Kids spell love T-I-M-E

It's funny how nowadays people just have kids to have them.One thing that they don't realize is that kids are not an accessory, and that they need time and affection.I remember when moms actually took care of their kids, when they actually took the time to go see them at the school play or tuck them in at bed and fall asleep side by side. Now all I see are nannies.One thing is for sure money can't buy love nor your child's affection. Certain people might think I'm somewhat boring or simply sad because I don't get to go out as much as I could or I'd like, but I really don't care because I am a mother,lover,and very family oriented before everything else. Yes I do prefer to stay at home and watch a movie with my Miguelito and Humbe instead of going out sometimes just the two of us. The way I see it - our Miguelito is growing up fast, he is at that age where he needs us and still asks for us to be their by his side. There will come a day when Miguelito won't need us as much or want us always hanging out with him, he will be out with friends and trying to figure out his own future. When that time comes it will be hard but I will be happy and content because I know that I enjoyed every single moment that I could with my baby. So yes I am very, very Happy indeed and love every single moment of my life : D

P.S. One last message - You must be aware that when you have a child your life will change in every way possible. But rest assured that you will not regret any single moment, and that you will know the true meaning of love, and what it is to wear your heart on your sleeve.


  1. Oh I love that picture of your two boys walking hand by hand!

    I agree 100% with you too many nannies and day cares! That is the reason me and my husband decided that I'd stay home and raise our children...aunque le pongamos mas agua a los frijoles! and you are right the day will come when they don't need us as much as when they're small :(

    Beautiful post!

  2. : D Thank you Claudia - Siento que es tierna la foto.

    Right on - Aunque se coman frijoles todos los dias, es como dicen el que tiene tienda que la atienda : D
    Our children will really appreciate it, and they get to know what it is to have real values : D
    Todos esos ninos all spoiled y todos materialistas...
    : ( Si,algun dia todo cambiara, they will always need us but never the same way.... Plus we won't be able to sit them on our lap and hug them tight, it will be the other way around : )

    P.S. They will have another mamacita...

  3. Such a beautiful post! This warmed my heart! You are an AMAZING wife and mother! One day when I have children I hope I am the kind of mother that you are! So loving, so supportive. I can tell family means EVERYTHING to you and Miguelito and your husband are SO lucky to have you!! I love that about you darling! xoxo

  4. i can't wait to know what real love is like... but i adore your honesty in this post. You are an amazing mother, i agree. and the photo of your boys together warms my heart! i didn't realize they looked so much alike! :) your husband is handsome!!


    ps. i love your hair color