Karina In Simple Terms

1 - I think to much and sometimes I feel lost. My therapy - walk every morning through Central Park.

2- When I sleep you will always find my feet sticking out from under the blanket no matter how cold it is : D

3 - When I was in my early teens my favorite books were the R.L. Stine books, I would lock myself in the room and lower the lights and read with a booklight.

4 - I love to read while listening to music (my mami can't believe I can concentrate), each book I read has it's own soundtrack : D

5 - I always take a shower or a bath with warm/hot water, never with cold :  D No matter how hot it is outside. Yet I love to go to the beach.

6 - I love my chocolate to have something, the only plain one I can eat is Dove smooth chocolate. Gotta love chocolate with almonds.

7 - I am lactose intolerant.

8 - I love - love - love scented lotion, especially when it says seductive scent : D Grrrrrrrrr.......

9 - I am very sensitive and tend to cry when I am arguing - no matter the person. I just get so frustrated and next thing you know I'm crying.

10 - I was considered the black sheep of the family by certain people  O;^)


  1. I LOVE that photo - so artistic and you are so beautiful! I would do anything to go walk in Central Park with you!! One of these days when I finally make it to NYC I will have to do just that :) OMG I remember the R.L. Stine books! :) I wasn't a huge fan because I'm such a scardy cat, but I LOVED the Babysitters Club SO much! I COMPLETLY agree with you on having to have something in my chocolate! I love almonds most and wafers. And again, just like you Dove is the only chocolate I can eat that's plain because it's just that good :) I don't like Dark Chocolate at all! Has to be Milk Chocolate. And I also don't like putting my chocolate in the fridge - our sister Madeline HAS to put her chocolate in the fridge before she eats it. Are you like me or Maddie? :) I am SUPER sensitive too. They call me the crybaby in my family because I cry so easily. Like you I cry when I argue too! Micaela was considered the black sheep of our family haha :)
    I love these posts and look forward to them so much! :)

  2. Yes - I would love to go walking together through central park! It would be so much fun and I could take you to lots of cool spots - like where they recorded a scene from " One fine day" - Oh! And we could than go drink some coffee at Lalos Cafe - that's the cafe from You've Got Mail! I live one block away from it. We would have a blast : )
    I'm a scardy cat myself but I'm somewhat masochist! And the babysitters club series rocks!!!
    Nope no dark chocolate for me it's to ewwwww! Yay - for dove's smooth chocolate : )
    I'm like you when it comes to chocolate - can't put it in the fridge - nope! I'm also a crybaby - I cry for anything- and I mean anything!!! Very sentimental ; D
    Micaela the black sheep? Really? Hmmmmm were we that bad - lol : )

  3. Nice therapy...morning walk in Central Park! I'll do that someday, I'll give you a call when I'm in town!

    I stick my feet out of the blankets too...gotta breathe somehow right??

    I cannot believe you read and listen to music! I hate when my stepdaughter does homework and is listening to her ipod! it really makes me mad! but then again I guess there are people that can multitask right??

    No dark chocolate for me either and I also cry when I argue!

    Out of the 4 kids my mom had I gave the least problems...