early menopause - lol-


  1. I want to know everything about you, the little random things that make you so unique! So I love, love, love these posts and learning your little quirks :) Like your love for Eeyore that you passed on to your darling Miguelito! :) You are too cute! I love thinking of you buying a mixed pink and blue toy for your baby :) That pic of the two of you in silly classes is ADORABLE! I can ALMOST agree with you on #2 because I HATE ketchup, sour cream or mayo - but I LOVE mustard! I could eat mustard on almost anything! :) I wish I could take you on a spa date! I don't get to go very often (unlike my twinkie who seems spa spoiled by her Chip! :) but I wish I could go with you!

  2. i agree to what my dear twinkie said. I LOVE learning more about you!!!
    love it.

    and oh sweet girl, i know what to get you for christmas/birthday. you need to be pampered with a massage-- you deserve it! ;) my back is sooo terrible with work (used to be high heels!) lol that i wish i could afford to get them often. (i'm even thinking about acupuncture!)

    i'm really struggling with your #9 at the moment. it's been sooo long since i've been to the gym and now with my twinkie's super weight loss (though don't get me wrong! i'm proud of her) i feel it even more :P

    I LOVE your glasses photo and wish i was more silly if that makes sense ;)

    i do so love learning more about you!

  3. Oh I wish I can join you girls for a spa or a massage! You are not the only one Kary! Even in my house they all need mom to "sobame, rascame, hasme piojito"...

    Oh I so wish you can get you camera for Christmas! Hopefully Santa answers your letters! you do take good pictures you can even start your business (talk to Santa about that)!

    I had hot flashes when I was on meds for my fertility treatments and they are not fun at all!

    Yeah I've seen those skinny girls with sexy clothes and high heels! but do they have the love of a family and a healthy life style? You do Kary so enjoy it and live up to the fullest! Oh and think positive! I have to remind myself of that too! xoxo