Losing my mind

I'm freaking out.I can't stop crying and I'm really scared. At the beginning of August Miguelito got a tooth pulled out. It was a very scary and traumatizing experience for us both. He was screaming/crying and I was crying and holding him down.It was not a great dentist experience. He still has 4 cavities left to cover and he won't let that happen. When we went back in September Miguelito threw himself on the floor and screamed and cried, the dentist suggested an "operation", I said no, we will cone back in one month. Well today marked one month. We got up this morning with Miguelito screaming and crying, I literally dragged him out of the house. At the dentist office things only got worse, he threw himself on the floor and screamed and begged to not get anything done. That's where the dentist decided that an "operation" is best for Miguelito. Meaning he would be put under general anesthesia for one hour to one hour and a half, they will be able to fill all 4 cavities at once. Now here's where my pessimism,cry baby self comes in. First I am just freaked by the idea of my baby being under general anesthesia(meaning he would be unaware of what's going on)second so many things can happen. I have been crying non-stop and I am so scared. I got home and my mami cooked me some chicken soup, but I'm literally having a nervous breakdown. This is where I ask you all for the biggest favor ever!!! Please pray for us - May I have the strength to be strong, relaxed, positive, to not be scared and to stop crying. For my Miguelito to be alright, that he will be safe and that God is always by his side. The date will be sometime in January, it's a while from now, but I'm a thinker and this will not let me be relaxed. I am so worried and scared....


  1. oh darling, bless both of your hearts!! you have my prayers and i believe in the power of prayer. He'll be okay! I promise. Its a scary and weird thing... i remember when i got my wisdom teeth pulled and had to go "under" *i* was freaked out... but it was nothing! and i was so much more happier that i did that instead of laughing gas or whatever so that i would be aware of it. Just being in the chair can be traumatic you know? that said... i remember how nervous i was and so i can't imagine how you are sweet friend :( but i know things will be okay! will your dentist let you hold his hand until the meds take effect? maybe you can do that at least... or he can bring something to hold on to (a stuffed animal?)

    if you need anything at all, you just let me know! i love you both xo

    ps. bless your mami! they always know how to make things better. to comfort and soothe.

  2. Oh Kary! You and Miguelito are in my prayers for sure! I know dentist can traumatize people but rest assure that God is the Doctor of Doctors and that he has given the humans doctors the knowledge to do their stuff.

    Just be strong and stay calm so he can also be relaxed for the procedure! This shall pass you'll see. God is with your family. Much love.