Karina In Simple Terms : )

Miguelito & Me - Just got a haircut : ) (Miguelito for picture day on Wednesday and me just because I had really bad split ends)

It's been a few days since I posted about feeling like I was losing my mind. And it has been crazy! In a good way : ) We were so preoccupied with Soccer, school activities, spending time with my two boys, and church : ) Spending these days with family and friends was great therapy to helping me feel better and more relaxed. I have now put that anxiety away in a safe little box and it now lays tucked in a faraway corner of my brain, it will not opened until it is time for me to cross that bridge : )
For now I will keep busy with all the exciting things headed our way - Picture Day, Soccer team pictures, Halloween, ING Marathon (Humbe's third time running a marathon), and my Lil Lilo's 25th B-day : ) Plus next week I start working 3 days in Miguelitos school as a librarian : )
Thank you so much to my sweet friends for the heartfelt comments and for having us in your prayers it really meant a lot especially in my moment of freaking out, once again feeling so blessed and grateful for everything. Thank you so much Amores : )

Now to my regular post : )

1- I can be corny : ) When it comes to telling a joke - I suck! I rarely get one right : )

2- I'm a night owl - hands down.

3- My nails chip really easily, I hate it and it gets on my nerves - I wished I had long beautiful nails.

4- I love me some homemade chicken soup - or some Pozole - Yummy!!!!

5- My favorite Gatorade flavor Strawberry-Orange.

6- I once had the biggest crush on Christian Slater! I fell in love with him in Heathers - the bad boy - Oh! How I freaking loved him : ) And than I fell in love with him all over again in Bed of Roses.


  1. So glad you're back!

    Oh I sooo want your job!!!!! I want it...

    Your hair is beautiful! I'm trying to let my curls grow but they take so long and they misbehave (you know frizzies)

    I am with you about the pozole, love it love it! My mom always makes it for my birthday and my daughters birthday because she knows I love it! my poor daughter is used to it by now she is starting to like it! lol!

    Oh yeah jokes! I can be funny at times but when I tell a joke my husband tells me "don't quit your day job hon!"

  2. oh how perfect is your job?! can't wait to hear more about it :)

    i agree with claudia, your hair IS so beautiful!!! and i love miguelito's haircut as much as his smile :)

    christian slater-- marianne loved him too! :) i've never seen 'heathers' can you believe it?

    i'm loving these lists... night owl, me too! :)

  3. Such a sweet photo! I love these lists! I thought of Micaela when you said you can't tell a joke - she is the exact same way! She always gives away the punch line before it's time thus ruining the joke :) it's really kinda cute and I'm sure you're the same :)

    And twinkie is right - oh how I loved Christian Slater growing up!!!! He was one of my first big celebrity crushes :) Micaela loved Kevin Costner and we would watch "Robin Hood Prince of Theives" over and over to watch our crushes play brothers :)

    I am SO glad you are feeling better love! I will continue to pray for you and Miguelito! It is very traumatic to go to the dentist. I HATE it. I had to get a tooth pulled earlier this year (my back molar) and even though they didn't have to put me under for it, they just numbed the spot, it was very traumatic. It always takes me a long time to get numb, and so when he started to pound (what felt like pounding anyway) at my tooth it still hurt me. He had to stop and numb me again. So in a way I wish I had just been under like when I got my wisdom teeth removed. I agree it is scary, but a lot more comfortable. But this is your little baby and that changes it all and makes it that much scarier for you. So I will pray for you darling and know God will protect you always! xoxoxo my sweet girl!