SnapShot Sunday

This Sunday segment will include a series of photos, sometimes things that were done on that particular day and other times just a variety of photos. Some will include captions others will speak for themselves : D
Today's photos include our day in Central Park : D

Wild Strawberry

Swedish Cottage - Marionette Theater

Autumn is starting to show

Elementary school (where Miguelito attends)

My Neighborhood

Post Office where I send all the Happy Mail


  1. How cool is that! Central Park looks beautiful I love it! I wish I get to go there one day!

    I specially love that picture where Autumn is staring to show!! You should be a photographer! And the post office building looks beautiful, I always have to know where a post office is so I can send my etsy sold orders!

    My daughter is asleep now but I have to show her the picture of Miguelito's school ohhh! and that wild strawberry picture just so cute! Is that edible?? because she would eat it without thinking it twice! lol

    By the way I think Miguelito looks so much like your dad! (that is your dad right??)

  2. Kary she said "OMG I want to live there!"

  3. You will come to central park someday and I will take you walking all day : D

    Can't wait to take more pictures of Central Park it just gets prettier : D
    I love to take pictures, seriously I could spend all day and my sister's in law make fun of me for taking pictures non-stop - lol - I've been thinking of something that I could do with the pictures I take- Maybe postcards.

    I'm so happy your daughter loved our neighborhood and the pictures : D
    lol - the wild strawberry is not edible, Miguelito also wanted to eat it, it looked so yummy!

    Yeah that's my papi : D miguelitos granddaddy : D Abuelito...

  4. P.S. Miguelito and Abuelito a very mischievous pair : D